My FitBark 2/GPS won’t sync. Now what?

  • Force the FitBark mobile app to close from your mobile device:
  • Turn off and then on your mobile device’s Bluetooth
  • Make sure your iOS or Android mobile device has an internet connection
  • Open the FitBark Mobile App on the home page of the dog who’s not syncing

FitBark_Homescreen_Location-and-Journal-350x633 | My FitBark 2/GPS won't sync. Now what?

Case 1: Your FitBark is detected by the mobile app (the arrows in the upper right hand corner have turned a solid white and spin)

  • Do not connect your FitBark to a powered USB outlet
  • Reach out from the Support Chat in our mobile and web apps and we’ll be happy to help

Case 2: Your FitBark is not detected by the mobile app (the arrows in the upper right hand corner only fade in and out)

  • Connect your FitBark to a powered USB outlet using the cable provided
  • If it does not go into pairing mode (LED flashing rapidly at 0.5 secs interval) within 15 seconds, please unplug and reach out from the Support Chat.
  • Verify if it goes into pairing mode immediately, or after roughly 10 seconds (make note of this)
  • Wait 30 seconds until the pairing phase stops
  • The FitBark should start syncing
  • Disconnect it from the charging cable and verify that the FitBark continues to sync a couple of times per minute

If you had to wait about 10 seconds before the LED started flashing, your battery was likely depleted. Charge your FitBark for 90 minutes using the charging cable provided.

If you still have issues please reach out from the Support Chat in our mobile and web apps, letting us know that your FitBark’s LED starts flashing within 3-4 seconds yet you’re unable to sync. We’ll be happy to help.

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