You have a cat—but you are thinking about bringing home a dog too. It’s a tough decision whether to get a dog when you already have a cat. Would they get along? Or will they fight and tear your house apart?

So many questions, but if you know the best dog breeds to introduce to your feline, the problem can be solved. 

You can select from this list the dog breeds that appeal the most to you (and would make an adorable sibling for your cat) and adopt. 

Let’s go through our list of ten dog breeds that can make cute siblings for your cats. 

These 10 Dog Breeds Are Likely to Get Along Perfectly with Your Cat

If you think adopting any dog will do work with your cat, think again. Both dogs and cats have their own distinct companionship and living preferences, diet concerns, hygiene needs, etc. 

Educate yourself on dog breeds so that your final selection can make a happy pair with your cat. You may refer to various online pet guidelines like Puplore to know more about dogs’ breeding, diet, nutrition, and most importantly, their friendliness or hostility to felines. 

The ten pooch breeds in the following list are the most likely to make a beautiful coexisting environment for dogs and cats in your perfect home. 


Those small, roundish, short-footed, and snub-nosed pups are well-adjusted to cats. Do you know why?

This is because bulldogs have some similarities with cats, including laziness, extended sleeping, a distaste for water, small size, etc. Furthermore, they’re not well-known for being good buddies with other dog breeds.

So, it seems that bulldogs are already a good choice for your cat’s new buddy. 

Golden Retriever

If you already love these classic fluffy dogs, you’re already there. Golden retrievers are known for their happy nature, which helps them get along well with humans and other pets equally.

These dogs have an amiable nature to readily accept and befriend cats. Many pet lovers can attest to this fact. 

However, it’s highly recommended to train a golden retriever not to chase your cat whether you adopt it as a pup or adult. It makes things safer for both the pets and your house. 


Collies are sweet and good-natured. Most collies are smart enough to understand their owner’s instructions and eager to please. So when a collie observes your affection for your cat, it’ll almost instantly get along with it. 

And by the way, it’s even better if you have a sheep herd. That will keep your collie busy and happy. 


This small to medium-sized and watery-eyed breed already looks amazingly friendly. Now, when it comes to making a cat buddy, beagles are one step ahead of the others. How so?

Beagles are usually bred for group hunting, which makes them see a cat as a member of its pack. 

However, it’s wise to keep it to a single beagle pup. This is because one can be a playful and happy sibling for your kitty, while two or three may gang up on your purring friend. 

Basset Hound

Yeah, those sudden and unpredictable howls may tell you to lay off from them, but it’s okay to leave basset hounds to their vocal practice. A basset hound is a good choice due to its deep loyalty and attachment to its owner. 

And of course, it makes a fantastic go-to-dog choice for your cat. Basset hounds are well-known for getting along well with cats. Mostly, it will want to lick the cat nonstop.  

Besides, those long curtain-like ears and their stocky physique make them an adorable pet too. 


Your kitty might not fall for those marble-shaped inquiring eyes as much as you will, but a pug is still considered one of the friendliest dog breeds for a cat. This little pup plays around nicely with cats and seldom displays any sign of aggression. 

Like bulldogs, pugs also love to spend lazy and happy times sitting or sleeping with their furry siblings. They’ll rarely chase your cat or any other small pets you have. 

Their amiable and harmless nature is what makes the pug one of the best choices in dog breeds to make kitten buddies.  

German Shepherd

You might have a bad impression of the German shepherd from all those movies and videos where they only hunt down and rip apart bad guys. 

Well, that’s their reputation for loyalty and strength, right? However, if the idea of getting a German shepherd to be a cat buddy, worry not. 

A German shepherd’s loyalty makes it the most reliable and best buddy to humans and other pets equally. Shepherd pups are always curious about cats or kittens and love to befriend them. 

Cats also love to be around German shepherds despite their size difference. 


If you’re used to watching your tabby friend sit idly by the window while enjoying the warm sun, here’s your next choice on the list—the greyhound. 

Although bred for racing, greyhounds are comfortable sitting or lying around the couch, bed, or by the door. A greyhound isn't too fussy and can help you maintain a peaceful abode for your cat. 

Your cat can get along nicely with a greyhound due to its quiet and gentle nature. 


Wow! This one’s the biggest on the list. It’s known as Newfoundland! Don’t let its gigantic size (compared to cats, dogs, and even humans) deceive you. Newfoundlands are known as gentle giants—and for good reasons. 

This super big dog breed can act as a nanny for human babies and other pet friends like dogs and cats. They can become friends instantly while guarding their fellow pets. 

What’s the best part of adopting a Newfoundland? It’s your kitten’s endless cuddling and rubbing against their bushy fur. 

Shetland Sheepdog

Another choice for you is from the herding group: Shetland sheepdog. Their trainability and easygoing nature make the Shetland sheepdog or ‘sheltie’ a great choice. 

Others might say that getting a sheltie could prove a gamble. However, you don’t need to worry. They tend to be affectionate and friendly toward all family members, including humans, other dogs, and even cats. 

Cats can live with a Shetland sheepdog peacefully as it’s a calm, quiet, and family-type dog. Its occasional boredom barking might concern you, but that can be taken care of by your kitten with its playing and jumping around. 

What Dogs Have a Hard Time Getting along with the Cat?

This question might be nagging you as you’re scanning through the friendly dog breeds list—what dogs hate felines the most? 

No doubt, it’s essential to know the unfriendly dog breeds in case you mistakenly adopt one. 

Check the below list of the dog breeds that may not get along with your cat:

  • Scottish Deerhound: Having this hunting dog may not pose a threat to your cat’s life, but its sporting instinct can tempt it to chase your cat. 
  • Samoyed: A joker that kills—despite its smiling countenance, this large dog has a tendency to chase down small animals like cats and rabbits, killing them from aggression or to eat. 
  • Shih Tzu: A supposedly jealous dog that can become aggressive or envious of your cat’s place in the house. 
  • Australian Cattle Dog: Although loyal and highly energetic, this dog hardly socializes and can keep your cat on its toes. 
  • Irish Wolfhound: This breed may not hate your cat, but its habit of chasing after small animals may put your feline in danger. 

The above is a short list to give you an idea of what type of dog breeds may not be suitable as cat siblings. You’re welcome to explore more on this. 

Final Words

So, there you go; you now have a comprehensive list of dog breeds that can make the cutest siblings for your cat. We’ve tried to include many of the popular dog breeds that pet parents generally recommend. 

If you’ve been a cat-parent for a brief period, make sure to consult a professional vet before adopting a dog. It’s highly recommended that you make your house suitable for their coexistence. 

Being a cat and dog lover simultaneously, you have a responsibility to make their lives peaceful, healthy, and safe.