Dogs are very social animals, and many of them enjoy playing and interacting with their humans on a regular basis. Maybe you are tired of simply walking your dog, and want to play games with them, too, but you're not sure what would be a good idea. Always keep your dog's breed and temperament in mind, and avoid playing any sort of game or interacting with them in a way they don't appreciate. You want this to be a fun time for both parties, and to build a deeper bond with your canine. Take a look at these ideas, and customize them if you need to so the two of you can have many hours of fun together.

Have A Game Of Catch

Many dogs love to play catch with their humans. A tennis ball is usually best for this, but you can use whatever type of ball your dog likes. Start by throwing small and see how well they can track the ball. If your dog prefers to play like a pro, custom baseball gloves might be something you want to invest in. This can be a good way to tucker your dog out, and it's especially useful if they've been stuck in the house all day and need some kind of outlet.

Plan A Trip To The Dog Park

Dogs can be like children, and if you teach your dog to look forward to going off-leash at the dog park, they will look forward to it just as much as kids like going to a playground. Check out your local dog park and see what types of opportunities they offer for doggie playtime. Some might have specific areas for puppies or smaller dogs, so make sure to look at those first, and always pay attention to how your dog interacts when around others. You want your trips to the dog park to be fun and safe for everyone. Alternatively, you could always plan a trip to some of the best-rated dog parks in the country, too.

Teach Your Dog Tricks

Some dog breeds thrive when they are given a job to do, and respond well to learning new tricks. If this sounds like your dog, begin by teaching them tricks and commands. Start out slow and with basic commands that you'll both find useful, such as sit and stay. Eventually, you can teach them fun tricks like play dead or roll over. Always reward with lots of praise and give your dog time to pick up on these new commands.

Go Hiking Together

Almost all dogs relish the opportunity to go hiking, even those that are typically couch potatoes. That's because a hiking trip presents them with new smells, sights, and things to do. Make sure you pick a trail that is dog-friendly and bring plenty of baggies for when your best friend goes to the bathroom. A dish and water are also necessary to matter what the season since your furry friend will likely get thirsty along the way or at the end of a long trail.

There are several different ways you can have fun and interact with your pooch if you're looking for new ways to play together. Try having a game of catch to help your dog burn off excess energy. If you're up for something new, take them to a dog park where they can meet other dogs and play off-leash. Perhaps your dog would enjoy learning tricks and commands; this can be enjoyable as long as you start off slow and progress gradually. Finally, if none of the above sound good, take your dog for a hike at a dog-friendly park near you. This is a good way to discover new sights and smells and can be a fun experience for both of you. Remember to take plenty of water and breaks along the way as your dog needs them.