Exercise is more fun with a partner, and there’s no better buddy to stay fit with than your dog. Your four-legged friend is full of energy to burn and will always keep you motivated. Not sure what to do? Here are a few fun ways to exercise with your dog.

Go for a Hike

Hiking is a great way to explore nature. Different parks offer different types (and difficulty levels) of trails, including paved and dirt. If you’re just starting, find an easy path and go a short distance. As you and your dog build up your endurance, you can increase the difficulty level and hike for longer.

Swim a Few Laps

Swimming provides an excellent full-body workout. Park and gym pools, however, frown upon dogs jumping in. If you want to swim with your dog, why not have a pool built in your own backyard. Searching pool builders near me can help you find contractors to help you create the perfect swimming hole that meets all of your needs.

Take a Bike Ride

If your dog loves to run and you don’t know if you’ll be able to keep up with him on foot, hop on your bike and let him run beside you. If he’s likely to run off to chase an animal (or another biker), consider investing in an attachment that connects his leash to your bike frame. If he yanks suddenly, the device will absorb most of the impact, keeping your both safe.  

Paddle Out

If you prefer being out on the open water, consider taking your dog out paddleboarding. He can ride on the nose (and practice his balance skills) while you do the paddling. Start close to shore on a calm day to help your dog develop his sea legs. You also get to practice keeping your balance with a rider on the nose.

Before you head out into deeper waters, outfit your dog with a lifejacket. Whether you take a spill or he decides to go for a swim, you know he’ll be safe. If he does enjoy swimming, bring some floating toys. You can play fetch for a while before loading him on the board again and heading back to shore.

Practice Yoga

Yoga with your dog improves your health and your mental health. It also helps to strengthen your bond. A special type of dog yoga (called doga), combines yoga poses with massages. During doga, you help your dog perfect his yoga poses and he acts as a prop for some of yours.   

Massaging your dog during doga is beneficial in a few ways. Massages help to alleviate tension. They improve the bond you two share. You have the opportunity to check his body over for anything unusual, such as lumps, bumps, cuts, and matted fur. These massages act as a routine health check, enabling you to catch issues before they become serious.

Staying motivated to work out is difficult when you have no one to hold you accountable. With your dog, however, you’ll always have someone ready to remind you it’s time to get to it.