A recent survey found that 25% of people believe that humans have psychic abilities. Being able to predict the future is a special power that could certainly make life a lot easier, and of course everyone dreams of knowing those winning lottery numbers! Throughout history, humans have tried lots of different methods to try and predict the future, from tarot cards to crystal balls, but nothing has been consistently successful. They have also tried using animals - in Pennsylvania they use a groundhog to predict the weather, and in 2010 Paul the octopus predicted the winners of the World Cup soccer tournament. But how about using dogs to predict the future? Well in fact there are plenty of ways dogs already do this - they really are man’s best friend!

Daily predictions

Every day dogs rely on their learned knowledge to navigate their world. Have you ever thought how remarkable it is that your dog can predict what’s happening next? They always have an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when the mailman is going to show up. They can also predict that if they bark early in the morning, then you’re going to get out of bed. Of course once you’re up, it’s time for walkies. Dogs make predictions every day based on their knowledge of your daily routine.

Using their noses

Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell that is up to 10,000 times more sensitive than humans, due to the 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. Dogs use this sense of smell not just to find food but to also analyze and process information. They can tell if we’re frightened or anxious, and they can even predict the weather using their sense of smell. Dogs can smell the metallic scent in the air caused by ionized particles long before a thunderstorm arrives - this is why they often get nervous before it comes. Dogs can also detect vibrations and changes in the atmosphere hours before an earthquake is about to happen. They will then often become reluctant to be locked in, or will look for higher ground.

Medical assistance dogs

There are some truly remarkable dogs that are trained to use their sense of smell to help humans predict what is going to happen. Medical assistance dogs are used to alert someone that they are about to have an epileptic seizure. They will then warn their owner so that they can take the correct medication or seek assistance. Dogs can also detect diseases and even cancer before humans know that they are unwell. It is even commonplace for dogs to know that their pregnant owner is due to go into labor - they will become extremely clingy and won’t leave their owner’s side.

Dogs might not have a crystal ball, but their incredible sense of smell helps them to predict the future. This canine superpower can be essential to humans and helps us when we need it most.