Hiking is a lengthy walk people usually take along trails of footpaths in countrysides or hillsides. This activity is a form of exercise, and thus, it has a lot of health benefits that boost general well-being.

It will help if people go hiking in order to gain these health benefits. Some of these include building muscles, lowering the risk of developing heart diseases, and improving blood pressure.

One of the joys of hiking comes with going with an agile furry partner. Dogs are said to be man's best companions, and this also applies to hiking. By hiking, you're giving your shaggy dog its daily dose of exercise while also doing yours, making it a fun duo activity. 

Although not every dog breed would enjoy the high active exercise that is hiking, here are seven dog breeds that are perfect for being your hiking partners.

The Siberian Huskies

The Siberian Huskies is a wolf-like dog that originates from Russia. Belonging to the spitz genetics family, its body has a lot of furs, making it resistant to harsh cold conditions. This made it the go-to dog for pushing sleds and carts through the onerous Russian climates. 

It's known to be a temperamental dog breed that loves active exercises. They might get agitated and anxious without partaking in action-packed and high-energy activities such as hiking places like the Everest north col.

Their love for wildlife makes them a great partner for going hiking. It's already well within their domain, so be rest assured that your Siberian husky would be giddy to join you in hiking.

The Australian Shepherds

Known for their adventurous personality, Australian Shepherds make quite the energetic companion when it comes to hiking. This fact is because of their affectionate yet protective temperament. With an Australian Shepherd, not only would you have a fun hiking partner, but you're also sure to be guarded in the case of danger, thanks to their strong instincts. 

Another plus to going hiking with an Australian Shepherd is that they're very loyal and protective. When their defense instincts kick in, they tend to bark loudly, and they won't stop till you're alerted and command them to. 

Hiking can sometimes be dangerous, so it's an excellent choice to take your Australian Shepherd as your security measure. Not only would you feel safe, but they'd also love you more for giving them something fun and adventurous.

A man hiking with a dog

Australian Cattle Dog

Athletic in nature, the Australian Cattle Dog gets their fierce personality from its roots in herding cattle. Due to their heritage in the farming environment, they're used to high capacity workloads compared to other breeds. This makes them very agile and hence, an excellent breed to go hiking with because they'll be sure to enjoy every minute of the outdoorsy life.


From the origins of Hungary, Vizslas are famous for being hunting dogs, with its name meaning "tracker" or "searcher" in Hungarian. They are sporting dogs that make excellent companions in general due to their affectionate and friendly personality. A Vizsla is another highly energetic dog. Hence, you can perform multiple activities with it, such as playing fetch with it or going for high-intensity exercises such as hiking. 

They're the perfect furry partners for hiking in the summer as they have a high resistance to sun and hot weather. Another hunting dog very similar to Vizsla is the Weimaraner. Both breeds have about the same personality. The only apparent difference between them is their size, with Weimaraner being slightly larger.

The German Shorthaired Pointer

With the zeal to partake and enjoyment of strenuous activities, it's no surprise the German Shorthaired Pointer made it to this list. With their history also rooted as a hunting breed initially, the german shorthaired pointer still retains that energy despite their hunting days being over.

They make a great partner for hiking as their love for strenuous activities means you can take them through high-intensity exercises and even enjoy them. They're perfect for hiking in any climate, which makes them a good partner. Not only do they have a solid and long threshold for high-energy activities, but they're also social and very friendly to people besides their owners.

Bernese Mountain Dog

As the name implies, this is a mountain dog that has its roots in the Roman mastiffs. Their energy level isn't as high as the others on this list, but their large size compensates for it and makes them fantastic partners for hiking. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

With its origins in Africa, this hunting dog is associated with vigorous activities that have made their tolerance for exercises very high.

With this dog breed, you'll not only have good company and partner, but you'll also have good competition. Make your hiking experience even more by challenging them to a run. Overall, you'll both be sure to have a good time.

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The Bottom Line

Dogs are beautiful creatures that have become trusty companions. That said, this article has helped to highlight the seven best dog breeds for hiking. Having your four-legged companion as a hiking partner can make hiking expedition much more fun.