You probably have a cat, and now you want to have a dog, but you’re not sure if they will get along well. Or maybe you already have a dog and cat, and you want them to be best friends, but you’re not sure how you can do that.

Don’t worry! We got you covered with these eleven tips that you can use to get a dog and cat to coexist beautifully! You’ll be amazed how they will always have each other’s back after this!

Plan Their First Meeting Carefully

How your dog and cat will get along depends on their introduction. Swap scents. Keep them separate and on either side of the door for the first few days. Allow them to smell each other’s belongings before a face-to-face introduction. 

They still may not want to stay near each other or can behave strangely. If you’re not sure what to do, you can contact pet matching services such as for advice. 

Pet Personality Matters!

Your pets have personalities, and they play a huge role in coexisting. Sometimes, their age matters too! Suppose you have a shy cat and an aggressive dog. They will collide and injure each other. 

If their personalities don’t match, you have to keep them in separate corners of the house or give them up for adoption. 

Your Cat Needs Its Own Territory

Cats love having their own safe space. It’s better to teach your dog to respect that territory and stay off-limits. Let your cat mark its own territory around the house to walk around without feeling troubled. Also, set its litter box in an area where no one will interrupt when they’re doing their business.

Train Your Dog!

Dogs habitually tend to get aggressive when they encounter something unfamiliar. To avoid something like that, allow your dog to release its energy somewhere else by letting them run around the block, play with toys, or get your dog involved in summer activities. They will be less likely to chase the cat around the house. 

Start as Young as Possible

Pets accept things quickly when they are very young rather than those who are older. That’s why you should get your dogs and cats when they are very young and raise them together. 

Dogs and cats also tend to look after younger animals, regardless of their type. Suppose you have an older cat, not too old, though. Then you can get a puppy, and the cat will take care of it like its own child. It will be easier to get them to coexist. 

Feed Them at the Same Time

Feeding them simultaneously, especially in the beginning, will allow your pets to get to know each other by scent. Feeding them at the same time will distract them from unfamiliar situations while enabling them to accompany each other. It will help them with a positive association.

Treat Them Equally

Yes, your pets can have different personalities that require you to treat them differently. When having multiple pets, it’s also crucial that you show them equal amounts of affection, despite the personalities they carry. This is especially necessary if you want your dog and cat to coexist peacefully. That way, neither of them will resent each other in any way. 

It’s also necessary that you show positivity in their presence. This will influence them and shape their behavior, just like human babies!

Give Them Equal Amounts of Time

Just like giving your pets equal treatments, giving them equal amounts of time is necessary. Both of them will understand that they are equally loved, and they will not be envious of each other. 

In case one of them wants extra attention, don’t avoid it. Avoiding their need can impact their thoughts negatively and may create resentment.

Monitor Their Behavior

Monitoring behavior is crucial for dogs. Dogs are very playful, but they also show behavioral issues such as aggression or hyperactivity with any unfamiliar presence or when they don’t like something. In this case, divert their energy toward something else. 

Instead of scolding your dogs and cats for their mischief, give them obedience training. This way, it won’t associate negative things with your cat. Also, reward your dog for good behavior with pats and delicious treats. 

Make Them Spend Time Together

Once they familiarize themselves with each other, make them spend time together as much as possible. This way, they will grow more comfortable and accepting of each other’s presence and will get to know each other’s language better.

Respect Their Boundaries

You already know that cats love having their own territories. Dogs love it too! That’s why you must give it to them when your dog and cat want space. They may even become fussy when you try to show them affection. In that case, don’t pet them forcefully. 

To reinforce your respect for their boundaries even further, set their litter box in a dedicated area. This will allow them to finish their business in private comfortably. 


Getting a dog and cat to live with each other peacefully in a household can be a tricky matter. However, with these eleven tips mentioned, anyone can get a dog and cat to coexist beautifully in a home. Start slowly, take your time, be positive, and let your pets get to know each other well enough. And you will see them living in harmony.