During the holiday season, pet owners are expected to spend an average of $62 on their fur babies. That’s a lot of unabashed spoiling, and we are here 👏  for 👏  it 👏.

Upgrading your pet’s furniture, food stations, and sure, even some of the decor technically meant for humans will give your home a pawsh makeover that all members of the family can enjoy.  Admitting that you have an obsession with your pet is the first step.

Sprucing up their abode with these 11 genius DIY ideas from our friends at MakeSpace storage is the second.

Find multipurpose furniture

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As much as your pet enjoys starring in photoshoots for their Instagram account, they savor their downtime just like the rest of us. 

Crates are a great way to provide your dog with their own space to unwind, but many of the plastic versions are a utilitarian eyesore. Specialty crates, like this Boomer & George Newport II Black Pet Crate, give the room a decorative touch. Plus, your dog will have a place to chill out when she wants to, and can rejoin the party whenever she’s ready.

Meet their needs in a chic way

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(Stacey Bewkes)

You could place your dog’s food and water bowls directly on the floor, throw leashes over the laundry room door knob, and block off rooms with standard gates. 

You should go the more stylish route. 

Position bowls on a cool serving tray. DIY a pet station to neatly hang leashes, or store them in a stylish basket. Take a cue from interior designer Brooke Giannetti and swap pet gates for beautiful antique cabinet doorsSmall tweaks to your typical pet storage solutions will keep their belongings organized while maintaining your home’s elegance.

Revamp play time

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(Dog Mom Days)

When your dog has lost interest in their rawhide and they’re all fetched out, playtime makes way for cleanup time.

 A dog toy storage area will make this a breeze. This DIY dog toy box from Dog Mom Days overhauls a wooden crate into a colorful place to store and organize your pet’s toys. If he was an obedience school standout, he might even help you put stuff away when it’s finished.   

Use their favorite colors

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We would never suggest you ask your pet if they prefer Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year (Ultra Violet) to 2017’s Greenery. That would be ridiculous.

Dogs can’t distinguish green, yellow, or red objects based on their color anyway, so it would be a silly question. They can, however, differentiate between blue and violet. If you want to provide some visual stimulation to your dog throughout your home, paint the walls in these hues.

Opt for eggshell paint

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Color preferences aside, your dog would caution against using certain paint finishes. Until that whole lack-of-opposable-thumbs thing is figured out, they can’t clean up after themselves. But there are certain finishes that will alleviate the burden on you. 

Flat-finish paint is super difficult to clean because wiping off a dirty spot can take some of the paint off with it. Semi-gloss finishes reject most marks, but the sheen will highlight all stray slobber and playtime paw prints. Satin and eggshell paint finishes are just as easy to clean as their glossier counterparts without calling attention to every smudge and ding. Your dog says, “You’re welcome.”

Keep food in its own drawer

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Nothing brings down the sophistication of a home like bulky dog food bags tumbling out of a cabinet. 

Avoid the mess and store your pet’s food in an attractive pull-out drawer instead. This step-by-step guide from Ron Hazelton is technically for a hidden trash bin, but simply fill the bin with dry dog food instead. You’ll have a sleek upcycled storage solution that’s out of sight until dinner time, with zero risk of bag spillage.   

Make car rides safer

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(Her Dog Blog)

If your dog is also your road trip buddy, they’ll need a spot in the car that’s as comfortable as it is safe. 

Make a car seat hammock to keep your seats clean and prevent your pet from falling on the floor in the event of a sudden stop. It will also keep them separated from the front seat should they try to take control of the radio, which is a road trip no-no.

Choose dog-friendly fabrics

FitBark_blog_spruce_8-900x600 | 11 Furtastic DIY Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Pet’s Abode

Luxury dog furniture, like an Antique Canopy Dog Bed, can seem a little far-fetched. 

However, if these pieces (along with your own furniture) were protected using pet-friendly fabrics, we wouldn’t find them nearly as absurd. Choose materials with a tight weave and ornate patterns to help hide pet hair and dirt. Microfiber, canvas, and denim are all super durable and easy to clean.

They’ll give your furry friend something cozy to burrow into. Leather and chenille are comfy, too, but can be difficult to care for when it comes to little paws that like to dig. Luckily, we show you how to properly clean and protect leather and chenille furniture.

Build an in-ground dog pool

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If your dog, Michael Yelps, has a lot of training to do before the next Pawlympics, build him an in-ground pool that’s perfect for swimming and drinking. 

A plastic kiddie pool and a shovel are all it take to install this permanent pool in your backyard. It will give your dog a place to chill out in the summertime and can double as an outdoor bathtub after a particularly muddy walk.

Select inexpensive rugs

FitBark_blog_spruce_10-900x600 | 11 Furtastic DIY Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Pet’s Abode

Carpeting your pet’s abode can be a catch-22. You may have something soft underfoot, but not without umpteen stains courtesy of your favorite pup and no simple cleaning solution. The answer to these problems? Rugs. Cheap ones. Inexpensive doesn’t mean unattractive, either. Nylon rugs and sisal mats are affordable options that still provide an elegant, neutral backdrop to complement any decor. They’re also sturdy enough for daily paw traffic and easy to spot clean or completely rinse off.

If the rugs get too grungy for your taste, their small price tag means you won’t feel guilty tossing them out and buying your dog a replacement.  

Go for durable wood flooring

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Does your pet prefer wood flooring to rugs? If their design aesthetic is rustic Italian villa or vintage farmhouse, they’re in luck: those styles will actually benefit from a few extra scratches. But if they’d be in the dog house for scratching your floors, there are more durable options that are still stylish.

Harder woods (like Brazilian cherry and hickory) are tough enough to survive your dog’s paws with plenty of style to spare. Choose wood flooring with lots of graining, like red oak, to better hide scratches.

It’s nice that your dog lets you live in their house for free. Show them how much you appreciate it with a few furtastic decor upgrades that make life comfortable for you both. An abode should abound with snuggles (and maybe puggles?). These tips should do the trick.

This post was written by MakeSpace, a full-service storage company that picks up, stores, and delivers your stuff so you have more time to play with pup instead of having to dig through boxes for hours in a self-storage unit. They happily serve customers in NYC, DC, Chicago, or LA.