Dogs aren’t called “man’s best friend” for nothing! In fact, we have so much more in common than many people might imagine. Do you have a furry friend who is just as much a family member as any of those bipeds in the household?

If so, you already know that your BFF, your dog, is just as loyal and loving as any human you know and sometimes even more so! When it comes to canine health, not everything is specific to the species and we actually share many of the same health concerns. Here are a few of those commonalities you should be aware of.


Yep! Dogs can suffer from obesity just like humans, but it isn’t always a result of eating too much or too much of the wrong foods. Depending on the breed, some dogs require much more physical activity than we humans do and, if you aren’t up to those daily romps, your dog can suffer for it. Dog walking services such as Wag! can be there to give your dog the exercise it requires as often as you need them to be there.

Whether you run a Google search on “dog walkers near me” or talk to other dog owners at dog friendly parks, you’re sure to find a dog sitter or dog walker in your area. Actually, you could check out the dog walkers at to see where they offer their services. If they are nearby – problem solved!

Heart Disease and Cancer

Although obesity is rarely linked to cancer (except perhaps stomach or colon cancer), there is a direct link between obesity and heart disease. Dogs can get cancer and yes, they can suffer from heart or cardiovascular disease. As a general rule, the first thing you should do is understand just how much physical activity your dog needs to help prevent heart disease. Did you know that dogs also need aerobic exercise several times a week?

The above-mentioned dog walking service Wag! has a dog walking app connected to GPS that shows you where your dog has been walked as well as the duration of the walk so that you can track the amount of exercise they are getting. Using a service like this will help to ensure your dog gets the exercise it needs, as opposed to just guessing how much it’s had that week. Does aerobic exercise help ward off the onset of cancer? Usually not, but there are some forms of cancer which can be prevented, or at the very least delayed, with an adequate amount of aerobics.  

A Quick Takeaway to Remember

In order to leave you with something to remember, you should also know that dogs can suffer from other diseases or illnesses such as arthritis and even dementia as they age. Dogs can also get sugar and water diabetes and the main culprit here is diet. The one thing you should take away from all this is the importance of monitoring your dog for abnormal behavior such as peeing too much, being overly tired or suddenly developing lumps or bumps which weren’t there before.

If you can’t give them the exercise they need, hire a qualified dog walker. But, by all means, be aware. Acting quickly can save your dog’s life. And if you aren’t sure if something is up, call your vet. This is, after all, a family member we are talking about!