We’ve all been there — the walk that is scheduled for the same time every day is rudely interrupted by precipitation. Pulling out the mop and towel after a walk is inconvenient, to say the least, for the few dogs who don’t mind the rain. Others refuse to even run outside to potty if raindrops are falling. And it’s hard to earn Barkpoints without that daily walk.

Until now.

Here are five games you can play with your pup the next time it rains:

1. Hide and Seek

FitBark_Pomeranian_Dog_Wins_Hid_and_Seek | The 5 best rainy day dog games

This one is pretty basic, but can be pretty funny depending on how good a seeker your dog is. Have your dog sit and stay in one room and walk into another room and hide behind something easy (at first). Call your dog from your hiding spot. Keep treats handy for when they find you. Gradually make it more challenging by hiding somewhere further away or trickier to see (or smell).

2. Shell Game

FitBark_Shell_Game | The 5 best rainy day dog games

Relying heavily on your dog’s sense of smell, hide a very pungent treat under one of four cups (or boxes, or any covering item around). Mix them up while your dog lies down in front of you. Tell her to go find it and see how long it takes her to get really good at picking the right cup. Can she beat this cat?

3. Agility course

FitBark_Agility_Course | The 5 best rainy day dog games

Only try this one carefully at home. You can either build a homemade version with randomly found household items (stacked books and a broom, plus the coffee table and a hula hoop?) or buy an indoor version like this one.

4. Incorporate your pup into your workout

FitBark_Pup_Workout | The 5 best rainy day dog games

Unless your puppy can pushups on his own like this little genius, he might be best holding your shoulders while you do them! We bet those balance skills will put him in the active range, if not playtime. Trotting along on the treadmill is another option, as long as you’re not starting too fast.

5. Technology assist

FitBark_Technology_Assist | The 5 best rainy day dog games

Sometimes we think of ideas to try at home, only to realize that product has already been made! For instance, if you’re playing fetch indoors and just wish there was a way to not have to throw the ball so many times, or if there were a way for your dogs to play by themselves while you’re away…enter iFetch!