Why do I need to “Always Allow” location on my phone?

Location permissions and FitBark GPS battery life

At all times, the FitBark GPS will try to use the least amount of battery possible to determine its location. Whenever it’s within the Bluetooth range of an owner’s smartphone, or within a Wi-Fi safe place, the FitBark GPS is in a safe state and will enter a low power mode while still keeping all owners informed of its location. This requires Bluetooth to be enabled on your phone, and the FitBark app running in the background to retrieve the location from your mobile device and send it to our servers to know your pet’s location. We only use your phone’s location when you are with your dog, and we never track or store your location when not connected to a FitBark GPS.

What we do with your location

  • We display your distance from your dog’s location on a map
  • We use third party map apps (currently Google maps) to display the shortest path between you and your dog
  • We pre-populate Wi-Fi safe place and zip code information during the setup of a FitBark GPS

If you are an Android user, please also check this FAQ: Why do I need to “Always Allow” location on Android?

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