Pets have been a source of comfort for people since the beginning of life. Hence, dogs have earned the mantle of “man’s best friend.” Nowadays, most households across the world keep dogs as companions or pets. 

Unlike humans, once you have earned a dog’s loyalty, it is never lost. They dedicate their allegiance to their owner(s) and protect them with their life. Whenever a family welcomes a 4-legged canine into their home, it is loved and valued by all the members. With time and affection, it develops a special connection with its caretakers and grows an instinctive affinity towards them. 

You might be wondering, how can one strengthen and nurture this bond to last a lifetime? That’s where we come in! We have got some of the best ways to foster a deeper connection with your pet dog for thousands of years. 

A corgi waiting for a treat

Pay attention to your dog

Dogs are very clever and attentive animals and can tell when they have your undivided attention. Do not neglect your companion by just a nudge or a pat on the head while lounging on your couch; try to give them your complete attention even if it is just for a couple of minutes.  Focus on them when they are around you – a few belly rubs or maybe a short walk in the park goes a long way. 

They wait for their owners to get home and consider you as the highlight of their days, so taking some time out to play ball or just a ride in your car show that you are ready to have fun with them and serve as intimate bonding activities. Even something as simple as lying down together on your living room carpet can make your pup incredibly pleased. 

A dog playing frisbee

Train together

Dogs love learning new tricks and lessons in obedience but this requires your patience and consistency during training sessions. Remember that training dogs is not the same as training a person, so punishment or harsh language can be detrimental to the canine’s self-esteem and might harm your friendship. The right approach requires the pet owner to be calm and persistent and should include reward reinforcements to keep your dog motivated and excited throughout the training. When you train together, you allow your pet to feel that it can trust you with its well-being and in turn, you gain their confidence and attention. This also serves as a great way for smooth communication between you and your pup so when you develop a great understanding of each other, your bond deepens.

A man with a dog on a couch

Schedule play dates regularly

Both you and your puppy deserve to have some fun which can be arranged by allotting some time daily for a little fun. Planning fun activities such as going to the dog park are incredibly beneficial to your dog’s health. It boosts their energy and keeps them fit. Similarly, a hike is another activity that can improve both of your health and works as a great way to fit in daily exercise in your schedule. 

Understand your dog’s body language

Keep a close eye on the position of your dog’s tail, the speed of the tail wagging, the direction of his ears, and all other parts of his body to notice what your dog is trying to tell you. Often time’s people do not understand what their pup is trying to make them understand, which could cause them to lose their confidence in their people. This is especially important to understand if it is not comfortable in a social setting or with an unfamiliar person being in the house. Some dogs are quite friendly; while others take time to get sociable with new people, so observe their behavior and body language to know how they are feeling. 

Likewise, if your puppy seems to be showing signs of disinterest and lethargy, it could mean that it is ill and requires medical attention.

Don’t be stingy with rewards

Rewarding your dog after it performs a couple of tricks in front of your friends or just helps you in some work around the house, as it can be an excellent way to reinforce your friendship. Pet owners think too many treats and toys spoil their dogs but rewarding them after a few successful obedience exercises teaches them to listen and pay attention. Being mindful of their favorite treats and toys while incorporating some tasks, is a clever way to boost their confidence and energy. 

Keep your cool

The human/canine bond is dependent on the understanding, emotions, and mutual support. Dogs that are rescued from awful circumstances often get too attached to their owners and develop a sense of dependency on them. Such dogs need to be dealt with extreme care and tenderness since any turn of events can trigger stress, anxiety, or destructive behavior within them. 

It is crucial to be patient with your pet to avoid sabotaging the intimate link. Offer them affection, dependability, training, and boundaries to build an unspoken connection and earn their trust. Pet dogs can be messy and most times household items like couches, curtains and carpets fall prey to their mischievous acts. Search the key phrase carpet cleaning Guildford for great dry cleaning services that can save your favorite rug’s life. 

Dogs can sense when their human is feeling uneasy, which makes them uneasy too. The same way if you show signs of aggression your dog can go into fight-or-flight mode and become aggressive to protect itself.  Therefore, avoid losing your temper so they are aware that they can rely on you at all times. 

In Summary

Nothing beats loneliness better than coming home to a happy puppy wagging its tail at you. Caring for a pet dog helps take away the burden of problems one encounters daily, especially for those who live alone. Dogs are known to be a perfect solution to sensory stress relief and can make one feel a lot calmer in stressful situations; which is why it is important to have a healthy bond with your pet. If you follow these tricks and tend for your mutt in the best way, you will land a friendship that will last a hundred lifetimes.