If you’re thinking of ways to protect yourself or your family, it’s essential that you not only have a method for defense, but you also have a way to ward off your attacker entirely. While alarm systems are beneficial for your house, they’re not helpful once you leave. 

Pepper spray might delay an attacker, but it won’t stop a gun. Keychain alarms might alert people that something is wrong, but they won’t keep an assailant from trying to harm you. What is the only thing that can defend you, protect you, and go on the offense when needed? 

A trained protection dog. Let’s look a little closer at the benefits that come from these heroic K9s.

They Will Alert You to Trouble

Better than loud alarm systems, trained protection dogs will be the first to alert you to trouble. Whether you’re in the park, at the mall, or sleeping in your bed, a trained protection dog is on the alert. 

They are ready to defend you at the slightest sign of anything abnormal or threatening. If they see a strange man approaching you, they’ll let you know. If they hear a strange sound in the middle of the night, they’ll make sure you wake up. 

And while they let you know about incoming trouble, they’ll also be prepared to meet the danger head-on. Not only do you get an early warning system in your protection dog, but you get an immediate response team, as well.

They Will Protect Your Family

Trained protection dogs are always on the alert. They love your family and consider themselves to be part of your “pack.” As such, they will continuously watch for anything that might attack you or any member of your family. 

Protection dogs are incredibly loyal and easily distinguish between friends and strangers. If it comes down to it, they will put their lives on the line to keep you and your loved ones safe. Your protection always comes first in the mind of a protection dog.

These dogs are trained to guard and defend unless you command them to attack. They will appear threatening to any person who is seen as a threat to your family, but they will not attack unless you give the command. 

Once given the attack word, however, these dogs will take down an assailant and hold them until authorities arrive at the scene. If you want a security guard that will neutralize assailants until help arrives, you want a protection dog.

They Travel Well

If you enjoy taking your family on vacation or you must travel for business, a trained protection dog can easily be taken along. They are very versatile and are as happy as the next pup to go on a road trip with their best friend. 

Traveling will do nothing to dull their keen sense of awareness and may even heighten their ability to stay alert and on guard. Traveling also provides opportunities to keep your protection dog sharpened by practicing some of the “protect” and “guard” commands when in new and unfamiliar places. 

Unlike a home alarm system, you don’t have to leave your protection dog behind.

They Will Take Down an Intruder

Protection dogs are trained in the full scope of defense, from warning you to displaying aggression to attacking. They will not attack without a command, but if commanded, they will not stop until told to do so. 

If needed:

They will take down an intruder and hold them until help can arrive. Protection dogs are trained in the art of eliminating threats, and they can do so with stunning swiftness. 

Thanks to their size, athleticism, and sharp intellect, protection dogs often have the advantage of surprise against an attacker. They will use their sheer speed and size to knock down an intruder and will do whatever necessary to protect you and keep your family safe.

They Make Great Companions

Protection dogs make excellent family companions. They’re not only guard dogs, but loving, loyal, and playful members of the family. Many are loving around children and other pets. 

They enjoy trips to the park or wrestling in your living room as much as the next dog. Protection dogs consider themselves to be part of your “pack” and as such, will never leave your side.

Is a Protection Dog Right for You?

Protection dogs are highly trained animals. They are loyal, loving, and make wonderful family companions. They’ll protect you and your family and put themselves in harm’s way if it means keeping you and your loved ones safe. 

These dogs will not only warn you about a threat but can neutralize a threatening person before they have a chance to attack. They are the complete home security package. Now that you know about the benefits of owning one of these incredible animals, it’s time to decide. 

Is a protection dog right for you?