Whether you anticipated it or not, your dog is probably bursting with energy all the time, and it can certainly be difficult to keep up with! Dogs need at least 2 hours of daily exercise to stay happy and healthy, and the same is true for human beings. However, you might have a jam-packed schedule that prevents you from getting out with your furry friend as much as you'd like to. Here are some simple hacks for staying active with your perky pup even when you feel swamped with other tasks.

Visit Your Local Dog Park

Dogs are particularly prone to bursts of activity around their own kind – thus, the dog park is a fantastic setting for socializing your pet while getting outdoors to move around. It's always important to keep a watchful eye, but at most dog parks you can usually sit back and relax while letting your dog roam free off leash. He or she is bound to stay entertained while becoming acquainted with other pups in the safely gated area. The dog park can be a perfect place to stop on your way home from running errands, and taking a friend with you is a great strategy for motivation in moments when you'd prefer to go home and crash.

If your neighborhood doesn't have a dog park, consider petitioning to create one! Chances are, other dog owners will thank you for taking the initiative and will join in to support your efforts.

Boost Your Own Energy Reserves

You will likely have a hard time matching your dog's enthusiasm if you are feeling tired yourself. A proper diet and a good night's sleep are essential priorities for both of you. Make sure your dog has a comfortable place to sleep that doesn't interrupt your own sweet dreams. See to it that he or she is getting the right protein and vitamins from the dog food that you buy. Then be sure to give yourself the same loving attention, and add any needed supplements to your diet, like what is thrive, to enhance your endurance throughout the week. It will be much easier and more enjoyable to go out and play fetch if you have what you need to stay alert!

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are capable of learning new tricks at many different ages. With the right approach and commitment, you and your loyal sidekick can work to develop all kinds of fun maneuvers to impress your pals with. Try novel tricks like playing dead, standing on hind legs, and shaking hands. These training activities will stimulate your dog's mental and physical capacities – along with emotional rewards from the treats you use – giving both of you a well-rounded afternoon of fun.

Find a Local Running Trail

If you are a fan of fitness and enjoy longer excursions for your own health, search for nearby trails that you can frequent with your dog alongside you. Did you know that the release of endorphins during movement actually stabilizes joints and can prevent arthritis for both you and your dog? Jogging, walking, and hiking are all wonderful methods for exerting energy with your canine companion. The fresh air and sunshine are simply added benefits! Additionally, these more intensive outings can make up for lost time during the week. Even if you can only get out for rigorous exercise on the weekends, let your dog's vitality inspire you to make the most of it.

Play Catch in the Backyard

When all else fails, do everything you can at home to keep your dog engaged and amused. On snow days, for example, it may not be feasible whatsoever to drive somewhere together; in that case, just bundle up for a brief walk or try using various toys to make your yard space seem more enticing. Of course, there's no shame in recruiting someone outside your household to take your dog out for an adventure! Even a short sprint will promote your dog's metabolism to self-regulate, leading to weight management, depression prevention, and truly satisfying naps.

It's safe to say that you care deeply about your dog – or dogs – and want to do what's best for them. You may go through phases in which it's tricky to prioritize daily work outs, and that's okay. By focusing on incremental successes and small endeavors, you will start to build determination and form concrete habits. Seeing your dog flourish will definitely incentivize you to keep exploring with him or her as much as you possibly can.