How does FitBark estimate miles/km?

Given the diversity among the various types of dogs, they way they move, and the length of their strides, it’s not straightforward to estimate distance with high accuracy. We analyzed a variety of dogs to provide you with an initial estimate, and you can refine this easily. Just walk your dog and tell us how many points per mile (or km) he’s getting.

From your dog’s home page:

  • Sync and note down the current BarkPoints
  • Take your dog on a 1 mile/km walk
  • Sync and note down the final BarkPoints
  • Tap on the miles/km number and input the BarkPoints difference

This will allow the app to provide a distance estimate that is customized for your dog, and also helps us learn more about dogs just like yours.

Please note that only owners can change this setting.

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