Living with a dog who hates getting wet can be frustrating. No matter how much we love our four-legged friends, they can get on our nerves the moment it starts raining and they refuse to go outside. This wouldn’t be a tragedy if only skipping the bathroom break wouldn’t lead to a large wet stain (or something even worse and far more smelly) in the middle of your living room carpet. While some dogs simply love water and turn into Gene Kelly the moment it starts to rain, there are those that would rather jump through hoops and eat worming tablets than go out.

Of course, staying inside every time it rains is not an option, since your dog needs to do their business and run off energy. If your puppy thinks that getting wet is the worst thing in the world, here are some ways you can make those rainy days less stressful and take your buddy outside without any fuss.

A dog on a gravel road

Show your dog rain is not a big deal

Your dog looks up to you and will, in some ways, copy your behavior. Therefore, if you make noises and faces every time you go out when it’s raining, your dog will pick up on that and assume getting wet is something bad. In order to avoid this problem, lead by an example and act completely normal in the rain (even if you hate it). If you get caught under a rain cloud in the middle of your afternoon walk, put on your poker face and do not react. When your puppy sees that you are perfectly calm, they will stay calm as well.

A dog with its head out a car window

Protect them from the rain

If your dog hates the rain, locking them outside until they do their business just won’t work. It is even more likely that your puppy will spend all that time focusing on those huge drops of water than doing what they are supposed to do. Therefore, go out with your dog and cover them with your umbrella. This way your buddy will feel safe and protected and will go to the bathroom way faster. You can also buy dog gear for rainy days such as coats and boots that are useful as much as they are adorable.

A dog jumping into a pool

Get your dog used to water

Did your dog grew up in a house or an apartment where they got wet only during baths? Then it is no wonder that it is traumatized by huge drops falling from the sky. Try to slowly teach your puppy that water can be a good thing by introducing it during playtime. Have fun with sprinklers, a hose, or a water gun and show your furry friend that water isn’t something to be afraid of, but a thing that can lead to an amazing time. However, make sure you don’t force your dog to get wet, but encourage them to join in by acting like you are having a blast (even if you are not). This way your buddy will start to associate water with fun instead of discomfort. 

A yorkie tugging on a rope

A dry dog is a happy dog

Do you like walking around in soaking wet clothes? Yeah, it is not the best feeling in the world, and your dog surely won’t feel very happy when their fur is completely wet. Therefore, the moment you get back home from your walk, make sure you dry your dog off with a towel, especially the tail, paws and ears. This way your dog won’t associate rain with being uncomfortable.

A beagle in front of a hedge

No trick, just treat

If you have taught your dog to sit down, roll over or play dead, you surely know that positive reinforcement training is the best way to teach your buddy new tricks. Rewarding them every time they do something great will reinforce good behavior and soon you will have a well-behaved pup. Therefore, instead of yelling at your dog or scolding them every time they do not want to go outside when it is raining, give them treats and praise them when they step outside. You can also try showering with your furry pal to show them that water isn’t something scary and give them treats when they jump into the tub. 

The only trick to teaching your dog to go out in the rain is to stay patient. Don’t expect that the first time you try some of these tips your dog will turn into a water lover because these things take time. Be understanding and supportive and your best boy/girl in the world will soon realize that getting wet is not a big deal.