In this article, we will be discussing essential facts about this particular supplement. Such as how it can help with specific health issues that your dog might be experiencing. CBD or cannabidiol is a substance that is commonly found in hemp plants and cannabis. It is typically used by humans to help treat anxiety and as a pain-reliever.

CBD oil has shown similar benefits to dogs, which is why it is now considered for helping treat specific health issues in our canine friends. We will be going through essential factors you need to know and consider before using CBD oil on your dog.

How Safe is CBD Oil for Dogs?

While giving little Fido, a supplement derived from cannabis might give you some pause. Rest assured that CBD oil is perfectly safe for consumption by your furry best friend. For one, CBD oil is produced using industrial hemp, which is a specially grown type of cannabis. By special, we mean that it contains minimal trace amounts of THC. THC is the compound that causes cannabis' habit-forming effects. 

Due to its significantly smaller THC content, CBD oil is safe to use for your pet dog with little to no risk of adverse side effects. Even in larger doses, CBD oil proves to still be relatively safe for your pet dog. In general, there is no cause for alarm when it comes to using CBD oil with man's best friend. 

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Now that we have answered the question regarding CBD oil safety, it’s time list down the benefits in this article on CBD for dogs. CBD oil is often considered as an alternative treatment for anxiety, loss of appetite, seizures, and arthritis. Certain health conditions can't be avoided, such as anxiety and arthritis. However, by utilizing CBD oil's natural health benefits, we can help our dog overcome these issues faster and easier. 

  • Alleviating Arthritis

Arthritis becomes more common with dogs of a certain edge. As the tissues around their joints start deteriorating due to age, pain can arise due to inflammation. This will cause our once energetic mutt to become slower and more sluggish, which can lead to other problems as well.

CBD oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties. This can significantly reduce the pain and swelling in your dog's joints. Resulting in less pain and improved mobility, giving your dog that pep in their steps again. 

  • Reduce Anxiety

Dogs can also suffer from anxiety, and a variety of reasons can cause it. First of all, it is essential to pinpoint what triggers your dog's anxiety and eliminate it from the equation. The typical cause of stress in dogs include sudden loud noises, a change in their environment, crowd, and items/objects that they are unfamiliar.

Another well-known cause of dog anxiety is whenever they are left alone by their owner, also known as a separation anxiety disorder. Stress can cause your dog to be easily agitated, aggressive, or lose their appetite. 

One of CBD oil's primary benefits is with its calming effects. You can give your dog a dose of CBD oil when they start getting anxious to help calm their nerves before it causes them stress. Again, it is vital to deal with the triggers as soon as possible. This is to prevent them from getting anxious again in the future. 

  • Preventing Seizures

Some dogs suffer from seizures, and it can be quite a stressful and harrowing experience for the dog as well as the owner. CBD oil is currently being looked at by medical experts as a possible treatment for seizures. CBD oil can help reduce the frequency of seizures as well as lessen the severity of the seizure episodes. 

  • Improving their Appetite

Loss of appetite in dogs can lead to serious health concerns when left unchecked. If you find that your dog is slowly losing their appetite, you can try mixing CBD oil into their food. CBD oil is also known to help improve the digestive system; this can help bring back your dog's appetite.

However, please note that loss of appetite could be a symptom of severe health problems. If you notice that your dog's appetite is not what it used to be, I recommend you take them to the veterinary clinic asap. 

Proper Way to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

CBD oil can be given to dogs in one of two ways:

  1. The first is to apply a decent amount of CBD oil underneath the tongue of the dog. This will allow the oil to be absorbed quickly and efficiently.
  2. If your dog is uncomfortable with the first method, you can add a dose of CBD oil into their food. However, this will make the nutrients within the oil become longer to digest – hence; it will take longer to see its effects.

Final Thoughts

There are CBD oil products that are exclusively designed for dogs. There are CBD oil-infused treats that make it easier for the dogs to consume and digest the compound. You can find such CBD-based dog foods and treats at your local pet store. CBD oil can significantly improve your dog's mood and health. Check with your veterinarian to learn more about CBD oil and whether your dog will benefit from taking this supplement.