Ask anyone with a barking buddy, and they will gladly confirm to you that our four-legged companions can be as hilarious as they are adorable.

For instance, why do you they always have the insatiable tendency to wag their tails? And is it true that they only see in black and white? What does it really mean when they say that dogs have fewer taste buds than us? Well, let's see. Here's a quick collection of some of the things about our four-pawed comrades that are as funny they are cute and adorable.

Our pets can turn to green-eyed monsters

Yes, you heard that right! Dogs too can suffer from an occasional bout of jealousy and, consequently, get weirdly possessive. According to researchers and scientists from California, the average pet pooch tends to become mildly indifferent when their owner ignore them. So, wonder no more why he seems to be in a foul mood. He simply needs you to shower him with more undivided attention.

Remember, they might bear the tag of being man's best friend, but even our drinking buddies can get moody and stubborn when we go for months without shooting them a text.

They are as smart as your two-year-old brother, sounds funny right?

Yes, mostly because you've never expected your new adorable puppy to outsmart your kid sister. However, extensive behavioral research ranks dogs as some of the cleverest canines on the planet. Your dog is not as daft as you would think, after all. Especially if he is a German Shepherd, Poodle, Golden Retriever or a purebred Doberman Pinscher.

They can know when you're sick

Well, we are not insinuating that your dog can replace your average family doctor. No, that's not it. Nonetheless, the next time you find Tommy acting weirdly hilarious and uneasy, the problem might not be them, on the contrary, it could be you!

You see, researchers based at Germany's Schillerhohe Medical Institute have unearthed the fact that your canine chum has a strange ability to tell when you're unwell. In other words, they can smell disease!

Whoa! Wait, what does that even mean? It implies that your dog can pick-up the odor of a host of organic natural compounds and secretions that body produces when you're not as functional as you ought to be. They can diagnose diabetes, cancer, and doctors say that they can even detect early signs of a pre-eminent epileptic seizure! Isn't that just cool?

Tail wagging is your dog's special language

Apart from snarling, barking, and growling, tail wagging is also another signal that dogs rely on to communicate their dissatisfaction, (dis)pleasure or even outrage.

Did I just say outrage? Yes, you'll be surprised to know that tail wagging doesn't necessarily mean that your pooch is fine and dandy. Well, an easy way of telling this is by looking closely at the direction and manner with which they are wagging their cute tails. Wagging to the right means that they are excited and jumpy.

On the other hand, dogs will wag their tails to the left to signify fear and panic. Wagging low implies that they are insecure and, you wouldn't believe this, wagging rapidly accompanied by dilated pupils means boiling aggression. At this point, if I were you, I would stay the heck away from him.

Hot dogs are excellent swimmers

You don't need a life guard when at the pool with your barking buddy. Your dog is arguably a better swimmer than the legendary Micheal Phelps, a world Olympic champion. And not just that, they really enjoy swimming. At times, even more than us! There is a time I took my canine friend to a local aquarium for a short walk. He surprised me when he dashed into a pool of water and started paddling hilariously. For a moment, I thought he would drown. His buoyancy skills proved me wrong.

They are dreamers; even better than you

Dogs have more vivid dreams than you. Wait. what? The next time your pooch is lying down, observe or watch them closely. I bet you won't miss some whimpering, twitching or even soft barks! And according to animal research, sleeping dogs exhibit similar brain wave activity and patterns as we do when having nightmares.

Now, what is even more hilarious is that small dogs dream for longer and have more dreams than the big dogs! Ironic, right? In closing, They might be our closest animal companions, but dogs will routinely surprise and amaze us with some hilarious and interesting things they can do.