Illness & Early Signs

We have been using FitBark to to manage dogs with generalized anxiety along with a nutraceutical diet (Forza10 Behavioral or Armonia) and a correct therapy. We are delighted with the quality of FitBark's data and how easy it is to access the information we need to run our studies.

Prof. Raffaella Cocco, Dr. Sara Sechi, Dr. Alessandro Di Cerbo
Department of Veterinary Medicine, Pathology and Veterinary Clinic Section / University of Sassari

The FitBark is an outstanding clinical research tool for continuous, objective and non-invasive monitoring of activity; it is portable, interfaced to smartphones and web dashboards and very affordable. Notably, it provides activity data during the day and sleep patterns during the night, facilitating evaluation of effects of a variety of medical treatments on the patients’ mobility and quality of life.

Dan Simionescu, Ph.D.
Harriet and Jerry Dempsey Professor of Bioengineering / Clemson University

It's user friendly and really fun to use Huge fan. My cavalier gained weight due to a medical condition and now that we have a diagnosis, we can lose the weight. It's user friendly and really fun to use. I linked up with my friend's dog and anyone who watches my dog over a period of time can download the app and track him as well. I am very happy this exists! My dog is losing weight and having fun!

Deborah Moss

I'm actually using it to help find a comfort zone of exercise without making her suffer during the night. She has pleural effusion and arthritis. Too much exercise and she coughs too much for the rest of the day.

Gillian C.

Co-Jack was diagnosed with generalized anxiety, hence the 12k Bark Pts of activity. The veterinary behaviorist prescribed anxiety meds, and advised us to continue using our FitBark to monitor his improvement. 🙂 . Thank you for all your help and your part in supporting such a lovely product! As I've said before, it's been a real life saver in managing my dog's exercise data, and consequently his behavior!

Kristen M.

I have a lovely 2 year old lab with big floppy ears, but I can't keep her out of the water. As a result, she has a chronic ear infection problem. I love Fitbark, I can check in the morning to see how she slept. If she has lots of points I know something is bothering her. I can then check her ears to head off the problem. Thank you Fitbark!


I wanted to mention that Kimba's FitBark proved invaluable (and possibly life-saving) last week. We noticed that her stats were lower than usual last week. She didn't have her usual energy levels so we kept an eye on her and then discovered a swelling behind her left ear which turned out to be a very bad reaction to a spider bite. She is now in treatment with our vet and responding well, but she has been very ill, and thanks to the FitBark we picked up earlier than we might otherwise that things were not right with her.

Barbara S.

When I got up this morning, I opened the FitBark app and noticed that Ruby was up in the night as her sleep score was low. I checked her ears and what do you know? Her chronic ear infection was back.

Brian Kirkwood

This little baby, Maisey, has an upper respiratory infection. Thank you fitbark for letting me see when her activity level was going down, because I knew something was wrong. After several doses of medication she is feeling better and her activity is level is increasing slightly!

Melissa K.

FitBark has been a great company to collaborate with on our FDA-registered INAD research trial on dogs with chronic allergic dermatitis. They assisted us with data analysis and worked with the dog owners to ensure that our data collection went smoothly. What a great team! Thank you, FitBark!

Mark L. Weiss, PhD
Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine / Kansas State University