Most of us think that once we’ve gotten the hang of handling one dog, we can bring in a second one. However, before taking the responsibility of a new pet we must understand the addition can get unexpectedly challenging and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Pet owners expect their dogs to bond and socialize instantly; however, it might confuse the pup when it’s paired with one of a different size, age, and temperament. When adding a second pet to your home, there are a lot of things to consider regarding the nature of experiences your dog has had previously with other animals. 

Without a doubt, adding a second dog to your family is a big decision, and you need to make sure you and your existing buddy are ready for that development. Whether it’s the best idea or not, we’re here to help! Below are some of the facts that you need to know before you decide to include a second dog into the family, so you’re mentally prepared if you go forward with your plan. 

You’ll Be Spending More Money On Dog Care 

Managing and taking care of two dogs together is expensive. Food, toys, training, and medical care are some of your pets’ natural requirements, which can be costly. On top of these, other expenses like grooming costs, sitter fees, and dog accessories can put a hole in your pockets. So, imagining double the costs for your two pets with different needs can make you break out in cold sweats. You have to ensure you’re able to provide for them so they’re safe, happy, and healthy and this requires money. 

A dog looking out a window

You Might Start Lacking Time 

Pet owners think that getting another dog means their first pup won’t feel as lonely as it’ll have company now, and this will spare them a lot of free time. Know that if you’re wishing to add another pup to the equation then sit back and take a deep look at your current schedule. Then decide whether you have enough time to train, care for, and accommodate a new dog in your daily routine. 

Despite gaining an additional companion for your pup, you’ll have to double the amount of effort and energy you put in to take care of them. Ask yourself if you have any time-sensitive projects or events coming up that are likely to eat into your time. If the answer is yes, then it’s better to put off the second dog conversation temporarily. 

Insufficient Room

It’s imperative to ask yourself whether your house, flat or apartment can accommodate another dog. If you had to squeeze in to adjust space for your first dog, then getting a second pet will crowd up your space even more and make all of you uncomfortable. Think about how much space will be available to the puppies to play and run around, and whether your lawn is in good condition to handle hyper pups. Evaluate the amount of room you have, from bed space and living room to your backyard – if you can comfortably fit in two dogs then go for it. 

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There Will Be Double The Mess 

One dog can be messy, but having two dogs can be chaotic if you don’t have them under control. Pet owners must prepare themselves for the mess and untidiness expected while having two dogs. They can get a little frenzied when paired with another dog and that could result in accidents and unwanted mess that you will have to clean up. Additionally, dogs have a bad habit to tug on furniture and damage clothing, so if you’re a neatness freak and can’t deal with a lot of mess, then you should rethink getting another dog. 

Keep in mind that to avoid the spreading of bacteria and diseases you must regularly sanitize and clean any areas with spills and stains, especially carpets, rugs, mats, couches, etc. If you’re unable to remove the stubborn stains off from your carpets, then carpet cleaning Croydon can help provide you the best carpet care services in South London. 

Traveling Gets Quite Tricky 

Traveling when you have one dog is manageable, but with two it’s complicated and expensive. If you’ve planned a vacation or an emergency trip cross-country, you need to consider quite a few things when leaving your dog behind with someone. Unless you have a family or friend who could be available and agree to watch them for free, you’re going to need a sitter who’s willing to look after two dogs. There’s also the factor of paying additional fees to have someone look after two dogs and make sure they have the necessities to care for them in a satisfying way. 

On the other hand, you can travel with your pups but it’s a lot more challenging with the two of them. It all depends on factors such as the location where you’re staying, and the activities you have planned when you get there. This also includes transportation and the time it takes for you to reach your destination. A 20-hour journey might not be suitable for your pups and can make them uncomfortable and exhausted. Similarly, a complete change of surroundings can be stressful for some dogs and might cause them to behave differently. Therefore, you must reconsider whether your dogs will be okay being away from home for extended periods or will it make them more anxious. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you have one dog or two, taking care of your pet requires commitment and responsibility. When you’re bringing a new dog into your household you need to make sure you’re doing your part to help them adjust to their new home. It’s recommended that you don’t assume this pet will show similar behavior patterns as your previous one. Each canine has its own habits, personality, and feelings which should be cared for so they don’t feel under appreciated and neglected in a new environment. You must consider their past trauma history and the environment they’re coming from to make their stay pleasant. To conclude, love is the best remedy for any challenge so as long as you’re ready to shower your pups with affection and care, you have nothing to worry about.