At present approximately 8% of Americans are following a keto diet according to the International Food Information Council. While some people follow the diet for only a short period of time to lose weight, others have successfully adopted it as a long-term way of life. Considering that the keto diet is so popular, it should probably come as no surprise that an increasing number of dog owners who follow the diet themselves are eager to have their canine companions join their lifestyle. Although it is important that a dog owner conducts proper research before changing their dog’s food, a keto diet can, with special effort, benefit a man’s best friend in many ways.

What Does a Keto Diet Entail?

If your dog was a good hunter and living off the land they would basically be following a keto diet thanks to the carb-to-fat ratio of the food consumed. If you want to put your dog on a keto diet at home, however, there are a few things you will have to remember. Aim for a diet that consists of 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs. A canine keto food pyramid will feature a base consisting of fresh muscle and organ meat, then healthy oils and eggs, followed by leafy green veg and carrots, and finally some nuts and berries. If these basic guidelines are followed the advantages of a keto diet will soon become apparent.

Energy Levels May be Boosted

One of the biggest benefits of a keto diet is the fact that it produces sustained energy levels free of any spikes and crashes. As a result of this, your dog will not experience bouts of lethargy as they would have when consuming a carb-rich diet. As keto food is typically also of a very high quality you may also find that your dog’s general health and well-being also improve considerably. If you are still in the process of trying to get your family to buy into the idea of a ketogenic lifestyle, you can slowly start introducing keto-friendly meals to your entire household, including your dog. Replace sugary human snacks with keto-friendly ones and get your dog accustomed to eating grain-free raw foods that include good quality meat and green vegetables.

Keto May Help Prevent Cancer

Various studies have found that a ketogenic diet may be effective in not only treating cancer in humans but preventing it as well. According to KetoPet, a nonprofit organization that assists dogs with cancer that would otherwise be put to sleep, a keto diet can be of benefit to canines as well. They put a number of dogs on a keto diet while also providing them with advanced cancer treatment. The dogs were carefully monitored to make sure they remained in ketosis. Although the cancer in the dogs was not cured, more than 50% of the dogs exceeded their expected life expectancy by months if not years.

The keto diet continues to be popular among Americans wanting to lose weight and live a healthier life. Now, many dog owners are putting their dogs on a similar diet to boost their energy, help prevent cancer, and improve their overall well-being.