The relationship between humans and dogs goes back many centuries. Dogs have long been our best companions. Through domestication and natural selection, they have gradually become skilled in their interactions with us. In addition to companionship and their guarding role, dogs have been found to have the ability to improve our mental and physical health. 

Research has revealed that therapy pets play a positive role in mental well-being for many people, including students and those experiencing various forms of stress or anxiety. Therapy dogs are not as trained as service dogs, but they can alleviate stress and mental pressure by drawing on their amicable personalities. We look at the specific ways in which dogs help students improve their mental and physical health.

Reduced anxiety and depression

Dogs are unique therapy pets because of their ability to empathize with human emotions. It is common knowledge that dogs can tell when their human companions are moody or cheerful. They act accordingly. In times of crisis, you can’t even dream of a better companion than a therapy dog. Many students use therapy dogs to augment their rehabilitation and stress management efforts.

Improving social skills

It might sound strange, but students who have therapy dogs are usually better able to improve their interpersonal and social skills. The more they interact with their pets, the better they are able to socialize with peers, tutors, and friends. This has a bearing on their ability to perform well in school.

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Improved fitness levels

When you own a dog, you know you should walk your pet a lot. Guess what? You have to walk too! This is a great opportunity to do a lot of cardio yourself. Once you overcome the initial laziness, you can develop a routine that can have a major impact on your fitness level, stamina, and endurance. If you are a runner, swimmer, or team sports player, you will appreciate the benefits as you are able to play, run, or swim longer than usual.

Trust and loyalty

Therapy dogs are your most truthful and loyal friends. They never lose their sense of loyalty to you no matter what you do. That really helps students develop relationships based on trust. This is extremely important because you can’t expect yourself to succeed in any field if you don’t know how and when to trust people. Students also learn how to appreciate and cherish relations based on trust. It takes years to gain and just one moment to lose it for good.

Lower blood pressure

There is ample scientific evidence revealing that frequent companionship with therapy dogs has multiple physical health benefits for students. Those who have therapy pets are able to stabilize their blood pressure. This is important because hypertension can be the cause of multiple medical complications and issues. Why not use your dogs to take care of it?! It is free, and it has lots of other additional benefits. 

Improved mood and academic performance

With therapy dogs, you are sure to be in a great mood almost all the time. This is critically important because your disposition and ability to concentrate are crucial in achieving academic excellence. Those who are able to demonstrate these skills achieve more and achieve better. This has implications for your college studies. 

One thing you should always bear in mind is that you need to hone your writing skills, analytical skills, and research capacity at all times. With the right motivation, a sense of equilibrium, and a stable nervous system, you excel in your studies, paving the way for a long and successful career. Your therapy dogs can make a large contribution to helping you achieve these goals.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are our long-time and loyal companions. Over the years, they have become our trusted friends and our reliable caretakers. When it comes to improving students’ mental and physical health, therapy dogs can do wonders. Research shows their unique ability to come to our rescue when we feel depressed, demotivated, or physically unfit.

By spending a lot of time with our loyal companions, we improve our fitness level, reduce stress levels, and improve our academic performance. If you haven’t already, think about adopting your lifetime friend sooner rather than later.