We want to give our dog the best possible life but sometimes it can be difficult to understand how they’re feeling. They can communicate with us in many ways but often we’re a little unsure exactly what they are trying to tell us. This infographic from GAP looks at what all the different doggie signals mean so hopefully you will better understand them after having a read through it. The problem is that the same gesture can mean different things. For example, baring teeth can be the sign of a submissive dog but if it’s accompanied by growling it could be an aggressive one. Each situation needs to be looked at carefully.

Another important lesson from the infographic is that fear can turn into aggression. We nearly all know if a dog is outwardly aggressive but sometimes if cornered and scared a dog can react by biting.

The majority of dogs are of course happy most of the time but it’s worth checking out, so we can better understand them and hopefully make them even happier.

Decoding your dog infographic