Toy dog breeds are called as such due to their small size. They are not typically a top choice among dog lovers, but they are becoming more popular because of their cute and cuddly charms; a great source of sheer delight, so to speak. In fact, six toy dog breeds have placed in the top 25 of the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds.

  • Poodles - 7th
  • Yorkshire Terriers - 9th
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - 19th
  • Shih Tzu - 20th
  • Pomeranians - 22nd
  • Havanese - 23rd

Those rankings are already impressive, considering how far they were in the past years. They also imply that a lot of people are actually choosing toy dogs over other typical breeds as pets. Maybe because these dog owners think that having a small dog at home doesn’t entail so many responsibilities, but it’s actually not. Despite the rising popularity, many still ask: are toy dog breeds really ideal for home pets?

Advantages of Having Toy Dogs as Pets

Can make excellent watchdogs

Toy dogs bark a lot at strange happenings and actions. The reason is that these dog breeds are always alert by nature and easily excitable. Some of them include Chihuahua and the Shih Tzu. There is no reason why you can’t keep such an alert animal as a pet. They don’t only guard your property, but they also keep you safe.


Since toy dogs are small in size, they tend to be tough and can take on huge dogs. They have the courage unequal to their size. They can even get too cautious and defensive against strangers at times. Some of the toy dog breeds are very tolerant of other humans and animals, while others like the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua may be envious and temperamental.


Another reason why small dog breeds are perfect as pets for your home is that they are entertaining. They understand how to receive and give love. They are friendly, and they love to snuggle on top of or next to their master.

Easy to maintain

When compared to larger dogs, toy dogs are not expensive to maintain. They are easy to care for because they do not eat a lot and require less workout. Their regular veterinary care costs less than that of large and medium dog breeds. They have a long lifespan as well. Apart from that, toy dogs are also easy to feed.

Acceptable in many places

The toy dog breeds are acceptable in most places, and this means you can take them to wherever you want without worrying about restrictions. This is because they are not a threat to anyone. Places such as restaurants and hotels tend to be lenient to small dogs. You can travel with your toy do in an airplane, unlike large breeds that would have you getting a crate (more expenses to think about, too).

Can adapt to small spaces

They just require a little space to play. If you take them to a big or small house, they can still fit and have space to exercise and play.

Disadvantages of Having Toy Dogs as Pets


Toy dogs are costly as compared to larger dogs. They usually have one or two puppies in a family, and they are high demand. Therefore, to get one, you will have to wait for a long time making their costs high. For example, the price of Pomeranians can reach up to $4000 if you choose the teacup Pom-Pom. It is also important to consider that the smaller the toy dog is, the more expensive it gets.

Hard to train

One of the disadvantages of small toy breeds is that they are hard to train as they can be stubborn. They may also require training to be sociable with other pets. It entails a lot of patience to train them, and if you can’t handle them well, you’ll end up getting annoyed.

Can get into trouble with large dogs

Even if they are small, they don’t see their size as a reason to back out from a fight. They tend to be tough around dogs bigger than them. Their toughness is commendable, but it can be put them in danger when fighting larger dogs. They can get killed if the fight isn’t stopped.

Can toy dog breeds make excellent pets?

There is no definite answer since it depends on the person and on the situation. But generally speaking (considering the pros and cons), yes, toy dogs make excellent pets for your home because of their small size. Although they can be expensive, their cheerfulness and energetic attitude make them wonderful as pets. They are also advantageous for individuals who stay alone, disabled, and elderly.

Yes, they may be hard to train, but they are smart beings; they can learn. They can be troublesome, but that can be avoided by properly training them. See? It all boils down to how you care for them. Dogs reciprocate love when you treat them with love, and toy dogs are no different.