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FitBark can be used to monitor trends in the daily behaviour of dogs, and to detect tiny changes over time. We believe that these changes can indicate early signs of disease and changes in well-being. Every dog-day lodged in the FitBark database helps us to learn to recognise the patterns of health, and to identify when things go wrong, and dogs develop disease or become stressed.

Dr. Cathy Wyse
Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow, Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine / University of Glasgow

Leveraging the dog-owner relationship with a focus on monitoring the pet’s physical activity is highly innovative. Platforms like FitBark have the potential to get both pets and people moving together and improve health outcomes for all.

Brian C. Clark, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Ohio Musculoskeletal & Neurological Institute / Ohio University

The FitBark is an outstanding clinical research tool for continuous, objective and non-invasive monitoring of activity; it is portable, interfaced to smartphones and web dashboards and very affordable. Notably, it provides activity data during the day and sleep patterns during the night, facilitating evaluation of effects of a variety of medical treatments on the patients’ mobility and quality of life.

Dan Simionescu, Ph.D.
Harriet and Jerry Dempsey Professor of Bioengineering / Clemson University

We have been using FitBark to to manage dogs with generalized anxiety along with a nutraceutical diet (Forza10 Behavioral or Armonia) and a correct therapy. We are delighted with the quality of FitBark’s data and how easy it is to access the information we need to run our studies.

Prof. Raffaella Cocco, Dr. Sara Sechi, Dr. Alessandro Di Cerbo
Department of Veterinary Medicine, Pathology and Veterinary Clinic Section / University of Sassari

A month ago I needed to move from a house to an apartment and I was very concerned that Pinko might not find the transition easy and maybe starts barking or howling, especially when the neighbors’ dogs do it. I have been relieved to see that he logs very few points when I’m gone, ie. he rests instead of being nervous. This is indeed very useful information!

Merja T.

My Lily~pad had been dealing w some skin issues so she had to go back to the vet today. He put her on more antibiotics & a steroid. Since she has a FitBark, I’ll be able to tell if the steroid is keeping her awake at night & how her activity levels in general may or may not be affected. I think that’s pretty cool! These FitBarks allow us more insight to our dogs behavior & activity that we otherwise wouldn’t know. ???

Callie R.

This little baby, Maisey, has an upper respiratory infection. Thank you fitbark for letting me see when her activity level was going down, because I knew something was wrong. After several doses of medication she is feeling better and her activity is level is increasing slightly!

Melissa K.

I find this super helpful to see if she’s had enough exercise, or is due for more. I can see if she just slept all day or if she played or was taken for a walk while I was at work. It is helping me and my family change OUR habits to help her 🙂

Kim R.

It’s been fantastic – really helped with seeing how much he does throughout the day while I’m at work, and encourages me to take him for an extra 15 minutes at the end of a walk to get his points up!

I’ve already recommended this to several friends – three of them plan to buy one for their dogs! It’ll be great to compete with them ? .

Stef P.

I’m actually using it to help find a comfort zone of exercise without making her suffer during the night. She has pleural effusion and arthritis. Too much exercise and she coughs too much for the rest of the day.

Gillian C.

I love knowing if my dog needs more playtime. With a dachshund you need to make sure that they stay fit to combat spine injuries. With the FitBark I have peace of mind knowing that I am doing all I can to fight that. The app tracks play and active time and it makes it easy to see if we need to go for a longer walk.

Raiden R.

This is super helpful since we have three dogs ranging from 3 months to 10 years and they obviously require different levels of playtime. If you’re looking for an activity tracker for your dog this is the best one on the market.

Dave B.

I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone at FitBark as I took Dottie back to the vets yesterday for her weigh in and she has lost a KG, a cm off her neck and 2 cm off her belly. Fitbark has made it a lot easier to track her activity, I’ve been looking for something like this for ages so thank you very much ? .

Michelle N.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU and let you know thanks to FitBark, Flynn has lost 3lbs! His vet was so impressed he’s going to recommend FitBarks to all his clients!

Juie A.

You can tell Nelson’s getting closer to his surgery day as he’s moving less because his shoulders hurt more ?

But on a good note, FitBark has been awesome to see his change in activity because of it ??

Lisa Y.

The pup loves the FitBark

FitBark lets me know when my dog doesn’t get the playtime he should. Now I know that he is getting to go to the dog park enough.


If you like Fitbit, you’ll love FitBark

Great product! My dog is healthier now, since I walk her more frequently to make sure she achieves her daily goal. Product is only going to get better as they enhance the features in the app. Definitely recommend


Works great

I was worried that this product would be a waste of money and I would regret it. But, actually it works exactly as described! It’s on my dogs collar and both my husband and I can access the information from our cell phones. We have made sure our dog gets his recommend exercise every day. Fun product.

Jackie L.

Love it!

This is a great unit. Our pup goes to dog day care from time to time and it’s nice to see exactly how his day was when I pick him up. The battery is amazing and the support from FitBark is top shelf!


Rex jumped off the bed and broke his leg. The FitBark has helped his surgeon to see how much movement he’s getting in the whole post op and rehab phase.

Sitela A.

We don’t talk about it much but FitBark monitors sleep too. And a big change in sleeping habits is nearly always an indicator of illness. Last year, it was noticing the uptick in sleeping hours, that got our pup to the vet sooner rather than later. For most of us there’s a huge chunk of time when we’re not with our furry friends. FitBark helps fill in that missing information.

David B.

I wanted to mention that Kimba’s FitBark proved invaluable (and possibly life-saving) last week. We noticed that her stats were lower than usual last week. She didn’t have her usual energy levels so we kept an eye on her and then discovered a swelling behind her left ear which turned out to be a very bad reaction to a spider bite. She is now in treatment with our vet and responding well, but she has been very ill, and thanks to the FitBark we picked up earlier than we might otherwise that things were not right with her.

Barbara S.

I have both FitBark & Fitbit. The gentle competition with other dogs is very motivating. And yes David and his 3 Chihuahua’s from NYC are inspiring and certainly give my working cocker spaniel a run for her money!!! It definitely encourages me to get my girl out for a decent afternoon walkies.

Julie W.

FitBark has given me two benefits – reassured me he settles down when I am out and reassured me he is so active that he really does need more food than the feeding guides say – he’s a skinny boy and I have struggled to get him to a good healthy weight.

Rosemary C.

Small and easy to use

I have a Shih Tzu and was worried the Fitbark would be bulky around his neck. I didn’t need to worry as its really small and quite discreet. It doesn’t bother him at all.

The app was easy to install however takes some playing about with to get best out of product. However the basics of the product are really easy to navigate.

The product does what it says on the tin and we find it interesting especially looking at our dog’s sleeping habits. If you’re curious as to whether your dog is getting enough exercise or what it’s up to when you’re not around then this is a great tool.

FitBark Customer

Great product, awesome customer service!

We picked up this activity monitor a few weeks ago to see how much exercise our pooch was getting with their walker. This device is tiny and actually provides us with more info than we would have anticipated. Plus, it keeps us honest and motivated to get my pup out and about. The interface is good, not great, but fitbark are working on making it more user friendly — I know this bc fitbark actively solicited my feedback and explained the app’s feature. A good friend has the whistle but I was never convinced, esp after reading reviews. So happy I went with my gut and tried out this new product.


Top rated customer service

Great product and even better customer service. Really enjoying the new Fitbark and the sync with Fitbit is great.

Gary Dutton

FitBark is not only an exceptionally powerful tool for researchers and veterinarians. It’s also designed and priced so all dog owners have access to clear answers about the health of their pets.

Wayne Carter, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Terrific App, Device and Service

Helps us see when our younger Vizsla is active, playing or sleeping. We can crank up more active state to tone him up. Nice to share with whole family and we have idea what he’s doing when we are not at home.
Now to their service. I admit, I’m a techie type. Had problems setting up the FitBark and instantly was talking to the service people LIVE. Turns out that I made a mistake in setting up family accounts. They patiently and quick resolved the issue. Never experienced this level of service “after the sale”. Sure, the photography online stores will talk to you about buying but after the fact tech support is “meh”. FitBark has raised the bar!!! My dog adds “4 Paws Up”!


For me Fitbark is like the friend who is always there to give encouragement and goodwill, to go out in the rain, wind and sometimes (even in Scotland) the sunshine just to see your dog’s tail wagg.

Joanne R.

Great gadget for dog parents

I am a health and dog nut and could not be more pleased with FitBark. I have two small Westies and the monitors fit their collars perfectly; it is very light and fashionable.
The information I get from the app is very valuable, I am able to see the exact times they are active, when they get walks from our dogs walkers, and most importantly how they do compared to each other and other dogs from the same breed.
The staff at FitBark is extremely friendly and responsive; They really care about the users and make sure that we have all the info we need.
I love FitBark!!!


A fitbit for your dog. Easy integration, great tool and small!

I live an active lifestyle and have a dog that is helping to make me active with our frequent activity together. I wanted to get a monitor for several reasons, one of which is because the gadgets are just cool, but also to monitor my dog’s activity level.

I decided on this item based on all the positive reviews. This is a great item.

First off this is a lightweight and small item. It barely weighs anything. Set-up was easy. essentially power up the item with the included miniUSB cable after downloading the app and the item should sync. Charge for 1.5 hours and it is ready to go.

There are two included rubber bands that go onto the unit and then this goes around the collar. Although I was initially concerned about this coming off easily, it won’t unless something crazy happens. Plus, the profile is so small it is really like a leash attachment rather than the LED lights you can attach for a night walk.

Once you open the app and you get the item connected, you add the dogs profile, you can add a picture and away you go. The app for IOS is pretty easy to navigate for features. One quibble is I added my dogs picture, but had to look around to edit his info and that should be easier. I found how to change it, but it wasn’t immediately obvious. My hint: Press all the buttons and you discover many new features. (recommendation for software: make a default setting for sharing information something you choose rather than having to set it each time you go to this feature, or have a default setting for sharing information).

Once you get all squared away, you choose an activity level, from low energy to Olympian level and activity gives you points. I like this and the app. which can be set for use with a Fitbit, is pretty similar. I am noticing already that assuming activity levels can be easy when not based on facts. Love striving for a goal for my dog. I like the fact that you can also have others watch and participate in the app. Great feature!

I was also concerned about waterproofing on this item, but the USB plug is encased with a rubber seal that would be difficult to penetrate. As with most items, I would just ensure rinsing off the item with fresh water after an encounter with fresh or salt water.

Overall: I have been looking at various monitors for a while and waited because the technology didn’t quite seem there yet. This item seems to signal that the technology is here and easy to use. I really love the potential of this item and I love being able to understand my animal better in terms of activity. Plus, this is just a neat, cool item. It is small, lightweight, barely noticeable and easy to interact with and use.

Best part? The hardware works well, and software can always be updated now. Awesome.

Narut Ujnat

Love it and the customer support! 

We have the FitBark on our 10 month-old Dane and we love it. It measures activity, not gps and steps so you don’t end up with the app reporting your dog went on a 16-mile walk when you drive him across town. My husband and I both love getting the pop-up on our phones when our pup reaches his activity goals. Customer support is amazing. Immediate response through the app and a real interest in feature suggestions. Highly recommend for dog lovers out there who want to keep track of whether or not their dogs are getting off the couch enough!


Fantastic device & Great fun

This is a really great device. We each have FitBits and wanted to see how our dogs activitiy levels matched ours. It’s great fun and as importantly makes you think about the amount of exercise you and your dog get through a week. Our dog is also a waterholic and splashes happily in the surf – no problems so far ! Go out and get one !!!

FitBark Customer

Loving FitBark

It is very motivating. It’s fun to keep track of our progress, now that spring has sprung. Like the memos Fitbark sends when goals have been me. Set Chet up as a 51 lb. 2 year old Active intact Aussie male. He was given a goal of 9,900 pts. and has surpassed that goal by the thousands everyday. Hope to have him at an Olympian status by summer.


Five Stars

Great item with really great support fitbark is a definite thumbs up from my furbabies

Adrian Dawe

Total Greatness for Vizsla Owners!

My dog Murphy is a Vizsla. The word Vizsla must be Hungarian for “Limitless Energy”. Murphy is a little over a year and we can never exhaust him. We have been doing all that we can to “wear him out”, but felt guilty that we were not doing enough. Since Jan. 1st I started wearing a FitBit and it has made a huge difference in my training. Wanting to measure our efforts to exercise Murphy, we saw that RubyTheTrail – World Famous Instagram Vizsla, endorsed FitBark. That was all it took for me to pick one up for Muphy. It has given me such peace of mind to know that despite me and my wife working full time jobs we are actually taking care of Murphy’s exercise needs. (We walk him 3.5 miles before sunrise and spend all free time playing with him when we get home). Today my trusty Fitbark app sent me a message that told me, and I quote… “At 15,916 BarkPoints per day on average, he was more active than: -96% of large sized dogs of adult age, -76% of all Vizslas, -93% of all FitBark dogs.” Whew! That made my month! So, daily we track Murphy’s Playtime, Active-Time, Rest Time, and FitBark converts it to points. Our daily goal for Murphy is 13,100 points. We do not go to bed until he hits that goal.
The most amazing thing about FitBark is that it requires me to help Murphy meet his goals and my FitBit totals are on the rise. It is a win – win invention. Get one for your best friend, and yourself.
You can check out Murphy on Instagram… follow “MURPH_THE_VIZSLA” … Also follow FitBark’s best spokesdog … “RUBYTHETRAILDOG”

Mark D. Richardson

Most helpful

Very helpful in rehabilitation of a dog with two reconstructed knees. I can at the same time “copy” his stats to his vet, who can recommend more or less activity as needed. It also, along with the dogs “encouragement”, helps me get more active and graphically compare his stats to mine (via Fitbit). Very cool.


Fun and Fit

Got the FitBark from son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Love it! Makes me aware of when the dog needs more exercise and how the dog is doing in general. It’s fun following other FitBark equipped dogs and seeing how your dog stacks up to others. Great customer support too.

Helpful with new meds
I really like that it tracks rest and activity. Just started my dog on new meds and the track log will show the vet how he is reacting to the meds. Wish it allowed other human tracker connection besides Fitbit.
M. Lind

Cool little gadget

Cool little gadget. Very handy for me as I have various people who help me out with walking my dog so I can easily keep track of how much exercise he gets each day.


We now have a dog who is healthy! (He was from a crappy house and grossly underweight). The app has helped him PUT ON weight.

Jag H.

We are really enjoying the FitBark, everything is working perfectly. I think it’s such a wonderful concept and it’s really interesting to see what Dex gets up to. I love the fact I can compare how many steps I do and compare how active I am to Dex.

Bree D.

Oscar is a Puggle who we adopted from an Amish farm when he was about 12 weeks old. We do not know the size of his parents, nor are we aware of the existence of any litter mates.

He is overweight for sure, and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a little over a year ago. Even on the medication and prescription food, he has maintained the same weight (~ 55-58#) for a while.

FitBark (combined with my Fitbit) fits right into what we are trying to accomplish with Oscar’s health. He will be 4 years old in April, and we want to be sure he’s around for a long time.

Kristen R.

So far it’s a lot of fun. We use FitBark most in ways you might not expect. For example, as a puppy being crate trained and house trained we use it in the middle of the night to see if she’s moving around in her crate. If she is, we get up and walk her. If not we go back to sleep without waking her. We use it to measure our crate training progress.

We also use it to see if our schedule is consistent. Consistency seems to be key, so we can see if we’re walking her at the same times every day and if we’re walking her when we should.

Ryan M.

Love it! Helped my older chubby Golden lose weight

My older Golden was looking chubby so I was looking for apps & stumbled on this. People think it’s so funny to have a Fitbit for a dog but I had cut back on her food & wanted to work on her exercise. This has been a great tool! I found out on the 3 days I work she doesn’t move much even though there is another dog there ( who’s thin). So I’m walking her before work. You can track the hours she’s active, days & months, even compare with other similar dogs & compete with friends dogs. They set a goal for you or you can customize it which I did cause we’d never make the one they had set- I will increase it as we go along. I especially like that when summer comes we can count her swimming too. She has lost 3 pounds! Only 2 more to go. I can tell she feels better. I didn’t want to have her die early just because she was fat- that’s the owners fault. This app helps me stay focused & not get too busy & forget to help her stay on track. Oh & you can even track your own Fitbit next to the dog if you want too. Everything was easy to use & understand. So glad I found this.


Definitely recommend

Loving our Fitbark. Alfie was recovering from an injury and needed to build up the strength in his leg slowly. His Fitpoints allowed me to monitor his activities more accurately and know when he needed a bit more crate rest. Now hes back to full strength we’ve synced with my Fitbit and we’re getting back to full fitness together – he’s winning! His daycare chums are in his pack and I can keep an eye on what they’re all up to when I’m not there. He’s a LOT more active than I knew! Highly recommend.

FitBark Customer

I am really enjoying the FitBark. At first, I thought it was something fun to see how much Waffles and Victoria moved and their activity levels. Now I love seeing what I need to do to keep them active and healthy. It helps me see where I was slacking.

This really is a great tool to help keep them healthy and happy. We strive to reach our goal. We need puppy points!

Erin L.

Great little activity monitor

This thing is small and light, but it does what it advertises. I have a 16.6 pound 1 and a half year old miniature schnauzer and I buy all things to spoil this guy. Found the fitbark and thought I would give it a try, since I have a fitbit and we CA sync our activity and compare who’s been more active.
It has been a little over 2 weeks since I received the fitbark and today was the first time I had to charge it. My dog stays with me, but this past week my mom wanted to watch him, since she lives alone. So with 56% battery I left him on a Sunday and came back the following Saturday night. The fit bit was dead, but I had activity from the Sunday I left him til early friday! Great little gadget for my little Teddy
Also, if you contact customer service, you will get an answer very quickly. I think the longest I had to wait for a reply via chat was 3 minutes. Everyone I chatted with, with my dumb questions, we’re super friendly and willing to help any way they can. They even take screen shots if you need help navigating the app. I would recommend if you love your pets and love spoiling them like I do.

eddie p

FitBark has been a great company to collaborate with on our FDA-registered INAD research trial on dogs with chronic allergic dermatitis. They assisted us with data analysis and worked with the dog owners to ensure that our data collection went smoothly. What a great team! Thank you, FitBark!

Mark L. Weiss, PhD
Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine / Kansas State University

When I got up this morning, I opened the FitBark app and noticed that Ruby was up in the night as her sleep score was low. I checked her ears and what do you know? Her chronic ear infection was back.

Brian Kirkwood

5 paws

Hi I am Luna the 4 year old Collie, My mummy owns a fitbit and found it so interesting that when she saw this advertised she thought it would be fun to see us keeping fit together she is currently annoyed as I keep beating her :).
she has had great fun keeping track of me and she also loves the fact it tell her what I have been up to when she has been out but sadly she now knows my secret that I am often have a good sleep.
it has helped my mummy lots as I had been unwell and she was able to show the vet my details and she was able to track my food intake and also if I had had lethargic days.
I would highly recommend this device to any dog lover as it is great fun to work out together and go for long hikes to collect our points.

mummy said that the support from the FitBark team is excellent she had trouble with her device and they are literally there 24/7 to help you with all your needs my device did go a bit faulty but within 48 hours it had been replaced and linked up to my old account so we could get back to tracking my details.

the device is small and discrete on my collar and comes in a wide range of colours I’m currently modelling the life and soul of the party blue but I think my mummy is looking into purchasing another one for my bro.
well we give this device 5 Paws and lots of high excited Woofs cause we love it.
many thanks for reading
Luna x

F. Craske

I have been looking for something like this for ages

I have been looking for something like this for ages, fits neatly on to the collar and measures her movements day and night which is quite interesting.

Mrs Catherine Nurcombe


If this app and tracker does not inspire you to get out and exercise with you dog – nothing will. Support is great too!


Great for Active Breeds

This app has been great and the service spectacular. It’s really a nice way to keep track of my dog’s activity level. For such an active breed like my Brittany Spaniel, the difference between enough exercise and not enough is the difference between a well behaved dog and a crazy nut case. Understanding how and when my dog gets enough exercise has been really nice.

Everyday Dog Owner

Great Product

At first I was skeptical about the fitbark, I had a hard time believing the small tracker would be able to accurately track my dogs activity as well as survive my pups rough and tumble lifestyle. However this device has surpassed my expectations! I now have a good idea as to how active my dog is each day as well as if she is as active as she should be based on her age and breed. This tool has motivated me to give my girl all the extra play time and excersize she needs to reach her goals. I love the fact that I can sync my fit bit tracker with the fitbark so I can compare both of our activity and I have to say that since purchasing the fitbark my fit bit scores have also increased. This is a great tool to monitor your dogs health and behavior. I look forward to any upgrades that fitbark my be working on!


I have a lovely 2 year old lab with big floppy ears, but I can’t keep her out of the water. As a result, she has a chronic ear infection problem. I love Fitbark, I can check in the morning to see how she slept. If she has lots of points I know something is bothering her. I can then check her ears to head off the problem. Thank you Fitbark!



Love fitbark, really easy to use, charge lasts around a week, and easily clips onto dogs collar. Fantastic that you can add other dogs and have a bit of fun competition. Highly recommended.

FitBark Customer

My dog is an action machine!!

What a fun gadget! The gentle completion from our fitbark friends definitely makes me want to do more with my girl. Adding dogs to my pack is simple and straight forward. Such fun and very interesting.


Jumps and Leaps ahead of the others

After having several of the other trackers (Whistle, Voyce and Tagg) this is the first tracker that actually records his activity accurately. The others would have large swings in the data. The battery life is top notch. Others state they last 5 – 7 days and they don’t come close. I am into the eighth day of the charge and the little bone indicator has barely moved. I am an active jogger and my little buddy likes to come with me. His activity stats are in line with my activity tracker. Fitbark is a solid tracker. I would like to see more enhancements to their web portal.


I absolutely love Fitbark. I stumbled on this product in Amazon …

I absolutely love Fitbark. I stumbled on this product in Amazon Launchpad, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

I really like that the device is small, but the color pops enough for me to notice if it’s potentially missing. The Fitbark hasn’t bothered my dog and is barely noticeable to anyone who is not looking for something on his neck. I’m actually surprised I like the blue. I was worried the color would pop too much and look cheesy, but that turned out to not be the case at all. It’s very cute.

I like that the app breaks out the dog’s activity per hour. I can use it to determine whether my husband fed our dog based on the movements my dog made. It also forces both me and my husband to be honest about the exercise we give our dog.

The app is pretty but a bit clunky. It took me a day or so to navigate, and I used Facebook’s Fitbark Friends page for assistance. The way to add friends is not intuitive. I have to rely on the Facebook page to find people to connect with. From what I’ve heard, the developers have been improving the app significantly, so I’m excited to see the new updates in store.

I’m very satisfied with Fitbark. The Bark point goals really does do a great job predicting the amount of points my dog needs. My dog is half border collie half corgi, so he tends to be naturally energetic. I used to think his hyperactive spurts in the house were part of his breed. Since I’ve gotten Fitbark, I’ve been able to monitor his energy levels so closely that I’ve almost completely eliminated the random bursts of energy. I can definitely say that this product significantly improved my dog’s quality of life and made my home life much more peaceful.

Courtney F.

A great product

The FitBark works beautifully. My dog is getting more exercise and I can monitor his rest and activity. I am very satisfied with Fitbark.

Susan Payne

More fun than a human activity tracker

We bought this because I was worried my dog wasn’t getting enough exercise. It is really fun to track her activity and make sure she is staying healthy. The app works really well, I highly recommend it.


Lazy dog owner with a happy, active dog!

This product has changed the way I approach my dog’s health. I am, admittedly, a lazy dog owner. My dog is older, so I used that as an excuse for brief walks and lots of downtime. Her first week with the FitBark, I realized how little activity she saw throughout her day and was appalled by my own behavior. Since using the FitBark, Maggie May is having more active days and is sleeping better because she’s worn out and happy. The app is easy to use, the company is SUPER responsive and fast, and my partner is able to keep track of Maggie’s activities, too! I highly recommend the FitBark to anyone with a busy, distracting life. It keeps your dog’s needs in mind, even when you can’t.

Drew Nixon

Awesome device for track pawed pals’ activities

It gets me and my husky healthy together. It reminds us how many more points we need to work out to reach our goal every day. There is always people help us when we log on.


Peggy’s weightloss programme is working thanks to FitBark

Peggys had her fitbark for 2 weeks now and has lost 2 kilo as she was over weight. It’s grate fun as I have a fitbit so we keep fit together, great little gadget which gives you the motivation to get walking with your four legged friends.

FitBark Customer

I love my FitBark

I love my Fitbark! It’s a great motivational tool for me and my furbaby. The set-up was super easy! Plus the customer service to help answer detailed questions about the app was phenomenal.


Having FitBark we’ve realized how active Rex is. It explains why he’s so tired and ready for a nap around 8:30 every night. We never realized he was so active or playing so much while we were out and about.

Sitela A.

Critical for every dog owner, since our pets cannot speak to us

I couldn’t come up with an objective reason to give this item less than five stars. The unit is essential, I think, for any dog owner. Your pet’s activity level is critical to its physical and mental health. While everyone understands how calories are burned and muscle is built through exercise, I think fewer people realize the mental aspect of activity for dogs. If your pet is antsy, seems anxious, or behaving poorly, the easiest step to trying to fix those things is giving it more exercise. While that absolutely will not solve all problems, many problems stem from owners not providing this critical component of their animal’s daily life.

Pet physical fitness and weight are also important to their longevity. While this unit doesn’t solve the problem of overfeeding dogs, it does provide a concrete number that can be referenced to see if you are providing your dog with enough exercise to burn the calories he’s been fed.

This unit is valuable to me and my fiancee because it takes the guesswork out of our 12 pound dachshund’s daily exercise. Was that walk long enough? How much exercise does chewing a bone provide? Does he need to be running or can short bursts and tug of war wear him out? How much was he played with before my fiancee went to work tonight? Not having to wonder about these questions is well worth the rather high price tag, as it ensures that my dog won’t drive me crazy (which he will do if he’s not exercised) or begin to misbehave and potentially cost me more money in something he’s decided he would like to chew on.

As I mentioned my dog is a small 12-pounder, and the unit is not too big for his collar. I’ve seen pictures of it on even smaller dogs. Its very likely that it will be able to fit around your dog’s collar without being disruptive. In the image you can see that there are two hooks in the center of the bone. It is attached to the collar by what appears to be an o-ring, or a strong elastic. You hook one end of the ring onto the hook, wrap it around the collar, and wrap it around the next hook. I was a little skeptical of this method, but it does ensure that if something happens to the ring (they give you three) you can easily replace it. You don’t have to worry about a latch breaking and rendering the device useless. I think it was a good less conventional design decision.

I read a few reviews about the software being lackluster, but they must have made an update to the app, because it looks full-featured to me. You can view your dog’s activity down to the hour, and the history builds to show you averages, top scores, and all the usual fitness statistics. It works by detecting agitation through an accelerometer. There are three categories of rest, active, and play depending on the level of agitation. All levels give you the “bark points” that gauge your dog’s daily activity, which can be thought of as calories in humans. Even at rest the body burns calories. However, active and play hours will need to be spent in order to reach the dog’s daily goal. You can set your dog’s personal level as you see fit with recommendations to guide you. You should go more based on your dog’s need rather than the recommendation.

Also you have a suite of options available to manage people who can connect to the fitbark such as co-owners, friends, or your vet. This eases the issue of communicating the information on the fitbark and describing your dog’s history or changes in your dog’s activity. If the fitbark is somehow lost or destroyed you can connect another bitbark to your dog’s account.


Love our FitBark

Love our Fitbark. It is just as advertized. We love that it is waterproof and Luca swims with it 2-3 times per week. I like the small size, ease of use but I like most of all that it motivates me to get out with him and excercise to make our points. I would like to see the website hace additional features to compare you results to other dogs even if they are not linked to you. We are really happy with it..

Lynn Decker

One of the best features is that you can post pictures and information to the dog’s network so that everyone following him can see…this is great for pet professionals to keep in touch with the parents as well as family members to communicate with each other.

Heather D.

FitBark is GREAT

I love the FitBark for my girls. I have two Border Collies, a 12 year old and a 2 year old. It has been amazing to see how much activity they are getting in a day. I bought them originally because I was concern about my older girl and it is an amazing tool/reminder to me how much I need to be involved in ensure that she gets the exercise she needs to stay healthy. I have also found it beneficial in understand the younger one too. I can attest that it is waterproof and the battery life has been about 1 week with a fast charge time. I love the app and detailed information it proved. The bonus for me is that I am actually hitting my FitBit targets now that I am making sure my girls hit their goals. I would recommend it to anyone and have told all my friends with dogs about the FitBark.

FitBark Customer

You have given us a tool to help improve Tequila’s heart failure. By measuring her activity we have quantifiable proof that she has not worsened over the last 14 months!!! Her heart doctor had only given her that long to live with medication alone. Thank you so much!!!

Dorene H.

Fitbark is simple yet, powerful active tracker and measurement tool for better canine physical health. It will be a great resource for all, dogs and owners, to be more active – and healthier.

Marcia O.

I’d like to say thank you to the people behind it! As a dog obedience trainer I can’t think of anything more fun and awesome for our dog. It’s very assuring to know my dog is resting after her big plays and obedience training days as well as her long walks.

Jess J.

Absolutely love it!

Absolutely love it!! My puppy just a year and been told he overweight. I was worried about how could look after him but now I get bar charts and graphs and positive messages daily and weekly! Best thing I bought since the puppy lol

sarah crookes

Awesome little activity monitor!

I’ve had my FitBark now for about a year. It works great. I can see my dogs activity (or lack there of) level. It automatically syncs when the app is open and in close proximity (10-15ft) to my dog. About a month ago it broke. My dog was marking a bone and I think rubbed on it a little too roughly. I contacted thier support staff and Sara was very nice and offered me a replacement device at no cost. She included a RMA slip so I could return the broken devise to them. I have seen this company grow in terms of what their product and the app offer. I am very impressed with both their product and their staff. As more dogs are using FitBark the averages (daily activity) for breed and size of dog keep getting better. They also recently added an option where you can sync your fitbit within FitBark. this way you can see your activity right next to your dog’s on a daily basis.

M. Simek

Five Stars

Good to relate our cocker spaniels ground coverage in relation to my Fitbit.

michael hicks

Lucy’s FitBark has been great! I think it is a great way to hold people accountable for getting out and staying active with there dogs!

Brian C.

Polly is actually doing great with the FitBark. She just had surgery today, and they are monitoring her activity before and after her procedures. So this is an awesome way for them to keep a check on her! This is a great way to keep your fur baby healthy and active!

Michelle F.

Very helpful!!! 

This guilts me/incentivizes me to keep my hounds moving. It makes it difficult to talk myself out of taking them for walks or to the dog park. ?


Great products and a fantastic way to track your dogs…

Great products and a fantastic way to track your dogs activity levels. We have had a few technical issues with this though which Customer Service have sorted and are currently sorting – hoping this will be resolved shortly!

Stephanie Williams

Our Boston terrier Bobbie is exhausted after trying to get as many points up as possible! ?? I have my tracker and we now both keep moving way more than we used to.

Anne T.

This is a great product to keep an eye on your dog’s activity …

This is a great product to keep an eye on your dog’s activity levels. We have a small PomChi and it’s so very easy for them to gain weight and even 1 lb makes a big difference. We love taking her for walks and then seeing the results on the fitbark. What a great product to keep the whole family happy and healthy!!! A tired dog is a happy dog!!!!

Elizabeth Halvonik

Great little tracker

Does what you expect, and I’ve certainly kept an eye to try and ensure my dog is getting his quota (and more than average if poss). The ability to compare activity over time is the key here, rather than thinking you are getting accurate step counting or absolute definitive times for different activity. The phone app could be improved (the bluetooth sync seems to take two rounds of “fetching” the data for me), and would be nice to have more stats/info, however, it all does what it needs to do, so given the alternative of no information, this is a worthwhile purchase if you want to see if your hound is getting enough exersize day to day (or if its dropping off over time, in which case you might have a problem, or an ageing dog).

Battery tends to last the week, so i charge it up for 90mins sunday evening and good to go. The app has a battery monitor icon to indicate if in need of a charge, so check in every day on it.


I love the FitBark & check it often to see how he is doing. I got one for Christmas & it definitely keeping me watching my steps.

Dedee W.

No more missed walks

Perfect way to tell if my girls have been rambunctious enough at home or at the park, or if a long long walk is in order. My boyfriend and I no longer have to ask if the other human walked them, just check the fitbarks! && best customer service I’ve ever experienced when I accidentally ordered an extra one and needed to return it!


Love FitBark and it results in the 4 foot and 2 foot residents of our home getting more exercise.

Nance K.

We love our FitBarks. Our older dog needed to lose some weight and he is already down 4 pounds. His doggy chiropractor couldn’t be happier.

Michelle L.

We love it

Started out a little buggy and required a restart by Fitbark but the customer service was fantastic and we’ve had no issues since. We’ve been using it for about a month and we love it. Our Jack Russell pup is extremely high energy and in the 95th+ percentile each week. I’ve been a fitbit user for over two years so I value the ability to track her alongside myself. It’s just a little added motivation when I can see that I haven’t kept my end of the bargain with fetch and walks. On a side note, seems to be water resistant to some degree because she has fallen in the water a couple of times and there hasn’t been a problem.


Longer walks

My girlfriend gets a kick out of tracking our little dog’s daily activity, or lack thereof. It has actually motivated me to take her on longer walks! A nice gift for the animal lover.


It’s user friendly and really fun to use

Huge fan. My cavalier gained weight due to a medical condition and now that we have a diagnosis, we can lose the weight. It’s user friendly and really fun to use. I linked up with my friend’s dog and anyone who watches my dog over a period of time can download the app and track him as well. I am very happy this exists! My dog is losing weight and having fun!

Deborah Moss

Olympic Bichon

A very useful tool for gauging activity. Apparently our Bichon is an Olympian.

Mr T

No more excuses…

So far so good! I ordered this for my pup because I know I am being a lazy pet parent and wanted to see how much exercise he is missing out on and to see how much he sleeps while I’m at work. Came super quick and it’s really easy to set up. I can’t wait to get home to see how my baby was while I was out (we do not have the wifi receiver so I can only see his progress once I get home and sync with him). He is only 9lbs and I love how the tracker is super light and cute. I also love how Amazon customer service replied to my concerns and fixed them immediately. I am so glad I purchased thru Amazon.

So fun and healthy
At first these seemed ridiculous… And then you use it!! My boyfriend and I love competing with our fitbits. It keeps us both from getting too lazy, and holds us accountable when we claim the gym will happen “tomorrow” too many days in a row. We found these fitbarks and figured we’d buy one for our one lazy paws girl to see how it works. We got to see how much more she plays at daycare than at home, and gives us a well deserved guilt trip when she doesn’t get a walk. The app isn’t awesome, but its clearly improving, and we can even see our fitbit data alongside her fitbark data! So fun! We ordered another for the lazy one’s rambunctious sister and can’t wait to compare and compete the whole family into maintaining a healthy life together.

Great tool for the conscientious dog owner

I love this tool! It’s an awesome complement to my fitbit charge hr! I give it a 4 instead of a 5 because getting to know the app takes some time and work. Once you get it all figured out though the data tracking is awesome! I have a Weimaraner and I live in an apartment, but I am also a runner and very active. As a breed that requires a lot of exercise, I really feel like it helps me better gage if my fur baby is getting his needs met, especially since he is crated for about 8 hours of his day. I recommend it to anyone who is conscientious about their best friends whole being! Plus, the fitbark team is very kind, quick, and eager to help you, as you help them create a better device and app!

FitBark Customer

We love our FitBark. Lets us keep track of her exercise. Some of the rides that are easier for us are harder for her, so we can then make sure she gets enough rest.

Tom Wragg and @rubythetraildog

Great Fun

I love this product. Easy to use and fun to track activity.


This is a pretty cool gadget

This is a pretty cool gadget. Would be great if it monitored the sleep a little more closely. Have activity goals really helps me make sure my dog is staying active. I love it.


That seems to be his sweet spot for activity – if he gets that amount …

I debated for a while whether to get this but broke down and got it before Christmas. I have a young active Golden and wanted to make sure that I was providing him enough exercise. This product provides that information and so much more. We’ve had it almost a month now and it’s really worth it. I go in and check the app everyday to see how much exercise he’s had and if it’s on the low end we play a few extra games indoors to bring his activity level to around 10,000 steps. That seems to be his sweet spot for activity – if he gets that amount of steps he’s content, if not he’s asking for more attention – jet his way I can easily monitor it. Even better we’ve added ‘friends’ which are his dog buddies that also have one which also pushes us to compare and contract with our friends. It’s easy and fun and a must have for dog owners. Off to get one for my little 10 pound Morkie too (7 years old) as the product is quite small and will not be a burden for his collar.


Great app!

We became FitBark users recently, shortly after we all got FitBits. We decided that 2016 would be a healthier for all of us and FitBark is helping us ensure that our pup is included.

Though I am a new user, I have found the app to be user friendly, and the team at FitBark is very interactive, helpful and friendly.

I’m glad to be a part of the FitBark family and would recommend it to any pet owner who is concerned with optimizing their dog’s health, particularly those with multiple people involved with the care of their dog on a daily basis.


Great way to keep my older dog active

Great app. Best customer service. Highly recommend.


Excellent Customer Service!

I received the fitbark as a Christmas gift and I absolutely love it! It has made me more aware of my pup’s activity levels and I just bought a Fitbit to join the fun and get active with my dog! We had a small issue and the developers were quick to respond, extremely helpful, and resolved the issue right away!


We are really enjoying FitBark and it is helping us to understand why some days we have an excitable dog in the evenings and other days a sleepy one. Unintentionally we found out our trusted dog walker was not so trusted after all.

Katy G.

Nice Gadget

If you are thinking about getting one of these, go ahead, I have not been disappointed, I have been surprised in a negative way, that’s one lazy dog I have, he’s been Pulling the wool over my eyes, when we are not in he does nothing, time to take action.

J. Brodie

I love FitBark. It has helped Dinah and her owner get fitter. Dinah was 10lbs overweight, so now that she sees the points she lets me take her out every day.

Kim W.

Fantastic activity tracker for dogs!

I bought 2 of these for our dogs. My husband and I both own a Fitbit and thought it would be fun to track our dogs activities too! We looked into it and discovered FitBark!

Well we haven’t been disappointed. The dogs receive bark points each day based on their activity not steps, however they explain why this is. Essentially it’s impossible to track steps in dogs as their movements vary so much. However it’s pretty accurate with picking up play time/ rest time and when they are active.
I’ve also been really impressed with the customer support. For a small company they go out of their way to make sure you are happy and are always on the end of a live chat to help if you have any problems.

The app that supports it is good as well and we can even track our activity against the dogs in the weekly view!

Tracking how active the dogs have been also allows us to make adjustments to feeding.

The battery lasts a long time and we have had no issues with the product. I imagine if you did have any issues their customer service would be excellent. They really care about the brand and the experience you have with their product.

Overall I’m really happy with my purchase.


Great customer support

I’ve been using this product for close to 3 months and quite impressed with it. The android version that I use is accurate and is constantly being refined, they have an API for developers to query their rapidly expanding doggy database and to top it off, they have great customer care. When my fitbark died mysteriously, Sara had me exchanging the ailing one within a weekend all on their dime. As you can tell the service is prompt and personable.

I was so impressed that I got a fitbark for my wife’s chihuahua and it fits him great.

Terry Drymonacos

I found the graphs of calorie requirement against activity really helpful. I was struggling to get Toby to gain weight, but when I looked at your charts I was reassured that he really did need far more than the feeding guides said. The food manufacturer recommended a high fat content kibble to increase the calories and he now looks really sleek and healthy. Without the objective evidence from his Fitbark I would not have realised how much above average his activity is!

Rosemary C.

FitBark has reassured me he’s so active that he really does need more food than the feeding guides say – he’s a skinny boy and I have struggled to get him to a good healthy weight.

Raiden R.

Exceeded my expectations

I love everything about this product! My eight year old golden retriever was getting out of shape while i focused on meeting my fitbit goals. Now we can stay healthy together. Customer service is stupendous. once i messaged them at 8 pm and they responded immediately. I am 62 and not tech savvy, but this is so easy.

Julia Smith

Ready, Set, Play!

We really like our FitBark! It works perfectly, the App is fantastic, the battery lasts a long time between charges, it’s size & shape are an exact fit for all dogs, and it is fun to use. While we haven’t needed to seek any customer service, it’s been very nice of the FitBark staff to reach out to us to let us know they are ready to help if we need them. When you add the top drawer customer service to such a great product it just makes me want to give them 7 stars out of 5. Tracking our dogs activity, play time, naps and goals is enhancing our bond and keeping our family fit! We highly recommend FitBark to our friends and if you’re thinking about getting one, do it! Your best furry friend will be so glad you did.


Great Product – Great Service

We got this for Christmas, and within a week it died, I contacted the customer service via their online chat and was helped immediately. They mailed a new fitbark within a few days so I didn’t even need to go back to Best Buy. Best customer service I’ve ever had. Plus the product itself is great, We live in a condo so I was worried about my dog not getting enough exercise. The fitbark has been great to keep track of how he’s doing that day and whether I need to give him a longer walk or not!


Love it so far!

I just got this today and already I am feeling like I have been letting my dog down with all the snuggle time and very little play time. This is going to be wonderful for my dog. I’m excited to get her back into the shape she should be in.

Set up was easy.

The app is easy to read and easy to navigate.

Love it so far!

His FitBark is a great way of measuring how well he feels, because he’s more active when he doesn’t have pain! I’ve noticed a gradual increase in his activity in the last week! I can also see that he is sleeping better, again probably because of a lack of discomfort!

Helen O.

Super product

Fitbark isn’t just for super athletic dogs, it’s great for medium to low energy pups like ours! It’s a great tool to make sure our fluff ball/couch potato gets enough time on his paws. It is especially helpful to know how much exercise he’s gotten at doggy daycare so we can make sure to supplement his fun as needed when he gets home.

One thing we’ve found is that if our dog pulls or puts too much tension on his collar, the Fitbark won’t bounce around much and only registers a brisk walk as “activity” and not as “play”. For pullers, use a harness for walks so the Fitbark can do its job on a tension free collar.

We really like Fitbark and highly recommend it to other dog owners.

FitBark is awesome!

Purchased the Fitbark for our dog. She has a medical condition and will be on medication for life. The Fitbark helps us ensure she is getting proper exercise and rest. We can even share results with our Vet. My sister saw it, asked about it and is now going to get one for her dog. Great product with Excellent customer service!



Five Stars

Great product and a lot of fun to use!

Elvis P.


This monitor attaches to the collar with elastic bands. I was a bit wary how it would hold up but so far my hyperactive Cocker and her best friend – a boisterous doberman pup have failed to dislodge it.
One charge lasts about a week and it comes with the necessary USB cable.
It is an interesting device and tracks what your dog gets up to during the day Rest – Self explanatory, Active – pottering about, Play – running about or playing tug. I find myself looking two or three times a day and sending the results to my partner who works away a lot so he can also see.
Its answered the question about what she gets up to during the day while I am at work (sleeps by looks of things!) and I can link it to my fitbit to compare what we did and compare it to other dogs of the same type/age. I can monitor how much exercise we get on a day to day basis and how many “play points” she earns during her weekly flyball class.

I would like some way of GPS tracking for her to see how far she travels on her walks compared to me and map them, but as mentioned there is a way to link it to the fitbit so I can make a rough estimate of what she does compared to me and I can map our walks on the fitbit anyway.

FitBark Customer

FitBark fanatic!

Where have you been all my life FitBark??! Love this easy activity tracker. No more worrying if my dog is getting enough exercise daily. Great product and fantastic service and daily check-ins from Team FitBark.

Andrea H.

Loving the FitBark!

We got a FitBark for our little dog as we wanted to ensure he was active enough even though my wife and I both work during the day. The FitBark allows us, through their proprietary FitBark Points, to see how active he’s been during the day whilst we’re out (usually not very!) and gives us a target to aim for to push us to get him out and moving. As proponents of the human equivalent, FitBit, the Bluetooth connectivity and interactive app (which is, as yet, by no means perfect but is always being worked on and improved) were familiar and easy enough to use.
The customer service at FitBark is excellent and their staff are always willing to help and answer queries. If you’re a fan activity trackers and want to get your canine buddies involved too, the FitBark fits the bill perfectly.


Motivates me to take my dog out more! 

I can’t say enough good things about Fitbark. I love being able to track my dog’s fitness, and being able to set goals motivates me to go for more walks and runs with him. My first Fitbark malfunctioned, and the amazing customer support team fixed my problem instantly. They provided constant support, even after hours and on weekends, which is true dedication and shows their passion for their product and their customers (thank you so much!). You won’t regret getting this little gadget, and your pup will love you for it!


It’s easy to set up and simple to use

This is a well-designed product. It’s easy to set up and simple to use. We bought a Whistle and returned it because the set up was complicated and ultimately unsuccessful. We returned the Whistle, got a fitbark and had it up and running in no time. Our Enzo is one lucky doggie 🙂

Kathy O'Shaughnessy

Watch out for health-monitoring-addiction in your pet!

At first, this seemed like a great idea… I monitor my own bodily functions 8 ways to Sunday, so why shouldn’t my little Pookie have the same data? At first, things are great… Pookie takes to the challenge like a champ, getting more and more steps in every day, getting healthy, getting fit…

But then the darker side of pet fitness showed it’s paws. Next thing I know, Pookie is checking her barkPoints 4,5, even 6 or 7 times a day! She’s started waking me up early to go for an extra walk! I like having a fit pet, but I need my dang sleep! And, honestly… I can’t afford all the protein powders and post-workout-recovery-drinks Pookie is ordering.

I mean, it’s great that Pookie is taking an interest in education… I never managed to even get her to “sit” or “roll over”, and her obsession with Bark Points has gotten her back into school… she’ll be graduating with an MS in Kinesiology by the end of the year… but the constant reminders of how out of shape I am are really getting annoying… I even saw her setting the cat up with an exercise and diet plan.

Jack Brinloe

Greatest product ever! I am totally getting Nougat to move around more.

Mary L.

LOVE this product!

I cannot say enough good things about this product. Unfortunately, my original FitBark would not charge, so I brought it to Best Buy and they exchanged it with a new one instantly! I was thrilled. Then, when I went home, I was not sure how to add the new one to my existing account, so I emailed FitBark and the tech support answered my email INSTANTLY and helped me through it. I am so pleased and impressed. The product allows me to keep track of my dog’s sleep schedule and compare activities and how active they keep him (he does agility, flyball and disc). This product is amazing, and I’ve had such a great experience with FitBark.

Lauren B

Excellent Activity Tracker for Dogs

This is an excellent product for tracking your dog’s activity levels and monitoring health. It works very well and the product is definitely waterproof within the spectrum of use provided.

On the human side, for comparison, this product has never failed or broken whereas I have been an avid user of many versions of Fitbit and Jawbone activity trackers, all of which have failed multiple times.

The associated app for the product continues to get better and better.

A. Hotte

Absolutely love it!

I got this as a Christmas present for my dog (and myself) and i’m in love with it. I can see what they do at home, when they’re with the dog walker, or running around off-leash with me. I’ve learned amazing things about my dogs, and the dog whom I thought was lazy… turns out she’s not. I really suggest this product for every dog lover!


Amazing product, support and service!

We bought this on a whim in boxing sale mode. What a great purchase this was! Really fun to watch how our dog spends his day and to use it to compare one day’s activity to the next. If you are worried about tech support don’t. If only every company supported their product the way FitBark does. I had a couple of questions and they responded in record time. I have never done a product review before but these people deserve it. Above and beyond.


Great Product!

We got this for our dog for Christmas and it has been wonderful. It keeps us motivated to get our pup out for a walk when she needs it (it even sends reminders when she hasn’t been active for a while!) By using the product, we were also able to see that our dog walker was not taking our dog out for the full hour walks and sometimes forgot to come at all! The customer support has been amazing for any questions to you have – We bought the wifi base station and had a bit of difficulty setting it up but customer support helped us in no time. They are very responsive. I would highly recommend this product to any dog owner!


10 stars

“Santa” brought my dogs each one for Christmas. I absolutely love them. I was able to link both devices to 1 app. The staff at Fitbark is fantastic. I have contacted them with a few questions and received a response back within a half hour….plus you get daily tips. I actually like this app better than my Fitbit app. I highly recommend this product.

Abby and Toby


I can’t fault FitBark, their customer service is second to none – I bought mine before Christmas and had live chat within the Android app to one of the founders on Christmas day, that’s serious commitment to their product.

The FitBark itself attaches well and doesn’t bother my dog at all. It resists water and mud and is apparently waterproof but not tried yet.

The Android app is well designed, easy to sync, easy to compare your dog with another albeit both owners need to have shared email addresses.

The best thing so far is being able to compare days. We could see how new years eve fireworks at midnight kept our dog restless for 40 minutes, if we didn’t manage to get a walk because of heavy rain we can see how much activity she has missed.

FitBark Customer

A great and nifty product, well worth buying.

The FitBark is an awesome product. The app is clever and provides some clear, and relevant information. I’m looking forward to seeing how this product develops, but will continue to use it! It’s well packaged, and easy to set up with clear instructions. The support team respond very quickly to queries, and are very friendly and helpful. There’s a growing community of users on Facebook with whom you can share information and find dogs similar to yours to “friend” on the app to compete/compare as you’d like. Would definitely recommend.

It links my FitBit account which is awesome, shows me my target and the dog’s on the same graphs. Some more integration would be amazing, although I’m unsure what I’d like to see really at this stage!

There are a few things which could be better though. The additional wifi charging station is very expensive, so I don’t have it, which means my dogs data only sync when I ask it to via my app. I’m hoping that something will change with this in future development of the product though, and I’d still happily give it 5 stars.

Benjamin G

Fun to Use

Very enlightening and fun to see our dog’s trends for the day and week. We are having fun with it so far!


Fun way to Track Your Dog’s Activity Level

We have two units for our Australian Cattle Dog and 13lb Chihuahua mix. It really is a lot of fun to track the progress of our dogs. Setup was really easy, and the app has no problem syncing both our dogs and keeping them straight.

What we like about this unit:
– Its really small and secures to the dogs collars with no flapping and seemingly not adding any weight. This was especially great for our small dog.
– Charging is done without removing the unit from the collar, and with a standard micro-usb cord. Its really not a big deal to just take off the collar every few days and charge at night. Disconnecting from the collar would have been a real pain.
– Customer service is truly fantastic. We had a problem with something that ended up not being a real issue. The app has a direct chat built into it. We got a response within an hour, and super quick responses to every question. They were actually so responsive I felt a little embarrassed. If customer service was harder to contact I would have just waited long enough for the problem to fix itself.
– The app and website are great. There are lots of levels of detail, down to a score for individual minutes. The app will generalize into rest, active and play. You can also download the raw data as an excel spreadsheet that shows a raw score for each minute and make your own charts.
– The general activity level “bark points” are a nice abstract way to see how much exercise our dogs are getting. Its not an exact measurement, but you still see when your dogs aren’t getting as much exercise as usual.
– The sharing features motivate me to keep our dogs exercised. We linked with a friend who can watch our activity levels, so we feel kind of like we want to make sure we keep our levels up.
– No monthly fees.


Great tech item

My dog is literally rocking the “rest” fitbarks!! Seriously the average target “fitbarks” for my Golden based on his age and size is a good guide and my kids are now not cutting his walks short! No wonder he sleeps a lot during the day he does have some restless nights. So far enjoying it, it is easy to set up the app and gadget.


Loads of fun for u and your pet.

Has been loads of fun and helps you follow your pets activity.


He now has to wear his collar all the time which he doesn’t mind as he is always now ready for walks Great gadget, easy to setup

Buddy got fitbark for his Christmas and we are all loving tracking his exercise routine and pushing his score higher. He now has to wear his collar all the time which he doesn’t mind as he is always now ready for walks. Great gadget, easy to setup and use. We love it 🙂 .

PD Hamilton

Love Fitbark with my Fitbit.

Jack (my dog) got his fitbark for Christmas. So far it’s great. It’s fun since I’m addicted to my Fitbit. It adds another dimension to exercising. And I like all the follow ups checking on how we’re doing.


Fun for pups and people, great product support team

FitBark is a fun way to help you and your dog stay fit! The level of service from the company has been consistently amazing and they have always been incredibly responsive to questions. The product is fun and easy to use. You securely attach it to your dog’s collar, install the mobile FitBark app and you’re ready to roll! There’s also a new FitBark community on Facebook where you can virtually follow other dogs and compare their daily activity with yours.


Allows you to track daily activity levels.

I use this product on my 7 year old terrier cross and it shows me how active he is during the day and night and allows me to see if there is any change in his activity levels day to day. It also has a very long battery life as it has currently been 9 days since it was last fully charged and has only just showing that the battery is starting to run low.
This product is also smaller than I expected and easily fits onto my dogs collar so it doesn’t effect him in any way.


Excellent device for tracking dogs activity!

The FitBark and app was very easy to configure. It has been great to see the difference in his activity on the days he goes to daycare vs. the days he stays home. It is easy to charge and does not require removing from his collar.

FitBark Customer

Easy to setup

I love all the color options!! Easy to set up! Nice knowing how active my dog is in doggy day care while I’m at work!!


Great for deeper understanding

Lilly and I love the FitBark. It’s helped us understand her need to be very active so much better, which in turn has resulted to her being more relaxed and better behaved at home. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand their dogs activity level at an individual pet level.

Becky Notts

Great training tool/company

Love it for my service dog Freedom.He and I both wear fitness trackers .It helps me to learn the most effective training for him as he is my best friend and training partner.The company is awesome !!They respond quickly to questions and truly care about their customers both human /animal.

Jennifer L.

Useful tool

This product is wonderful for making sure your pup or adult dog is getting enough exercise! It pairs up using Bluetooth making it quick and easy to get the data straight to your phone. However, because the fitbark emmits such a low Bluetooth signal the fitbark won’t pair unless you are close to your pet. So you’ll have to wait till you get home to see how active they were. Though it is a wonderful device because it compares your pets data with similar breeds and size of dog as well as what percentile he is in of all the fit bark users. So in case you are unsure of where to set your goal they have some data to offer suggestions. We got ours because our blueheeler/beegle mix didn’t seem to be getting enough energy out. So we set the average goal and found out he had more to burn. It is a great way to keep your pet healthy and active. As well as keeping yourself in good shape too! The fitbark companion app also syncs up the data from your fitbit as well. If you have a cuddly critter that you think needs more or less exercise then this is a great way to manage that, plus you can earn bragging rights for the amount of barkpoints your pet earns! Plus you can add other pets of friends with fitbark to a friends list and compare and compete with them it is lots of fun for homosapien and kanine.


Great device and awesome app

I’ve ordered four FitBarks now, two for my dogs and two to give as gifts. Needless to say, I couldn’t be happier. This is one of those products that deserves two separate reviews, because there are really two different parts: an app and the device itself. I gave it 5 stars overall because the device has exceeded my expectations. The app is good and keeps getting regular updates with fun new features. Also noteworthy – the customer service is tremendous. Like, the best I’ve ever encountered for any company (and I don’t say that lightly).
Part 1, the device
Things I love: it’s smaller and lighter than it looks. It’s highly durable. Lola, my beagle/boxer mix isn’t kind to it. Between playing rough with others at the dog park and occasional swims in a nearby creek, our fitbark has seen its share of mistreatment. After nearly 8 months, the FitBark not only functions, but still looks very good with only a few light scratches. I’m averaging a little over a week between charges. It is very convenient to charge also, because you don’t have to take it off the collar.
The app:
Initial setup was easy. The design is unique, intuitive, and I figured out the basics after a few minutes of playing with it. It keeps updating every month or two with new features. Most recently (and my favorite part) they added a “top dog” leaderboard to follow other dogs and compete or compare activity.
Bottom Line: I’m a non-tech savvy dog lover and I use FitBark literally every day. I can honestly say it has made me a much better dog parent and I highly recommend it. It’s one of those things I didn’t know I needed and now can’t live without.

Love FitBark!

I’m loving this little gadget, helpa me know what my dog is up to when left alone. And I know know how much he sleeps…. and now I know how much more active he needs to be. Love FitBark!!

Dafne Beasley

Definitely the best — works and works well. LOVE It!!!

Can’t say enough great things about it. We are dog people.. everyone in our family has a dog and now everyone in our family has a Fitbark! I tested both Fitbark and Whistle and the Whistle just doesn’t compare.. the Fitbark is the way to go (more about that later). Fitbark is small, lightweight, fits on the collar very well and the app is super easy to use. It doesn’t require cellular so there are no monthly fees. It is reliable…and the device on the collar actually records activity levels so that when a phone that is authorized w/the Fitbark app is near, it syncs and updates the server with the info (or if you buy the optional doghouse shaped Wifi base station, it will do it for you when your dog is near it). The portal is fun…you can compare your dogs activity to other dogs that you own or have been invited to monitor.
It is keeping us more active, too.. we want our dog to meet her goal so we take her for more walks!! Incredible.
One of the best features is that you can post pictures and information to the dog’s network so that everyone following him can see…this is great for pet professionals to keep in touch with the parents as well as family members to communicate with each other. Everyone I’ve showed this to has asked for one.. We have five and just ordered another ten!!! It’s also great because you can see WHEN your dog was active.. it tracks activity and time. The app is great, too.. all the data is so easy to understand and get to. It was very well thought out.
Lastly, Whistle would be great if it worked..except for the size, weight, and bulkiness. The GPS is the only reason to get it.. if activity is all you need just get Fitbark… but if you want GPS, I just don’t think the Whistle is ready. There is a 3 minute lag time which is FOREVER if you are trying to track a roaming pup and so far I can’t get activity working on Whistle and GPS is 6.95/month if you pay 2 years in advance…that’s a lot but it would be well worth it if it worked. I give Fitbark five stars–it’s awesome.

Heather Davisson

Amazing Small Activity Tracker

I got a FitBark for my dog and I love it! I can see how active he is and I can sync it with my Fitbit to compare our daily activity. Both trackers will help us to keep active all the time! I recommend this product to any dog owner!


Great device • Great app

I should start by saying I read an article about 5 things you may be doing to crush your dogs spirit. The very first thing was not taking your dog on a walk as often as you should. Admittedly, I am guilty of this and I do NOT want to crush the spirit of any dog! So I looked at several styles of activity trackers and decided to try the FitBark. I think seeing their actual activity level will either guilt me into getting busy with them or make me proud of how we’re doing.
I’ve only been using my FitBark for about a week. I have 3 dogs (a Mastiff and 2 Yorkies) and it’s been fun to see what time of day they’re most active and just how active they really are.
I bought one for each of my daughters dogs too (an Australian Shepard and a Boxer).
All of the dogs are ‘friends’, on the app, so we can see how active they’ve been, even when we’re all living in different cities. When they’re all together there’s a HUGE jump in play/active time.
It’s nice to be able to add notes to each day as well. You can go back and see if their activity, or lack thereof, is mirrored by health issues (diarrhea, decreased appetite, etc). I haven’t been using it long enough to take advantage of this feature but I like having that option available.
The staff is amazing! When I’ve asked questions through the app, I thought I’d have to wait several hours for a response; not so! The support has been much higher than I expected it to be. You’re made to feel like one of the FitBark family. I like having the ability to send photos too. I can include a screen shot with my question(s) which helps me explain my question and, I assume, it likely helps them to see what I’m talking about.
I don’t consider myself to be a very tech savvy individual but I have found the app and FitBark set up to be quite straightforward and simple. If I can do it, anybody can do it!
I’ve purchased 5 FitBarks, for my dogs and as gifts, and I feel it will prove to be a great investment in our dogs’ health. And we’ll benefit as well.


Love it.

It is actually getting me out into “exercise land”. I’m more competitive for my dog than for myself!!!


Penny loves to track scents at the dog park, and she is able to be off leash in the fenced area so it is incredible to me to be able to see this in graphs and numbers! We also walk in the park after… Most of the time we are weekend warriors, but I’m on vacation right now. The fitbark has made this a lot more fun! Penny and I have a great competition now with my Fitbit… However Penny keeps winning!

Sandy B.

Great app!!!!

Every feature on this app is spot on! It is so fun and easy to use. It had become my new addiction.


But I am having WAY more fun with it than he is

I know I bought this for my dog, but I am having WAY more fun with it than he is!!! The app is spot on and the support team is right there on the app to chat if you need.

FitBark Customer

I’m really enjoying the Fitbark. It has given me…

I’m really enjoying the Fitbark. It has given me an insight to my dog’s life and patterns that he develops. Being a senior pet it has also reassured me his activity levels are above average, as it marks clearly how he compares to similar dogs.

Working in the Veterinary world I am excited to see this product become more popular, expanding data available (and allowing me to hopefully add a friend who also has one!).

Thank you FitBark!

FitBark Customer

Just the perfect gadget for the people wanting to keep track of their dog’s health and exercise routine!

Marc L.

Well we are loving it. It’s key to showing our clients that their dogs are getting the exercise we have been claiming and not just all at once since it tracks time.

Heather W.

I’m loving the Fitbark with my new rescue dog. First, it’s really getting me to pay attention to the exercise he’s getting and motivating me to get him out for hikes, jogging, playdates, etc. This in turn is actually getting me much more active then personal activity tracker ever did. I also love the ability to benchmark and see how other dogs are doing and now have friends and family’s dogs on the app as well. An interesting benefit to showing the activity throughout the day is I could tell when the he escaped from his crate to go running around the house! Since he did no damage after being out for a couple hours, I’m no longer crating him. Bonus for him 😉 . The FitBark is simple to set up and the app has a great user interface. Get one for your dog and get the both of you more active.


Tremendouw customer service – and the activity monitor is good too!

The product is good – quite small, and it fits onto my dog’s collar very snugly. The Bluetooth link allows you to update the step count etc. even when your dog is quite far away.
But what for me made all the difference was the customer service. Having asked a question on the Fitbark website, I was immediately contacted by email by an individual who stayed on the case until my Fitbark was up and working. He then emailed me a day or two later to say that he had checked to see if it was still working (it was). That’s real customer service!

James Graham
Useful Doggy Bling!
My husband discovered this at a Tech Expo and ordered it last spring. I had been walking our 16-lb Yorkie (they used to be bigger dogs until breeders began to shrink them) at least four miles daily, but was unsure if it was too much or too little. The vet was not too helpful. We felt the FitBark could only help.

At first I was skeptical about the rubber O-rings that are used for attaching, but we are still on the first one. Titan (the dog) seems to believe his FitBark is some kind of bling because he hates to have it removed for charging. Yesterday he actually sat still while I reattached it. Charging is easy and almost any small USB cable will work (the original cable appears to have developed legs since we received it.)

Our battery life is a bit lower than average because Titan is much more active than average. I have his activity level set at the new 7455 point level and most days he hits around 12K+ points. I am waiting to see if the app suggests a new number based on his history.

As with other reviewers, I find the FB to be sturdy, yet light.

Now onto the app; I am running an iPhone 4s so I am unable to see the upgraded app on it. I finally had to put it on my iPad mini with the newest iOS7 yesterday. It looks much better and I love being able to see Titan’s activity level compared to other small dogs and Yorkies; last week he was in the 86th percentile for both.

I highly recommend the FitBark for dogs and tell everyone I meet walking their dog about it. I just wish our vet would get a base so that he can track Titan’s fitness and not have to peer at my tiny phone screen.

David Patron

It’s been a great device for keeping dog walkers honest. We had a well liked dog walker in our building we hired. His first walk was for an hour. Thanks to our FitBark we knew for a fact that this guy walked the dogs for all of 5 minutes over the course of an hour. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that nobody is cheating your furry friend on their much needed play time.

FitBark Customer

Great way to bond with my dog!

My dog has severe anxiety and I noticed that the days he exercised, he felt better than the days he did not. I bought the FitBark to help me find the right amount of daily exercise he needed to stay calm and relaxed. As they say “A tired dog is a good dog!” When I first got the FitBark, I had issues syncing the device. I reached out to customer support and within minutes they responded. This was at 8 pm! They walked me through step by step and before I knew it, we were able to see my dogs activity. I love that you can record daily notes and see how your pets activity compares to other dogs. I’m excited to tell everyone about FitBark and keep building my dogs health, happiness, and our bond.

Great wearable for dogs!

This device is so much fun. You can see how much time your dog spends resting, playing (typically walking or running), and being “active” (which is basically being awake but not doing a lot). If you have multiple dogs, you can compare them against each other. I even used it to determine who wandered off at night and peed in the basement – only one dog was active at that time so she was busted! LOL Support is fabulous. They respond via chat to any questions, and are super-responsive to any enhancement ideas. I use the app on an iPhone 4s and it works really well, even though my phone is older. Another plus is that they share the (anonymized) data that they collect with the FitBarks. It’s a great way for dog owners to contribute to research on dog health, especially if you have a purebred that is not as well-represented in their data set.

Dog Lover

FitBark is part of an exciting new force in science, the generation of big datasets that can take us closer to the truth about the relationship between health and lifestyle.  FitBark can be used to monitor trends in the daily behaviour of pet dogs, and potentially, to detect disease and changes in well-being at a very early stage.

Dr. Cathy Wyse
Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow, Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine / University of Glasgow

Every dog owner should get one!

I bought my fitbark from the supplier directly before they started to sell on amazon; but I have enjoyed using it so much I felt that I had to review it.

I bought this shortly after we got our puppy (she was around 10/11 weeks when we started to use it); it is a nice small device that clips over your dogs collar. Even on a tiny west highland terrier it isn’t too big. We were finding it hard to judge how much exercise daisy was getting (especially day to day). The fitbarks point system makes it easy to tell how active she has been throughout the day (when we are there or when she is left at home); it also tells you how many hours the pup has been active, resting, etc in a day.

They have recently added features allowing you to compare your dog by age and breed to others in their dataset. I am glad to say that Daisy is getting about the right amount of exercise for a westie her age! In summary I think that all dog owners should get one of these, simple low in price and a great tool!


Best Pet Accessory EVER!

This thing is absolutely incredible, and the company behind it is amazing as well! The interface on the app is very slick, informative, and accurate! It is a great way to know what your pup is up to when you are not with them, or just to track each day’s activity! So much fun. Also compatible with the fitbit and other fitness apps to compare the pups to their humans! The fitbark itself is pretty wicked, but what makes the experience SO awesome is the ability to get in touch with support chat instantly via the app, and they respond brilliantly fast, always with kind words and helpful advice. I have recommended this to all dog owners I know and meet and I recommend it to you!!!

Love, Love
Love, Love, Love the FitBark! We have a healthy virtual completion going amongst 5 dogs with my crazy work friends. This works great and makes sure you exercise your puppy … also you can see if your puppy sitter is doing their job 🙂 The FitBark owners are always available for online chat and are very responsive to any questions you may have, and are building a massive database of activity by breed, age, etc… Have to admit I thought this was silly before I had a puppy, but now I think it’s the coolest thing ever!
FitBark Customer

A fitbit for dogs! Love it!

This is great — it keeps me honest! I have a basset hound, and it is soooo easy to just let her sleep on the couch and miss a walk. I have a fitbit, and this works to make sure I keep her active the same way the fitbit makes sure I stay active EVERY DAY and I can’t “rationalize” how much she actually moved around. The device doesn’t count steps, but “activity.” It is a fun app on my Iphone, connects via bluetooth. The monitor fit snugly and easily flat on her collar. Pearl is a bigger dog, and has a bigger collar; on my mother’s Chihuahua, however, I think the fitbark would be too big. It isn’t heavy — very lightweight — so the only issue on tiny little dogs would be bulk. The best thing is the attitude of the company…. this is a relatively new product, and they are continually updating and making changes to the software, and seem to have a really great and positive and FUN attitude. There is the option to share and have friends, just like with the fitbit. Love this, and it HAS helped give me the reason to shoo my dog off the couch and force her outside for a walk!


Your Dog Will Thank You

This is a fun product that keeps us honest about getting enough playtime in with our golden retriever. I had an incident with the product only a week after purchasing it – our dog went swimming with it on and it would not work after that. When I contacted the Fitbark folks, they immediately arranged to send me a new one – really great customer service. The new one has held up during swimming and has provided us with some good information that will help us keep our guy healthy. They just added a feature that shows average statistics for dogs similar to mine, which is pretty interesting. You can also now choose one of three levels for your dog’s daily goal for fitness points – it’s a nice option to have. Henry the Golden has gotten much more exercise on a more consistent basis since we got the Fitbark. It makes us take him for an extra half mile, or throw the ball a half dozen more times. It also helps us see that doggie day care really is worth it! Henry doesn’t even notice that he’s wearing the Fitbark, but he is loving the effects of it!

Kathleen U

Fantastic App, great customer service!

With the latest update, the folks at fitbark made an already great app fantastic. We have three fitBark dogs and at a glance we can see if they are getting enough sleep and exercise. It’s very easy to dive in to get more data on a particular dog or look at larger trends, like sleep over the past month.

We really love the new Top Dog Board which ranks our pups in the house by activity. It also provides stats on similar dogs so you know how you’re dogs doing in comparison. This is super helpful since we have three dogs ranging from 3 months to 10 years and they obviously require different levels of playtime.

We really love this update. The customer service at Fitbark is amazing. They go out of their way to help and make sure your issue is resolved.

If you’re looking for an activity tracker for your dog this is the best one on the market.


Awesome, useful device!

Love this device! Accurate and offers a lot of great information on my pooch’s behavior. I was surprised by how long the battery lasts on each charge. The app works great too, and I love showing people Sheba’s behavior. It’s a great conversation starter. Awesome job, team Fitbark!

FitBark Customer

Co-Jack was diagnosed with generalized anxiety, hence the 12k Bark Pts of activity. The veterinary behaviorist prescribed anxiety meds, and advised us to continue using our FitBark to monitor his improvement. 🙂 . Thank you for all your help and your part in supporting such a lovely product! As I’ve said before, it’s been a real life saver in managing my dog’s exercise data, and consequently his behavior!

Kristen M.

Co-Jack was diagnosed with generalized anxiety, hence the 12k BarkPoints of activity. The veterinary behaviorist was familiar with your product, so you guys are definitely getting noticed in the veterinary behavior medicine community! She prescribed anxiety meds, and advised us to continue using our FitBark to monitor his improvement. Your work is changing dogs lives for the better!

Kristen M.

FitBark customer service is wonderful. I had some problems with the initial install …

FitBark customer service is wonderful. I had some problems with the initial install and their support chat was very quick, helpful and thorough. Now that the FitBark is working, I love the insight it gives me into my puppy’s life. I notice that if she is up and restless at night she can be a little “off” during the day. I’ve also noticed that she doesn’t behave well if she doesn’t get enough exercise OR if she gets too much! I can check her FitBark and realize she’s just had enough of a day and it’s time for bed. The FitBark holds a charge for quite some time, is easy to use and sturdy. I love my FitBark.

Lucinda Fisher

Kaylee is a working sled dog who snuck on a few extra pounds during a slow season. We’ve been working to help her lose them since June with limited success. We’ve had the FitBark since the end of September and it is really helping us see what activities are burning the most energy and helping us set and reach fitness goals. We’ve only got 3 lbs to go!

Sam S.

Fantastic product

Device and app are working great for me and my dog.
I can keep track of my dog’s activity, and when and for how long my dog walker took care of my dog while I am away.
I had some issues setting up the connection between the device and my phone in the beginning.
But the support team was very helpful in walking me through all the steps and going above and beyond their duty figuring out that … my phone OS needed to be updated. 🙂
While the device is very light and fits any dogs size, the battery lasts for a very long time (about 2 weeks) and re-charging it takes only the time your dog takes a quick nap.
Overall, I am very satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend it to any dog owner.

E. Lapiello

This is a great little product for your dog

This is a great little product for your dog. It works as designed but you need to spend a little bit of time understanding the data provided. Once you start to use it you get to understand the information more. It really gives you a sense as to what your dog is doing and really how little exercise they do. It makes you want to take them for a walk so that you can get a little more exercise. The UI is nice.

Daynas Corman

Absolutely wonderful

My dog is slowly reaching his senior years, though still considered an adult, and I don’t want to lose him. I’ve been noticing that he’s been very lazy, lethargic, and gaining weight — as many middle-aged beings tend to be 🙂 So I thought — okay, I’ll give this a whirl.
I seriously felt silly buying this. “What am I doing, buying this gimmick?” I thought; but the reviews “talked me into” giving this a try, anyway.
So now we’ve been using it. It’s been a number of weeks now, and we are THRILLED. The app could definitely use some work, it definitely takes a bit too long to fetch and load and all of that, but that’s peanuts, and the device itself is awesome. We’re thrilled. And tired. 😀

In the picture: Boo, my dog, with his fashionable FitBark, after a grueling workout 🙂

Emma Gat

Love it!

I love that I can link the FitBark to my FitBit and track both of our progresses!


Love it!

It’s great to have FitBark! Keep up the good work!


Tremendous customer service

I’ll be honest, I’m one of those annoyingly curious types who has a kajillion questions. The folks running the FitBark were very kind in answering my questions, three different people had to take a crack at answering my questions about the accuracy of the data for my specific dog (we have a 1 year old Cattle Dog, so yeah I really need to know if he’s getting enough exercise!). Ultimately the answer was “we’re still gathering data,” and even though it might have been uncomfortable for them to say, it was the truth. Even though it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, I have a hard time not buying into an honest answer!

We took our FitBark swimming today, and my dog is one to hold his breath and stick his head under the water to find a stick. Not only did he find his stick, the FitBark is still gathering data!

K. Miller

Love it!

Love being able to track the amount of exercise my pup gets everyday, and he doesn’t even know he’s wearing it. Love that it’s waterproof and easy to charge and sync.


More than just a cool gadget

I thought this would be a cool experiment, but now I check my dog’s progress multiple times every day. The battery lasts over a week so charging is few and far in between. It’s incredibly easy to synch with you phone and setup in the app to begin tracking. Plus it suggests how many points my dog should have by the end of each day based on her breed, age, and other stats. I was on vacation and one of the first things I did when I got back was check her activity levels to make sure she got her walks and playtime. Now I just need the base station to check on her even when gone.

Brandon Marker

Keeps you aware of your dog’s health.

The Fitbark is great if you want to know your dog’s activity level. It works well, the app is easy to use and the device itself is very well built. I love knowing if my dog needs more playtime. With a dachsund you need to make sure that they stay fit to combat spine injuries. With the FitBark I have peace of mind knowing that I am doing all I can to fight that. The app tracks play and active time and it makes it easy to see if we need to go for a longer walk. The unit itself is durable with a battery that needs minimal charging. The app is light on the phone battery and it keeps getting better with each update. The customer support is fast and helpful. I needed to install the Android app and within ten minutes I had an email with access to it. Great so far with even greater promise.



This thing is great. If you don’t get to spend all day with your dog, this little gadget will tell you everything you need to know about how much activity your dog is getting. Setup is intuitive and straightforward. Syncing is as easy as breathing. True to the advertisement, it’s very much waterproof (my wife ran it through the wash before I was able to get it strapped to the collar!). The accuracy is quite impressive as well. I was skeptical, so I sampled a few hours while I watched my dog closely. Sure enough, the FitBark was accurate down to the minute showing me when my dog was playing, just active but not playing, and resting. As it turns out, he rotates between the three all day and night and gets an incredible amount of exercise that I had no idea he was getting.

There is some room for improvement, but I’m confident FitBark will continue to roll out improvements. I, as do all FitBark users, look forward to the breed info module. I have had a couple of errors, but nothing serious or irrecoverable. Lastly, I would be interested in a slightly heavier duty version that comes in an extended battery life. 2 weeks is great… but 4 would be even greater 🙂


Yep. This is what I needed

So here’s the deal. My sister runs a pet sitting/nannying company in LA. Which means a lot of dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, a lot of whom are used to pretty good lifestyles. I live up north and go to visit her every few months, and when I do I love to join her at “work” while she “has to” hang out with furry animals all day.

I had some dogs and cats growing up. But working with my sister has opened my eyes to a lot of new things. Like how many animals sit at home all day while their owners are away, in various conditions. Some have big cushy couches they aren’t allowed to sit on, others are in kennels (which I do not support).

They do all have one thing in common: they are alone a large chunk of their lives, or at least with other animals but not their owners. And because they can’t speak it’s hard to know if they got enough exercise that day, if they’re sitting down too much, not playing, feeling sick. I’d tried FitBit and Jawbone Up and all sorts of wearables for myself but I returned all of them.

Then we got our own dog. I cannot say how glad I am I didn’t return the FitBark like I did with those devices for myself. I realized the difference is I know how I’m feeling but I don’t know how Toby’s feeling. And working with my sister has taught me that animals do exhibit body language, but that can’t/doesn’t tell the whole story. And working with trainers I’ve learned you need a degree to parse your dog’s body language anyway 😉

I will never go back to not putting a doggie tracker on Toby. I don’t think I’m the only one who’d pay anything for my dog 😉 Any little bit more I can relate to him and know he’s living a great life I will do. It did take a bit of adjusting the levels on the FitBark and I keep forgetting about the battery reminders but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love my Toby. Worth it. Very worth it.

Tyler Hayes

Great activity tracker for dogs of all sizes!

Absolutely in love with this device! It’s extremely lightweight, small, and easy to use. The app is also very user friendly.


App works great

This isbone kickass app my dogs are much more active since I started using my kickstarter Fitbark. Great product if your into dogs and fitness!!!!


My Furry Fitness Star – thanks to FitBark!

I LOVE this device! I’m an active person and enjoy using my fitness tracker to watch for patterns and keep up healthy competition with myself. This FitBark allows the furriest member of my family to participate in the fun as well and it has given me much more insight into my dog’s health and activity levels…which leads to her happiness! I think of Reina as a very active dog and she definitely is when I’m around, but this lets me know when she’s sleeping more often or perhaps is less active than normal. I’m then prompted and motivated to take her on a walk or get a new toy out to play with. I love her so much and I, of course want her to be happy & healthy. This little gadget is awesome for that and the journal portion of the app helps me capture the fun times and remember the important stuff. Couldn’t ask for more!

Ari Kern

Fantastic!! Super easy to set up – works flawlessly

I have played with a few different dog fitness trackers including Whistle and Heyrex — Fitbark has been the best by far – setup takes 30 seconds max – the app is very easy to use – battery life is excellent. I love it.


Keep those paws moving

Great set of tools in the app that really give insight into your pet’s activities (or lack there of). Having a lot of fun tracking Murphy’s adventures. This weekend I will match it up with my FitBit … I have a feeling he will put me to shame!


Love it!

Love it! Easily connects to my I-phone! Very good instructions for setting up the app. App connects easily to the FitBark without any cords. My dog Daisy is home by herself most of the day and the FitBark helps me track her activity! I know if she needs a longer walk or played with more to make sure she is active. FitBark website is awesome and easy to navigate. Love the LiveNews and is very informative.


It works just as it says it does, and it’s super easy to use! Smaller than I expected too!

I have two things to say- first, the device and the app does everything it claims to do. I bought it to better understand my Miniature Labradoodle’s activity behavior, especially at daycare when we don’t know what she really does there. It was a snap to set up, and it really works. I find myself taking her for walks more just because I’m now accountable for her activity levels. The app works great, but like all apps, I’m sure it will continue to get better. It even interfaces with FitBit somehow. Second, the device is smaller and lighter than I expected, which is largely my fault because there are plenty of pictures showing it on other dogs, etc.
Bottom line- it works, it’s fun, and it provides me with useful data for my dog and me. I haven’t tried any of the competing products out there, but after having such a great experience with this one, why would I?


Big Fan of Fitbark aka fitbit for dogs

I’m a big fan of Fitbark. It helps keep my dog healthy and is generally a cool thing.

I was lucky enough to acquire a Fitbark by a chance encounter at SXSW this past Spring. I’ve been using it ever since then and have nothing but great things to say.

I’ve found several uses for Fitbark. For one, it helps my dog stay healthy in terms of exercise. In the past there were many times when I would only walk my dog for bathroom breaks, but thanks to Fitbark, I can see how long of a walk I need to take to ensure he gets the amount of energy required. Secondly, I’ve started to notice when Trevor has nighttime activity, which I can then map back to lack of exercise or him eating other types of foods. Finally it helps me monitor Trevor’s separation anxiety. Whenever I leave the house, he’s super active until he settles down. Thanks to Fitbark, I learned that the anxiety got better over time. That’s a great thing to know for any caring dog owner.

The app is pretty slick, it shows you your dog’s activity over days and weeks. All in all it’s a great way to improve your dog’s health.


FitBark – Fabulous!

What a great concept: Fitbit for dogs. The FitBark doggie tracker came nicely packaged and was up and running after charging it.

Putting the tracker on my dog’s collar was super easy. Pairing it with my iPhone via Bluetooth was even easier. After a few minutes, I synced the tracker with my phone and was pleasantly surprised by the FitBark app. Ease of use, aesthetically pleasing design, and a simple setup makes for a great user experience. Well done!

Enrique Griffeenfay

Great buy

Great product, extremely easy to use.. Very excited about this one!

Al Abood Mahmoud

The Awesome FitBit for Furbabies!

I purchased this product looking for a pets equivalent to Fitbit. This is the ultimate. It even integrates with fitbit to see your progress together. Batty, my minpin, was 13 lbs at his last vet visit and so the vet placed him on orders of an additional long walk per day. Therefore I wanted a better way to see how he was doing like I see mine, as well as walking him the long walk every day. I’m more than pleased with this! While the android app is in Beta, it works great on BlackBerry 10 devices as well as android, and the Apple app is impressive too! Kudos and thank you! If you have fitbit and a furbaby, you need to get this for your pup!

Susan Chappel

Very Impressed

I’ve been using the FitBark for over a week now with our 3 year old Maltese. I was very happy to see that it was much smaller than I had expected it to be. It was easy to place on his collar, and he doesn’t mind wearing it at all. The app is very user friendly and helpful for the set up process. It is amazing to be able to monitor your dogs level of activity, and it has influenced us to take longer walks and stay more active. The app makes it easy to set and change your dogs goal for the day, and monitor his progress via Bluetooth connection with your phone. I’ve tried a couple other pet “wearables” and the FitBark is the best I’ve come across so far.

Rachel Moody

FitBark: Accurate, inexpensive and fun for you and your dog!

We’ve had our True Red FitBark for nearly a month now, and it was more than worth the wait…we have a beautiful Australian Shepherd, a year and a half old, and she is nothing but motion! My wife and i have been curious since we got our dog just how much she really did during the day, and we’ve both worn the FitBit Human Activity Monitor for years, so we both had personal baselines. The FitBark has a feature that allows you to compare your human vs. your dogs activity level, and i have to tell you, we have a lot of work to do to keep our numbers up even near hers! The FitBark also shows you on a graph just how busy your dog has been, and when. Very helpful if you are trying to get an older or sedentary dog to move more, or pick up the activity level (and calorie burn) of a dieting dog. The software runs great on my iOS, is very details on both a daily and weekly level, and has gone a week+ before needing recharged. Our Mackenzie has a ton of dog friends, who play pretty rough, and has had no effect on the FitBark, the unit itself is very small and almost weightless, and so far, tough as nails. It has a very novel attachment scheme that allows for almost universal fit on nearly any collar, that stays tight, has not collected dirt and weeds in it, nor been snatched off by a rowdy buddy.
I have already had to contact Customer Service via email to help me get the most out of a feature and they responded quickly and were clear and very helpful, we accomplished my problem in 1 email exchange! Overall, we are very happy with our FitBark, and while it means nothing to our Mackenzie, we can monitor and modify what we need to, to keep her, and us, healthy and happier for a longer time.

Tony Ferretti

Awesome! So much fun to keep track of my…

Awesome! So much fun to keep track of my yorkie while I am at work.

Anita Patel

Device is awesome, app is good and keeps improving

I ordered this as a second FitBark to give as a gift after using my first FitBark nearly two months. This is one of those products that deserves two separate reviews, because there are really two different things: an app and a device. I gave it 5 stars overall because the device has exceeded my expectations. The app is not yet perfect, but I have witnessed constant improvements with every update in my short time as a user. Also noteworthy – the customer service is tremendous. I have emailed a couple of times and always gotten a helpful answer back same day.

The device:
Things I love: it’s smaller and lighter than I thought. It’s very durable. Lola isn’t nice to it (she starts chaos at the dog park), and her best friend is a Macaw (it’s survived several times under the pressure of that beak). Even after 2 months, the FitBark still looks very good. I’m averaging a week + between charges. I appreciate the attachment mechanism, which is designed so that I don’t have to remove it from Lola’s collar to charge the Fitbark, which is very convenient.

The app:
It was easy to get started. The design is unique, intuitive, and I figured out the basics after a few minutes of playing with it. Everything felt natural, although I would have expected a bit of a tutorial in the beginning. They keep adding new features and it seems to load and update quicker than it did last month.

Bottom Line: I’m a non-tech savvy dog lover and I use FitBark literally every day. I can honestly say it has made me a much better dog parent and I highly recommend it. It’s one of those things I didn’t know I needed and now can’t live without.
I’ve attached a photo of the Fitbark on Lola’s collar (you can see it’s pretty small). I’ve also attached a photo of the new fitbark I’m giving as a gift next to the old Fitbark Lola has been wearing for just over 2 months now. It’s worth mentioning, Lola isn’t nice to it. She plays hard with dogs at the dog park and we also have a Macaw at home who I’ve caught chewing on the Fitbark more than once. And after all that, only a few very minor scratches. I’m very impressed.


Loving our FitBarks! Everyone is getting fit with this device 🙂

We’ve had our 55lb SharPei/Pointer mix on for a few months now and have enjoyed it so much I’ve ordered them for my Mom’s and Sister’s dogs. We’ve also convinced friends to get their pooch’s on and are now having friendly competitions with our mutts. We’ve gone through a number of human fitness trackers and generally lost interest but surprisingly having our dog kitted up has kept us active daily making sure she gets out and hits our goals. Even our friend who’s not big on exercising himself it getting out every day and tossing a ball until his dog hits his points. Love that each dog gets point goals based on breeds (primary and secondary), age and weight. Love being able to comment, post pics, likes, etc. on our and our friends profiles. Now that we’re all sharing our pups profiles it’s led to a great group all encouraging (and competing ;)) each other to keep our dogs active. The upshot is that it’s keeping each of us active as well. We’re now doing hikes with our pups and other puppy playdates regularly.

The app is simple and fun to use. Device size makes it suitable for any size dog from toy to Great Dane. Set up was easy, even for my 80yr old MamaBear. Excited to see how our dog compares to other similar dogs when that feature is working.

We now have more than half a dozen family and friends on FitBark and would recommend it to anyone who wants insight into the health and activity of their dogs. As a side benefit it’ll get you more active as well.

Update: We recently had to travel for a couple of days and left our dog at a kennel. It was super insightful to see how much activity she got there. When we told the Kennel owner she was over her daily goal every day she said she’d start recommending them to her other clients. She’s always touted how much playtime and exercise the dogs get there and now she has hard data she can show owners.

Highly recommended.

Robert Durkin
We Love Our FitBarks

Bought two of these via Kickstarter and a third via — ahead of when amazon was selling them. I’ve also got the wifi base station and using all of this via iOS.

First off — for a gen1 solution, I’ve been very impressed with device and how responsive the customer support folks are when working through challenges.

I had some initial setup issues with my home wifi (not related to fitbark) that was causing issues with the wifi base station. Working with their customer support, we figured out the issue .. And it was due to my net gear router .. Not fit bark’s fault.

The customer support team is very helpful with my questions – and has taken a few suggestions for enhancements on the iOS app, the wifi base station, and device itself.

Have not had any issues with the devices failing and I’m getting about a week between battery charges.

This is a great way to monitor the health and activity levels of your dogs — and encourages you to spend more time with your pups!

Too Many Labs

FitBark works!! Moose loves it!!

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and couldn’t be happier!! After unpacking the FitBark and attaching it to Moose a few days ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought this, but am I glad I did!! When it arrived, I thought it might be complicated to set up and then found out that I couldn’t have been more wrong. To my surprise, the setup was effortless. I played tug of war with Moose with one hand and was able to set the FitBark up with my other. The rubber band they ship with the device snapped around Moose’s collar nice and snug. Moose even went for a swim yesterday and I can vouch, it is waterproof. He always gets great exercise but now I’m actually going to be able to chart it and compare against other dogs. Hopefully this inspires me to take a run with Moose so I can boost his step count. Thanks FitBark!


Love the app, love the Fitbark!

Absolutely in love with this app and device! The app is so user friendly and so easy to link to the Fitbark. I love monitoring my dog’s activity and rest levels.


Changed Pippie’s life

I’ve been waiting a long time for a product like this and I have looked at and tried others but none did exactly what I wanted them to do. I have a 14 yr old jack russle with terrible problems in her back joints and arthritis and I travel a lot for work. With fitbark, I can not only keep any eye on how active she is, and if my dog walker is walking her as much as he’s supposed to be, but I can also tell if she has had her medication that day. If she hasn’t her activity levels are way down and her rest is way up. Last week I even got an alert that “Pippie is resting more than normal, is she ok?” She had already had her medication that day so, I made an appointment with our Vet and showed her the Fitbark app and Pippie’s play and rest times. First, my Vet asked where he could get one and I also showed him how I could share Pippie’s information with him to help keep an eye on her. He adjusted her medication and my girl is back up to her normal playful self. Pippie loves Fitbark, thank you!!!

John B

Loving our FitBarks!

What an amazing and interactive way to keep dibs on my dogs while I am away! LOVING this device!! Cannot wait to see it continue to evolve.


Innovative Product, Simple to Use

This is certainly dog data tracking done right. The device is simple to use and super small. The app is simple to use and rich with features and data. The base station is simple to setup and does all the work for you. I really love how this is helping me to measure my pups activity level during times where I am trusting others with his care and when he is alone.


Amazing tool.

The applications and uses for this tool are limitless! The set up and installation couldn’t be simpler. I recommend all my dog training clients get one of these because of how easy it is to monitor the activity of your dog when he is with you or away. If your dog has separation anxiety you can tell when and for how long he is acting out from his anxiety. If your dog is overweight or under stimulated you can monitor and control just how much activity he is getting each day. It’s amazing, buy one now!

David King, dog trainer

Dog Trainer’s New Favorite Toy

I’ve just completed set-up for my second FitBark, and just as I was with my first FitBark, I’m excited at all the fun to be had with this activity monitor.
First the basics: The app is easily my favorite part! The set-up is quick and easy. The interface is stellar, and I’ve yet to encounter any glitches. As a dog trainer, I make sure that my dogs get plenty of exercise, but this device and the accompanying phone app make it more fun and quantifies everything into numerical data, which is great. The best application i have found for my own dogs though, are the times when I am away and have to leave them in the care of someone else. I can monitor their activity and pair their FitBark devices with the dog sitter’s mobile device so that the individual can reference how much activity I expect from them in a clear way, without confusion or uncertainty. Furthermore, I’ve convinced a few clients to order these so that I can monitor their dogs to determine if they are doing the necessary amount of work needed to properly condition in obedience commands the way they are instructed to do so between lessons with me. The FitBark quantifies everything for them to help give a tangible goal to improve/maintain not only the physical health of their dog, but the dog’s mental health through training exercises. My clients tell me that FitBark helps keep them on track and I can see it for myself. My girlfriend loves my FitBark monitors too, as they allow her to see how much activity our dogs get by virtue of my full-time employment as an independent trainer. Of course, she teases me when “her” dog, ‘Chivo’, gets more points than “my” dog, ‘Jarvis’. All in all, the applications for a FitBark are endless and I can’t wait to see what other things people think of that I haven’t yet!


Lost In The South

Great way to monitor my dog’s activity!

I swear, Xavi must be one of the most fit dogs! Her activity level is always over the goal and she’s always happy to go more! Love it!


Incredibly tiny and elegant!!!

My pup has no idea she’s wearing a fitbark and the mobile app is just perfect to understand what she’s up to. Happy mom here.

NY Dog Lover

Loving the FitBark!

So much fun to watch the dogs progress from work throughout the day! I am obsessed with tracking my steps…I’m having so much fun tracking my dogs now, too.


Love Fitbark!

I love my Fitbark! Finally I have a way to track my activity and remind my owner to take me on walks. He is obsessed with his Fitbit so now we have something else in common – like eating and pooping and…


Great concept

Picture FitBit or Nike FuelBand but for your dog.

Marc Elias

So awesome!

I love being able to see how my baby’s doing and it’s motivated me to be more active.


Love this app!!!

Great design and gives so much insight into my puppy’s activity.


I think the activity devices like FitBark are going to be incredibly important for pet owners on a number of levels to ensure that their pets get adequate exercise and that they themselves are, too.

Rebecca Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN, FNAP
Director of Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction / University of Missouri