Many of you will be familiar with the stress of taking your dog to the vet’s office. This infographic from GAP takes you through how to take some of the stress away from a trip to the vets. The problem doesn’t just start in the vet’s office either as nearly 40% of dogs know they are going to the vet in the car. Many dogs don’t like being in the car either so dog owners have to deal with two issues at once. Next up is, of course, the waiting room and often there will be other dogs waiting to be seen, bringing extra stress on your dog. Eventually, you make it to the vet’s room, where your dog is restrained for a physical exam. It isn’t hard to understand why our dogs are stressed, after all, we don’t like going to the doctors, do we?!

There are things you can do to make some of this a bit easier for your pet. For example, try going to the vet’s office at a quieter time if possible. The waiting room will be less busy and your dog will be seen more quickly. Find out some more tips in the infographic below.


Making-Trips-to-the-Vets-Easier-Infographic | How to Make Trips to The Vet Easier


About the Author

Tom Clarke is Marketing Manager at a not for profit organisation called Greyhounds As Pets, which focuses on the adoption and fostering of retired greyhounds into loving homes. He is an animal lover and loves to create content about all animals.