There are several important things that all dog owners must do to ensure that their dog is as healthy as possible. Dogs rely on their owners to take the best possible care of them and taking active measures to promote good health is your single most important responsibility as a pet owner. Here are four ways to help your dog have a long and healthy life with you.

Choose the Right Food

One of the most essential health benefits for your dog is proper nutrition. Unfortunately, may large name dog food brands in the grocery aisle don’t provide adequate nutritional benefits. Moreover, they’re sourced from low-quality materials, and they contain a lot of fillers, by-products, and artificial additives. The best dog food brands are those that have been formulated by veterinarians, such as Dr. Marty dog food. When a veterinarian has played an active role in the development of a dog food, you can be assured that nutrition and quality are at the forefront of the product design.

Provide Fresh Water

Staying hydrated is fundamental to your dog’s well-being, and it’s especially important for good kidney function, digestion, and oral health. If you’re concerned that your dog isn’t drinking enough water, it may be because you need to put more effort into keeping his or her water fresh. If water sits out and stagnates, it takes on a flat and unpleasant taste. Just like you, your dog prefers to drink fresh and cold water. Don’t wait until a water bowl is empty to refill it; replace your dog’s water periodically throughout the day to encourage adequate hydration.

Give Your Dog the Opportunity to Exercise

Your dog needs exercise in order to keep joints healthy and mobile. If the only exercise that your dog is a quick in and out for walks, you may be depriving him or her of the vital physical activity necessary to maintain good health. Some breeds require more exercise than others. Consider discussing your current routine for giving your dog exercise with your veterinarian to get a better understanding of his or her individual needs and the benefits of regular physical activity.

Bring Your Dog to the Vet for Regular Checkups

It’s important for dogs to go to the vet on a regular basis and not just when they’re experiencing a medical problem. Wellness exams are a way to ensure that your dog stays current with vital vaccinations. Most dog owners are familiar with rabies vaccinations, but it’s also important to make sure your dog is up to date with his or her DHPP vaccination, which protects against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. Your veterinarian can also examine your dog’s eyes, ears, weight, oral health, and digestive health with physical examination. These kinds of routine examinations can help to alert you of a medical condition early on before they begin to affect your pet’s health or diminish his or her quality of life. Many conditions, particularly those related to oral health and kidney function, are most successfully treated with early detection.