FitBark is a data-driven pet tech company focused on motivating dogs and their owners to get active and stay healthy together. We build collar sensors and software infrastructure that helps humans in 140+ countries to take control of their pet’s location, activity, quality of sleep, calorie expenditure, and overall health and behavior. FitBark is also a research-grade platform adopted by 100+ vet schools and research institutions to validate new drugs, foods, procedures and medical treatments.

Company News & Announcements


Introducing TopDog Board and Similar Dogs Insights

We're excited to announce the second major release of our iOS and Android app. This mobile app is the result of all the user feedback we've received…


FitBark launches at Best Buy

We are excited to announce our partnership with Best Buy in the US. Beginning this month, FitBark will be available to purchase at select Best Buy…


FitBark launches on

We are excited to announce our online partnership with Amazon in the United Kingdom beginning today with an official sale of the FitBark Activity…


FitBark launches at Staples Canada

We are excited to announce our partnership with Staples. FitBark will be available for purchase at select Staples locations throughout Canada…