A cherished pet is a source of great joy in your life. They give so much love and add happiness to each day in expected and unexpected ways. Show your dog that you care for them just as much by doing everything you can to keep them in great health. 

Be Attentive to Their Moods and Needs

Your dog has a unique personality, just the same as you do. You’ve probably already noticed most of their amusing quirks and little behaviors that make them even more endearing to you.

However, have you stopped to think about what any unusual actions could mean for their health? Some dogs are more sensitive than others and need extra care to make them feel safe and comfortable. Pay attention to how your pet reacts in certain situations and take action if needed. Some common scenarios are dogs that become anxious in thunderstorms or when exposed to loud noises. Others may have extreme separation anxiety. 

You can normally alleviate these kinds of symptoms by providing your dog a quiet place to rest, leaving behind a T-shirt with your scent, or by applying a soothing lavender oil to help them stay calm. Young Living Essential oils have high-quality products that can be used for anxiety relief, massage, or even to keep fleas and ticks at bay. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight With Diet and Exercise

Monitor your dog’s food intake and give them plenty of exercise each day. If your pet starts to put on weight, they can more easily develop health problems like joint issues or heart disease.

Talk to your vet and get recommendations for the best food for your dog and measure out the amount that they need. Free feeding, especially when you have multiple pets, can make it difficult to gauge how much they are eating. 

Dogs need plenty of exercise, so make time for walks so they can stretch their legs and burn off excess energy. You can benefit from the added activity as well. 

Schedule Regular Vet Visits

It’s essential that you take your dog to the veterinarian at least once each year for a standard checkup. They need to get the necessary vaccines to prevent diseases and have their weight and health checked.

A vet visit can be stressful for some dogs, so be mindful of their mood and do what you can to keep them calm. If your pet is especially sensitive to other animals or strange places, you can request an appointment when the office is not as busy, or call ahead to make sure they aren’t running late to reduce your time spent in the waiting room. 

Your vet may also wish to run additional testing if they suspect a problem. If you ever notice that your dog is acting strangely or exhibiting worrisome symptoms, call your vet immediately to make an appointment. The sooner you discover and treat any health concerns that arise, the better the outcome is likely to be. 

Practice Good Grooming

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to schedule grooming appointments or take care of them yourself. You should brush your dog regularly, keep their nails trimmed, and give them a bath. This gives you the chance to inspect their coat for any pests or skin problems. Dogs can get itchy and scratch themselves excessively if their fur gets too dirty, so if you notice this behavior, it’s time for a good clean.

Along with grooming your dog, you also need to keep their bedding and crate clean. Vacuum up loose dog hair and wash blankets and toys if possible. You’ll keep your pet happy and your home smelling fresh.

Give Affection and Playtime Freely

One of the most important parts of keeping your dog healthy is to spend a lot of quality time together. Your pet misses you when you are away and wants nothing more than to be in your company. Give them plenty of affection and always reserve time to play with them each day. 

Not all of your time together has to be high-energy. The simple act of petting your dog, or being silly together, can drastically reduce both of your stress levels and put you both in a much better mood. Cuddle up to your pet while you watch TV or read a book. The soothing activity will be something that the two of you look forward to. 

Your dog depends on you to take care of their every need and they deserve to be treated well. With just a few simple practices and attentiveness, you can help your furry friend to live a long, healthy, and happy life. 

About the Author: Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. However, during the weekend and in his free time he writes articles on topics that he feels passionate about, pets being one of those passions.