Ever misplaced your FitBark? Did an evil cat get it off Fido’s collar and now it’s lost somewhere in the backyard?

A few apps are coming to the rescue. One of the most interesting we’ve come across is FindMyBlue ($1.99).

From the App Store:

FindMyBlue designed to help locate missing Bluetooth LE (low energy) devices, such as the Fitbit, Jawbone, PhoneHalo and others. This app will approximate the distance and emits an audible ‘ping’ sound as you get closer and farther from the device.

Devices must be Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy! It will NOT find ‘classic’ 4.0 or older devices (most headsets). It will also NOT be able to effectively track ‘secure’ devices that randomize their address. They can be displayed, but, each ‘ping’ will display as a new device.

Your device needs to have power and be within range (typically 30 feet).

Here’s a snapshot of the app:

FitBark_FindMyBlue_01 | A helpful tip to locate a missing FitBark


Thanks for Dale Graham of llamarada.com for the nice tip! Neither Dale nor FitBark have any affiliation with the makers of these tracking apps. We just found them extremely useful and thought you might as well.