Traditionally, hiking was perceived to be for humans alone while dogs only served the purpose of protecting you against wild threats. But today, things have completely transformed as dogs too can now go for hiking, not to protect you, but to explore the great outdoors to interact with nature and become physically active by exercising unconditionally. 

In addition to that, hiking with your dog increases the bond between you and your pup making your relationship even stronger. 

But, with immense benefits surrounding the idea of backpacking with your canine friend, carrying everything by yourself might seem to be overwhelming at some point. Due to this reason, backpacks for dogs have been trending as they provide a way by which you can shoulder the bulk together (with your pup). 

Additionally, these backpacks for dogs offer additional benefits especially to active breeds as they help to lower the high tempo making these dogs gentle and more focused. 

So, if you’re a hiking enthusiast and you’re thinking of taking your pup with you during the next expedition, here are some reasons that might inspire you to consider a backpack for your canine friend.

First Off, Should Your Dog Even Go Hiking?

Before you even shop for a backpack, this is the first question you need to ask yourself. How fit is your dog? Is it a puppy or an adolescent dog that’s too fragile to endure long strenuous hikes? You see, puppies have weak bones that are yet to fully develop. Their bodies are also not efficient enough to regulate body temperature by their own meaning they can’t stand the high temperatures in the wild.

Older dogs, on the other hand, have lower stamina and strength as compared to those at the prime of their lives. So, hiking with such dogs can expose them to arthritis or painful joints which can ruin your adventure. 

Finally, Brachycephalic breeds or rather short-nosed breeds (such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boxers) have narrow nasal passageways that can expose them to respiratory problems due to extensive exhaustion and heatstroke following prolonged walks. 

So, if you have any of these dogs or maybe if you’re unsure of your dog’s characteristics on what to expect during and after a hike, it’s wise to consult your local veterinary for advice regarding your dog’s breed, physical performance, and medical history.

With that said, let’s now get to our main topic on why it’s important to buy a backpack for your canine friend.

Builds Your Dog’s Stamina

Running on the treadmill is one way of exercising. But, if you’re looking to build up muscles and endurance, you have to go further than this. A muscular body not only makes you healthy, but it also boosts your physical appearance. 

Just like humans, your pup too needs to build up stamina and muscle strength for it to increase endurance. A backpack for a dog is one route you can use to achieve this as it gives your dog the best cardio workout it needs to build up muscle strength.

Carrying the Bag Gives Her Some Job

Another reason as mentioned by this article on backpack for dogs, is that your dog needs some job to keep her occupied. Dogs are very clever and intelligent animals. They love it when they’re involved in daily homecare activities and, believe it or not, they too enjoy helping out. 

Now, taking this to your advantage, a backpack for dogs provides a perfect way by which they can work as you only need to strap the backpack around their bodies tightly then add some stuff in the pockets. If you didn’t know, dogs usually get bored very fast. 

When they’re in that state of boredom, they usually misbehave by barking, chewing, and ripping things apart. Certain dog breeds even develop obsession and anxiety which can be very dangerous especially if it’s an adolescent.But, with a backpack on, your dog will be more gentle, calm, and happy.

They’re More Focused

When your dog is carrying a backpack on her back, she’ll feel more focused and enthusiastic. This means that she’ll be less excited while in the middle of people and other pets (in case of group hikes). This way, your dog will maintain discipline and cutesy and she’ll be easy to control and contain.

She’ll Carry All Her Stuff in Her Backpack

Although some people may see it as a punishment, packing all your dog’s staff in her backpack and letting her carry it will not only increase her endurance but will also help to avoid misplacements as everything is packed in one spot. 

Additionally, your dog’s staff will be few and lightweight so your pup will not be carrying a heavy load afterall. Also, depending on the nature, breed and medical history of your dog, you can opt to take food, water, and, rest breaks between your hike to avoid exhausting your dog.

Now, some of the hiking gear checklists you’ll be expected to pack for your canine friend are as follows;

  • Dog food and some snacks
  • Water and a water bowl
  • First aid supplies for her
  • Poop bags
  • Extra leash
  • A towel
  • Dog brush for grooming

Makes it Easier to Locate Your Pup

A lot of uncertainties and unforeseen events can happen while in the wild. One, your dog can get lost in the woods or she can be around but you’re unable to locate her. To avoid any uncertainties, a backpack with reflective strips can really help as it makes it easier to keep an eye on your adventurous dog. 

Additionally, a backpack can provide some space to fit a GPS which again can make it very easy for you to locate the dog in case it gets lost in the woods.

Your Dog Can go For More Tours

Since your dog is able to carry all her stuff by herself, it makes it easier for you to take her with you as she has proven to be more of an asset. So, even when you’re feeling weak or quite tired, you can always add some of your staff to her backpack to help you through.


Now that you’re aware of the benefits of wrapping a backpack around your dog’s body, I believe you’re now ready to plan on where you’ll be going for a hike. One thing though, before you make your final decision, always remember to research the best backpacks for dogs to find the right fit that has the right features for you.