CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of the compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant. It works in conjunction with other compounds in the body to effect desired changes. However, unlike THC, CBD cannot make one high due to the psychoactive compound's absence.  

In recent years, you have probably heard or seen how people sing praises of specific CBD products and use them to treat a wide range of health problems. If you have a furry friend, you may want to ask if CBD is safe for your pet as well. Well, the short answer is yes. 

Your pet is a member of your family. Pets are not like humans; therefore, you may want to exercise caution before giving them CBD in any of its forms. If you are considering giving your pet CBD for the first time, we recommend taking time to learn about CBD for pets. And there are some things you ought to know before you give CBD to your furry friend. We have outlined five facts you should always remember before giving your pet CBD for any purpose.

A papillon sniffing a treat on a couch

Oral administration is the best way to go

Humans can take CBD in many ways, depending on their preference and purpose. Research has shown that vaping is the commonest way people consume CBD, even though many users prefer other consumption methods such as oils/tinctures, lotions/creams, and CBD edibles. 

Remember that your pet isn't human, and they can not administer CBD themselves. When giving your pet CBD, oral administration is the best because you could easily measure the quantity and know how much CBD is absorbed. 

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Applying CBD topically on your pet could make it difficult to determine how much CBD their body absorbs. Nevertheless, they may not produce the exact effect that you expected.

Shop for CBD products from reputable brands

Just the way you love to consume high-quality products, your furry friend deserves such too. Therefore, when shopping for CBD products, ensure it does not contain harmful components that could threaten their health or make them fall sick outrightly.

Always buy CBD products that are verified and tested, such as CBDistillery, which are highly affordable and an excellent option for your pets. Ensure you read the label to know how much CBD it contains and its method of application.

It is also essential to choose CBD products free from pesticides, chemicals, or THC because they could harm your pets.

CBD cannot make your pet high

If you understand CBD and how it works, you should know that it does not create the "high" effect that THC does due to its non-psychoactive properties. However, it is pertinent to know that most manufacturers of CBD products may infuse CBD extracts alongside a small proportion of other compounds of the cannabis plant, which may include THC. 

An older dog being given CBD treats

While most of these manufacturers are kind enough to disclose all the active ingredients in their products, others do not. So it's not enough to buy any product you see on a store's shelf that is labeled CBD or Cannabidiol for pets. You should go all the way to find out if it contains any traces of THC. 

It helps dogs control seizures

Several studies have shown that CBD oil for dogs could help relieve neuropathic pain. Just as it could work wonders in humans, it could do the same for animals too. It is also beneficial when administered to help relieve inflammation, pain, anxiety, and stress.

Many dog owners can attest to how CBD helped their pet regain their appetite or heal fast from an injury. There are many other health benefits of CBD for pets. If you are giving your pet CBD for the first time, it's good you know them. That way, you will know what to expect from your pet in terms of behavioral patterns, eating habits, and alertness. 

Consult a local vet

Depending on the health status of your pet, CBD may produce more effects than expected. If your pet is on medication or you are not sure how they would react to it, it is not out of place to consult a local vet for proper guidance. 

Remember that the health of your pet is precious and should not be gambled with anytime. Therefore, it is not recommended to assume that a particular CBD product will not harm your pet. You should also know that not all CBD for dogs is created equal. However, many CD oils for dogs are appropriately labeled as safe. 

These are the five facts we feel you should know before you buy CBD for your pet. But there might be other concerns you may want to address, such as how to give your pet CBD and the appropriate serving size.

How to Give your Dog CBD

The majority of pet owners mix CBD with their pet's food. Most CBD products specifically made for pets have a delicious flavor that makes them irresistible to the pet. But if you do not like artificial flavor, you could opt for natural flavors such as fish oil rich in Omega 3.

An older terrier

You could also give your pet CBD in the form of CBD oils and gummies. However, you may consider experimenting with different forms of CBD until you find the one your furry friend cherishes the most.

How Much CBD Should I Give to my Pet?

CBD products are powerful on animals. Therefore, to determine the correct CBD serving size, you need to know the quantity of CBD in the product and your pet's size.

Fortunately, many CBD products for pets come with labeling that describes the serving sizes. So you may not have trouble trying to figure out the quantity to give to your pet.  

Giving your pet CBD could be the best for them. But it would help if you know what you are doing. If you apply the suggestions in this post, you will not only administer CBD safely to your pest, but you will also keep them in good health.