My FitBark is damaged or got chewed on. Now what?

If your FitBark suffers damage while under warranty, please get in touch from the Support Chat in the FitBark mobile and web apps and let’s chat. If necessary, we’ll deactivate your unit so nobody else can use it.

Several breeds have been demonstrated to apply several hundreds of pounds of pressure when they bite. FitBark is extremely sturdy and can withstand ruff play time, but nothing on earth is 100% dog-bite proof. Not even a metal FitBark (including aluminum) would be perfectly safe.

This been said, most episodes of this kind happen when another dog chews your dog’s FitBark (which would otherwise not be reachable by your dog if properly secured on the collar). If this isn’t the first time a collar-worn product for your dog gets chewed or destroyed, we can only suggest that you carefully evaluate whether a FitBark is appropriate for your dog.

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