If you’re considering some extra home security upgrades, you have several options at your disposal. One of the most common home security measures is the installation of a new alarm system. Alarm systems are incredibly useful, but many people prefer to add a guard dog for the most comprehensive security plan. 

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a guard dog, you probably have a lot of questions. What is a guard dog? Why get one? How could a guard dog compare to an alarm system? These are all great questions, and here, we’ll be addressing all of them so you can get a better idea if this guard dog is right for you. 

So without further ado, let’s get into this comparison! Read on to learn everything you need to know about guard dogs and how owning one compares to having an alarm system

What is an Alarm System?

An alarm system is usually made up of a control unit and an array of door and window sensors. Alarm systems are armed through the control unit. Once the system is armed, it’ll alert you if any of those sensors are tripped.

In other words, when the alarm system is active, it’ll go off when anything crosses the boundaries of your home. This is one of the many great ways to increase your home security.

What is a Protection Dog?

To start, we should get our definitions straight. A guard dog is a type of protection dog. Protection dogs are service animals that are trained to protect their owners and calmly asses potentially dangerous situations. 

Certain breeds take to this naturally and make fantastic protection dogs. 

Some protection dogs, such as watchdogs, are trained to simply alert their owner in the case of an intruder. Guard dogs, on the other hand, are trained to attack the intruder if the situation calls for it and keep the intruders at bay until police can arrive on the scene. 

Guard Dog vs Alarm System

You might have already realized the biggest advantage of owning a guard dog. Unlike an alarm system, a guard dog won’t just warn you of an intruder. They can actually protect you from the intruder.

Furthermore, guard dogs are often more effective than alarm systems when it comes to warning you of an intruder. While an alarm system warns you of an intruder when they enter your home, a guard dog will warn you well before the intruder gets inside. 

Alarm System Advantages

Alarm systems are a great home security investment to make. By using door and window sensors, an armed alarm system will alert you if anything or anyone crosses those boundaries. 

When those sensors are triggered, the alarm system will emit a loud warning noise. 

  • Loud enough to alert you and your neighbors of a present threat.
  • Warns you when an intruder enters your home.
  • Usually very reliable.

Guard Dog Advantages

While an alarm system can be very beneficial, you’ll find that guard dogs come with a lot of the same benefits and then some.

While an alarm system will warn you once an intruder has entered your home, a guard dog will warn you before they’ve managed to get inside. Furthermore, a guard dog’s warning bark is loud enough to wake you in the event of a break-in. 

Most importantly, unlike an alarm system, a guard dog is trained to protect you. In the event of a home intruder, your guard dog will keep them at bay until the authorities arrive. 

  • Loud enough to alert you in the case of a break-in.
  • Will likely warn you of an intruder before they manage to enter your home.
  • Extremely reliable.
  • Will attack an intruder if the situation calls for it. 
  • Excellent Companions

Which is Better for Home Security?

On paper, a guard dog is the better home security option. They can alert you of danger from greater distances, and they can protect you from a present threat. However, this won’t always be the case. Guard dogs aren’t for everyone.

Guard dogs require a certain level of investment. After all, an effective guard dog needs to be well trained. If you aren't investing money into a professional trainer, you’ll be investing your own time to train the dog yourself. 

If you don’t have the time or the money needed to train a guard dog, an alarm system is going to be your best option for home security. While they might not be as effective as a guard dog, alarm systems are still a great home security investment to make. It’s better to have some security measures in place than none at all. 

Family Protection: Guard Dogs and Alarm Systems

Both guard dogs and alarm systems are home security investment worth making. If both options are available to you, you’ll probably benefit the most from a guard dog. Because these animals can physically protect you, they offer a level of security that an alarm system just can’t.

Plus, a guard dog isn’t just a home security investment. It’s a brand new member of your family! Guard dogs typically make excellent companions. 

If a guard dog isn’t an option due to monetary or time restrictions, an alarm system is a great alternative! While they aren’t as effective as a guard dog, they’ll still significantly improve your home security and give you peace of mind.