Life without pets could be so boring. The thrill of playing on the field with your dog or the happiness that races through your mind when your cat rests on your lap is second-to-none. Definitely, the joy they bring into our lives cannot be overestimated. These pets become family to us.

This justifies why we care so much about their well being- especially what they eat and how healthy they are. It also explains why we search for ways of ensuring they are free from injuries, especially back injuries. In this regard, we have compiled some ways by which you can prevent back injuries in your pet.

5 Rapid and Effective Ways of Preventing Injuries in Pets

Exercising Your Pets

Getting your pet's back region accustomed to a certain amount of work would definitely reduce the tendency of a breakdown. That’s exactly what you do when you exercise it.

You could set up personalized exercise for your pet. Set up an obstacle course for your dog or run to and fro the stairs with them.

Weight Management

If your pet is obese, more stress is placed on its back region. So, the tendency of its backbones succumbing to the excessive pressure on it increases. The most important thing- when it comes to preventing back injuries in your pets- is knowing how to maintain a healthy weight in them. This boils down to your understanding of how to determine if your pet is overweight or not. Luckily, you can do that with your hands and eyes.

Place your hands around its ribs. If your pet is in a healthy weight range, you should be able to feel its ribs, with a little layer of fat around it. Once you can’t feel the ribs, you might want to take measures to reduce its weight. This might mean cutting down on the extra treat you give it.

Adequate pain management

At times, it is the small cut or the little sprain that escalates to a big-time back injury. When it comes to dealing with pets, do not be lackadaisical in your attitude towards injuries. Handling these injuries when they have not escalated would be the best for your dog.

If need be, take a visit to the veterinarian - a proper dose of cbd for pets may be administered. Also, ask your vet for appropriate measures of expelling your dog’s discomfort.

Limit Jumping

Back injuries could be sustained when your pets begin to jump around. From the furniture to the couch, then to your hands… this practice isn’t all that good for your pet. You would need to discourage such acts.

Our pets want attention; jumping is a means of getting one. Once you pay no attention to them or fail to give them applause for such an act, slowly, the act of jumping would begin to fade away.

Look out for slippery surfaces.

This is pretty simple. At one point in our lives, we all have been victims of a free fall because of the wet floor we didn’t notice. We can relate to how bad it affected our backs.

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who fail to notice these floors sometimes; the dogs and our other pets might fall victim to these floors too. So, it would be precautionary to look out for slippery surfaces to avoid such incidents.

If you are in the mall with your dog, look out for the ‘wet floor’ caution sign before taking parole across any corner. At home, be sure to keep the dog in its cage if you wish to mop the floors.

Wrapping Up

In cases of extreme help needed, don’t fail to visit the vet.