Finding a vest for calming dogs down is essential if you have a dog that has constant anxiety. There are so many ways a dog can get anxious. It is important for you as a dog owner to know what makes them tick. This way, you’ll know exactly when to put the vest on them so they can stay calm throughout whatever makes them anxious. Placing an anxiety vest on your dog is just another way for them to know that you love them, even if they’re going through something stressful. But do anxiety vests really do a good job and follow through on their purpose? Let’s dig a little deeper.

What Causes A Dog’s Anxiety

Here are some common things that can trigger a dog’s anxiety:

• Vacuum Cleaners
• Fireworks
• Thunderstorms
• Travel by car
• Nail trimming
• Loud noises
• Visitors

Of course, of all of these, thunderstorms takes the gold as the most common anxiety trigger in dogs. Even weather conditions associated with a storm can create anxiety for your dog. This includes rain coming down on rooftops or windows. High winds and even subtle changes like barometric pressure are also key factors.

Coming in a close second are loud noises like fireworks. Depending on your local and state laws on fireworks, your neighbors can set off fireworks or the like. So if you wish to have an anxiety vest handy, one time to have one handy with you is during the summer months. That’s when you will expect a lot of loud noises outdoors, be it weather or firecrackers.

When Your Dog Becomes Anxious

In the event when your dog becomes anxious, you’ll need to know the common behaviors that your dog may exhibit. Note that not all dogs will behave the same way when they’re anxious. One dog can pace and whine while another can resort to a sort of destructive behavior. Not only will an anxious dog create some kind of damage to your home, they also risk potential injury. This includes injuries to their paws, claws, and teeth. In the event if you are outdoors with your dog, their anxiety may even keep them close to their owner as possible. Some will try to take shelter somewhere where they can hide. Worst case scenario, they could break free from you entirely and run away. This can cause a potentially dangerous situation such as getting hit by a car or causing destructive damage to nearby property.

How Can An Anxiety Vest Help Your Dog?

When putting an anxiety vest on your dog, you need to make sure that the vest is put on correctly. If correctly fastened, there should be an even, but gentle amount of pressure distributed over your dog’s chest, sides, and back area. This pressure is intended to aid in the release of endorphins in your dog to help them feel better and relaxed.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Comfortable In A Vest

It should be noted that your dog may wonder why a vest is being put on him or her. You should reassure your dog that the vest is not being used as a form of punishment. It should help create an anchor in your dog’s mind that a vest can be used to help them in situation where they become the most anxious. During calm periods of time, you can place the vest on your dog and allow him or her to wear it while they have fun in the backyard or taking them to the dog park. This way, your dog knows that a vest is a good thing to wear.

Don’t Let It Stop With Just A Vest

Even with an anxiety vest, don’t let it be the “be all to end all” for your dog’s anxiety. Here are some additional things you should do while your dog wears a vest in these tense situations:

• Be There For Your Dog: No dog ever wants to be alone during their periods of anxiety. If you leave them alone, the anxiety will get a whole lot worst. Regardless if you’re indoors, outdoors, or in the car, find something that can also reduce your dog’s anxiety. Try a vest for calming dogs and playing music that can keep them calm.

• Stay Ahead Of Mother Nature: If inclement weather like thunderstorms are predicted within the next 24 hours, be sure to check on the latest reports. You can go online and check the doppler radar on your favorite weather website to see if any storms are approaching your area. Keep in mind that your dog has some pretty good senses and can pick up weather changes in ways that humans can’t. So if you must, place it on them over the course of the day.

• Know When Guests Are Coming Over: Yes, people can drop in without advance warning. If your dog is anxious in front of people, that can cause problems. If you are expecting company, be sure to know of an estimated time of arrival for your guests. That will give you enough time to help your dog get settled in while they wear their vest.

So Do Anxiety Wraps Really Calm Dogs?

Despite a lack of scientific evidence pointing to an anxiety wrap or vest helping dogs, there have been tons of success stories from people who have dogs that get anxious. While wearing them, dogs exhibit less anxious behavior and are less agitated. Animal behaviorists may state that a vest can be considered a deterrent to anxiety related behavior. In other words, while a dog is still anxious, they may not able to exhibit the behaviors that are normal with anxiety.


Having an anxiety wrap or vest for your dog will come in handy if you have a dog that does get nervous with certain things. While it won’t harm your dog, there is no harm in making sure that your dog’s well-being is a top priority whenever a situation like a thunderstorm or a car ride can arise.