My FitBark’s battery won’t charge. Now what?

Case 1: My FitBark won’t start flashing when plugged in

If your FitBark’s LEDs won’t turn on within a few seconds after you plug it into a powered USB outlet, please try another micro USB cable if you have it (this is a standard Android charger). If the FitBark still won’t start flashing, please leave it unplugged and contact customer support from the Support Chat in our mobile and web apps.

Case 2: My FitBark won’t stay lit when plugged in after flashing for 30 seconds

Please try the following:

  • Unplug the micro USB cable
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Plug the micro USB cable back in
  • Unplug it right after the LEDs start flashing in “knight rider” mode

Case 2A: the LEDs flash for 30 seconds (“knight rider” mode) then turns off

Open the FitBark mobile app and select the dog profile associated with the FitBark. If the FitBark syncs and the battery indicator is full, the battery was already fully charged. When attempting to charge a fully charged FitBark, the LEDs will stay off.

Case 2B: the LEDs stop flashing as soon as you unplug the micro USB cable

Please contact customer support from the Support Chat in our mobile and web apps.

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