What is the most important and the expensive thing your dog has chewed down and you could not do a thing? A Gucci watch, a $100 bill, your car’s registration book or something else? Well, one of my friends has a Mini Bernedoodle (a Bernese and a Poodle cross), and she had her P.HD degree chewed by her naughty doggy.

Why do dogs chew everything? Is it normal? How to stop them from chewing everything they see? These are the most important question regarding your dog’s chewing and we have tried to answer all of them in this post. Let’s explore everything about dogs chewing issues.

Why do the dogs chew?

Remember, dogs use their mouths to explore physical items therefore; sniffing, licking, and chewing is totally normal for them. Moreover chewing help puppies to develop their teeth while it is really very important for the dog’s oral health. The problem arises when the dog starts chewing everything such as a sneaker, furniture, papers, and other items. This type of chewing is called destructive chewing and is due to several reasons.

Why do they do destructive chewing?

There are certain reasons due to which a dog may show this destructive behavior, let’s find the most common reasons below.

  • Little or no exercise – Dogs have lots of energy and they need to burn their calories on a daily basis. If they don’t get enough exercise they may develop destructive habits like chewing and scratching.
  • Boredom – Dogs love to do exercise and play. When they don’t have enough things to do, they can get bored very easily. Boredom can trigger their destructive behavior and they may end up chewing themselves, excessive barking, or showing attention seeking behavior as well as destructive chewing.
  • Separation Anxiety – Dogs love their owners so they don’t like to be left alone even for a moment. So, when they are left alone for a long time or even a small time, they may develop separation anxiety that results in excessive digging, howling, and destructive chewing. They even try to escape in extreme cases.

How to stop them from Destructive Chewing?

  • Dog-proof your Home – Don’t give your dog a chance to chew your valuables. That is simple and the easiest way to protect your valuable items.
  • Exercise and exercise – Give them plenty of exercises. Every dog breed has a different level of energy and different need of exercise that depends upon their breed, size, age, and health. Keep one thing in mind, “No or less exercise, unhealthy and frustrated dog”.
  • Chew Toy – Get your dog a reliable chew toy as it is the best thing to keep your dog busy and fulfill his chewing needs. If you find them chewing anything other than their chew toys, stop them gently and draw their attention towards their chew toy.
  • Visit the Vet – If your dog is chewing badly and you feel his condition severe or abnormal, it’s better to visit your vet as soon as possible. Your dog may have developed Separation Anxiety and need to be treated accordingly.

Final Thoughts

So, friends, these were the most probable causes for your dog’s destructive chewing along with some handy solutions. Remember one thing, whatever the condition your dog has developed, you must treat it wisely and gently. Last but not the least, in any case visit your vet first and seeking his professional advice, before you consider adopting the above stated solutions.