It is tempting to feed our dogs leftovers or scraps on our plates as a treat for being good. While the odd morsel of cooked chicken won’t do any harm to your pet’s health, there are some foods that we eat on a daily basis which are best left on our plates!

According to a survey conducted by Webbox, 4.3 million dog owners in the UK feed their pets human food which can be potentially toxic to our furry friends. These foods, if eaten, can cause symptoms such as upset stomachs, diarrhea and vomiting and can also lead to much more serious conditions such as seizures or even fatality.

One human food which is commonly fed to dogs as a treat is chocolate. The sugary snack which is great for satiating our sweet tooth, is highly toxic if fed to dogs. Around 1.4 million dog owners have admitted to feeding their pet chocolate, which contains the toxic-to-animals compound theobromine. The compound can trigger vomiting, diarrhea and seizures in dogs and in more severe cases, it can be fatal.

Another treat that is frequently fed to dogs is ice cream. It’s a little known fact that most canines are lactose intolerant, so feeding them dairy products can cause digestive upset which isn’t fun for your pet! The main concern with ice cream is the high sugar and fat content, which isn’t ideal for your animal that requires a balanced, healthy diet in order to lead a happy life.

A morning coffee or cup of tea can prepare us for the day ahead, but if given to your dog, it can leave them barking for the wrong reasons. Caffeine is toxic if fed to our pets and can cause digestive upset and a trip to the vets! So, if your pet enjoys a morning cup of coffee just as much as you do, be sure to remove the stimulant from their diet completely.

If you want to see what foods what canines can eat, Purrfect Treat or Barking Mad? is an online quiz designed to test your knowledge! Why not take the quiz and share your results with your friends?

If you do suspect your dog to be ill as a result of eating toxic foods, please visit a vet immediately.