Spring is here! Who would have thought that it would come so fast after such a harsh winter? Well, we know that during winter time it is harder to exercise with your dog in a park. It's cold, there's snow and all you want is to be on the couch with a mug of mulled wine.

But, spring is the perfect occasion to go back to your routine for the warm seasons. Has your dog become more agitated and has destructive behavior like tearing shoes apart?

It is time to go out and teach him some exercises. And, the good thing is that you can do exercises along with him. This activity has lots of benefits on your health and well-being and on your dog’s health. So, let’s see the top seven exercises to do when you take a spring break.


Of course, the most obvious one is running with your dog. Both you and he will benefit from these exercises. You both train your muscles, but be careful, your physical condition might be down after a hard winter. So, give both of you some time to accommodate and to rest.

Standing and Sitting

You must teach your dog the commands of up and down. Use some treats to teach him. After that, you can exercise with him. You can do some squats along with him.

Set a target and start training to accomplish your goal. It is like an essay shark. It seems difficult until you start it.

Stand and Move

The next exercise is more for your training. Your dog can sit down, and you can stand still and then begin to pivot. Between the moves, you can do a squat and give your dog a treat because he stays calm.

Fix Your Feet on the Ground

With your feet fixed on the ground, balance your body weight on the left foot, and then on the right. You can then squat to give your dog a treat.

Or, you can give the commands of up and down while you are doing the exercise and after that giving the treat.

One Foot on the Ground

This exercise will be done for each foot separately. So, keep your right foot on the ground and then take your left leg back while you lean to give your dog a treat. This exercise must be repeated, but with the other foot on the ground.


You might think that is the same activity as running. But, this is an exercise which includes jogging.

So, while your dog is waiting on the ground for a treat, you can jog on the spot and after every 10 seconds, you can do a squat and give your dog a treat.


This exercise is as accessible as an easy essay is to write. So, it is important that your dog listens to you and does not get distracted while you exercise.

That’s why it is so important to wait for you to finish the exercises to give them a treat. So, this exercise is about jumping. While you jump, bring one of your feet in front.

And at the next jump, bring the other one to the front. While you jump, raise your hands. After about five jumps, drop down for a squat. Your dog needs to "stay" this entire time and if they don't, they won't get a treat.


There are a lot of exercises to do with your dog. Spring is here so you both must take advantage of the warm and pleasant weather.

You can change a little bit the exercises to be more difficult or easier. It is important to get used to your spring routine and it is more important to go out with your dog, whether it is for running, exercising or just walking.