If you own a dog, you probably already know you need to walk it at least once per day. While this is important, studies show up to 20% of dog owners don’t do this. When it comes to your pup, giving them the attention and exercise they need is essential. This means that you have to be motivated to walk them and then use the right tips to ensure they are motivated. For personal motivation, consider adding a supplement to your routine. You can read Le-Vel Thrive reviews to see if this is right for you, and you may find it helps give you the energy and pep needed to get up and get moving with your pup. Once you are ready, use the tips here to help ensure your dog gets the most out of your time walking.

Use Front Clip Harnesses for Dogs That Pull on the Leash

Do you have a dog that constantly pulls on its leash? If so, consider using a front clip harness. Harnesses and dog collars that clip on the back are going to lead to more pulling. With a front clip harness, you can train your dog not to pull. Back clip harnesses are training your dog to ignore what you are saying and pull you. This is because they can gain a little control when they pull. Make sure to check for the clip on the front when trying to buy a harness. Many pet stores don’t keep this style in stock often because they are not as popular. However, it will help improve the walk experience for you and your dog if you can find it.

Encourage Mental Stimulation and Let Your Dog Sniff Around

Walking your dog is about much more than just physical exercise. The walk you take your dog on is typically the only time they have an opportunity to get outdoors and explore. Make sure you allow them time to sniff around and really enjoy their surroundings. You don’t have to stop every five seconds, and you don’t have to let your dog nose around in the neighbor’s yard. You can decide when it is safe and appropriate for them to explore a bit. If you are ready to give them a “sniff” break, loosen the leash for several minutes and allow them to explore all the exciting smells.

The smells that your dog experiences will provide them with information and stimulation. It is one way that they know what is going on in the area. Also, if you take a brisk 15-minute walk with plenty of sniff breaks along the way, your pup is going to be more than ready for a nap when you get back home. While the physical aspect of walking is essential for your dog, you need to think about the mental stimulation they are going to get from sniffing, too. Some experts have stated you are doing a disservice to your dog if you do not recognize how important sniffing is to their mental well-being.

Avoid Using a Retractable Leash

The right leash for your dog may vary from one pet owner to the next. However, many people agree that using a retractable leash is not a good idea. In fact, this leash style may lead to serious, unnecessary hazards compared to a traditional leash. Because retractable leashes are so much longer than the others, it may be hard for you to stay in control of your dog. This is especially true if you are walking in higher traffic locations. Your dog may get into the street, and these styles of leashes are not the easiest to reel in. Also, some retractable leashes will disengage with excessive pressure, which is something you want to avoid, as it can put your pup in danger.

A retractable leash can harm you or your dog. For example, if you grab it while your dog is moving quickly, it can cause a burn. If your dog reaches the end of the leash quickly and jerks, it can harm them and cause serious injuries. It is best to stick with traditional leashes rather than traditional ones. There are more than a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to walking your dog. With these tips, you can keep you and your dog safe from harm and other issues. In the long run, you are both going to enjoy the walks that you go on together. Being informed is the best way to ensure you get a great experience with your pup.